Bespoke Jewellery Designers

We showcase a number of jewellery brands as well as providing a bespoke jewellery design service alongside their beautiful creations. We invite you to take a look through their collections below and gather any ideas you might have for your unique one of a kind custom designed jewellery.


True masters of their trade, CRESBER's dedicated artisans work with precious gemstones and metals to develop new styles, and satisfy their customer's needs. With tradition in one hand, and cutting-edge technology in the other, CRESBER craft jewels that are entirely unique.

Tezapsidis Jewellery

High-end and contemporary jewellery featuring precious gemstones set into 18kt gold and sterling silver. Petros creates jewellery that should be appreciated for its originality, craftsmanship, and wearability.

Ed Wilson Jewellery

Soulful, bold, and edgy collections full of classic, contemporary designs. Ed Wilson's incorporation of precious gemstones and subtle textures highlight the organic shapes of his elegant hand-carved pieces.

Joke Quick

Belgian designer Joke discovered her passion for jewellery as a young girl, mesmerised by the gems in her grandfather's collection. As a diamond trader and jeweller, his skills inspired Joke to follow in his footsteps and launch her own jewellery brand. Joke Quick is an expression of the designer's individual personality, forged from the finest raw materials such as gold, silver and diamonds. Influenced by colour and contrast, she creates a stunning range of rings, earrings and necklaces that exude beauty and class. Think sparkling emeralds, and multi-hued pendants glittering with coloured diamonds.


Mitzi Broadbent, the founder of MitziRocks, strives to make gorgeous, unique pieces for all of her clients – she said: “I want whoever is wearing my jewellery to feel buoyed by it. Jewellery always communicates something to the wearer, and I want it to make them feel cherished, happy, and confident.” Mitzi's inspiration comes from colours and textures of natural stones, geometric shapes, patterns, art, architecture, and nature.

Fantasia by Deserio

Family run business, Fantasia by DeSerio, dates back to 1925 when Al DeSerio laboured as one of the top eight diamond setters in the USA. Now working alongside his three sons, Fantasia by DeSerio is renowned for their elaborate fine jewellery designs crafted from the finest platinum, gold and silver.

LALI Jewels

Exquisite craftsmanship gained from over a century of experience. Each piece possesses an awe-inspiring simplicity that stimulates the senses and ignites emotion.

Lisa Robin

Working with fine metals and precious stones, Lisa aims to create durable, wearable jewellery that stands the test of time.

Sheila Kerr

With over 20 years' experience in designing and manufacturing jewellery, Sheila Kerr is an expert in high-quality craftsmanship and bespoke pieces.

Barnfather Designs

Designer Louise's unique and innovative designs have a contemporary edge - they have been recognised by the National Association of Jewellers.

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