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300 Jewellery Boutiques. One JewelStreet

Explore jewellery from over 300 independent jewellery boutiques.

  • Chen Fuchs creates jewellery in pure Silver, all her items are hand crafted and most of them are one of a kind.

  • Yggdrasil By Sweden are a stylish Swedish brand with a core in sustainable thinking, mixed with high street design. Amazingly for each piece of jewellery sold a tree is planted somewhere around the Globe.

    Yggdrasil By Sweden

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Nautical stripes with
salty undertones



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Known as trailblazers in the jewellery industry, JewelStreet provides a single online marketplace where lovers of style can buy unique pieces of jewellery direct from some of the world’s finest jewellery brands and designers.  

Men's Leather

Men's Leather

Durable leather jewellery for men


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Men's cufflinks

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With over 300 curated jewellery Boutiques exhibiting a myriad of styles, materials and designs from all over the world, lovers of style and quality are spoilt for choice. Revel in fine jewellery for women and men, designed to last for generations. Indulge in the latest styles, inspired by the catwalk and created to turn heads. With a focus on quality, luxury and style, JewelStreet is the online marketplace for jewellery Boutiques. Read more...

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