10 Reasons to Invest in JewelStreet

You can invest and become a part of the JewelStreet story.
If you have any questions, please contact: adrian.roose@jewelstreet.com


1. Huge Market to Play For

  • £7.5 billion addressable market
  • Our target revenues of £75 million by 2022 equate to 1% market share
  • Online jewellery market growing, expected to increase from 4% to 10% of total jewellery sales in next 4 years
  • Significant opportunities in US and Far East markets
  • Verticals – designer handbags, watches, accessories

2. Valuable Assets not on Balance Sheet

  • Bespoke website functionality – R&D tax relief eligible
  • 450 designers signed up
  • 20,000 items available for sale
  • £38m value of items for sale
  • Brand recognition already as featured in Tatler, “The best places to buy jewellery online” and Harpers Bazaar, “The best online jewellery destinations”

3. Already Revenue Generating

  • Annual subscription revenue in 2019 - £190k
  • GMV in 2019 - £1.75m
  • 20,000 items available for sale
  • 37,000 registered users (up 48% in 2018)
  • Average order value up 29.2% in Q4, 2018

4. Ability to Grow Faster with additional Investment

  • Significant test marketing completed – now able to focus investment on areas delivering highest conversion rates at lowest cost
  • Lifetime value of customer target of 17.5x cost of recruitment
  • Accelerate speed of international brand recognition

5. Clear USP’s

  • Etsy is “hobby” based, JewelStreet is for professional designers
  • Unique handcrafted jewellery direct from the designer
  • Providing the platform for designers to reach a worldwide audience and handling complexities of cross-border sales
  • Much lower selling costs – 78% v 35% net to designers

6. Barriers to entry

  • Significant investment in website including bespoke back-end systems making it easy for designers to manage their online store
  • Recruiting designers and building personal relationships would take years to replicate
  • Trusted marketplace, consistent experience and ease of buying & returns

7. Strong business model

  • Low operational gearing
  • Subscription revenue model cover fixed cost
  • 22% commission on sales above average for online marketplace business model
  • Low ongoing capital expenditure requirements
  • Average order value £201 (Etsy: $30)

8. Experienced management team

  • Successfully built online collectibles business in the past
  • Particular skills in online marketing and sales copywriting
  • Strong financial & operational controls
  • Tech team with history of delivering complex online solutions
  • Management team equity involvement & share option incentives

9. Strong shareholder base & support

  • Paul Fraser, successful entrepreneur is majority shareholder
  • Other respected and experienced Channel Islands based investors
  • All plan to participate in current round

10. Clear exit opportunity

  • £200 million target valuation by end of 2022
  • Potential sale within four years to trade buyer – Etsy, Farfetch etc.
  • Option to list on stock market
How to get involved

You can invest and become a part of the JewelStreet story.
If you have any questions, please contact: adrian.roose@jewelstreet.com