18kt Gold Plated Silver Inca Cross Bracelet


The 18kt Gold Plated Silver Inca Cross Bracelet by SOLUNA.

This modern bracelet is designed for experienced, contemporary women. It has been crafted out of the finest 925 silver and plated with 18kt yellow gold to give it a timeless and elegant look. The Inca cross symbol is quite ancient and has a great story to tell. Three Inca cross symbols stretch over the golden chain bracelet. Wear everyday for a touch of gold and sophistication.

About The Designer:

Miguel Depaz launched SOLUNA London in 2015 with the intention of being an innovator in the luxury high-end jewellery market. Miguel's designs are inspired by his Peruvian heritage, as well as modern designs, and ancient stories.

To find out more about the designer, please visit SOLUNA.

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