Monthly Archives: October 2018

  1. Quinta Essenza: Behind The Designs

    Quinta Essenza: Behind The Designs

    Jewellery maker and designer Roberta Pederzoli of Quinta Essenza is renowned for handcrafting contemporary jewellery that is inspired by nature. Roberta uses texture to add dimension and to alter the appearance of her work...

  2. Bohemian Wedding Jewellery

    Bohemian Wedding Jewellery

    Are you a boho-bride looking for an unconventional twist on traditional wedding jewellery? Bohemian wedding jewellery is imbued with spirituality, freedom and non-conformity. It is the perfect option for those looking to hold a festival, woodland or barn style ceremony and reception. Inspired by art, architecture and textiles from around the world, bohemian jewellery has many oriental influences. Diversify your bridal style with these liberating and showstopping handcrafted jewellery pieces.

  3. Haunting Halloween Jewellery Inspiration

    Haunting Halloween Jewellery Inspiration

    Have you decided what to wear for Halloween this year? Are you wondering what jewellery to pair with your spooky and supernatural costume?  Look through our top jewellery inspiration for this coming Halloween, and you will be sure to make even the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein jealous. We specialise in beautiful, transcendent and handmade jewellery, perfect for Halloween but also wearable throughout the year.

  4. The #JewelStreetPopUp Shop Round Up!

    The #JewelStreetPopUp Shop Round Up!

    We take a look back at our first ever pop-up shop last week! It was a week of fun, bubbles, new friendship and, of course, beautiful jewellery! We welcomed hundreds of people through our doors to see what JewelStreet and our amazing designers are all about.

  5. Get Charmed this Christmas

    Get Charmed this Christmas

    It's never to early to be thinking about the perfect Christmas gifts, and charms are just that. We've picked our favourite handcrafted charm bracelets and necklaces in beautiful golds and silvers that would make the ultimate Christmas sparkle.

  6. Last Chance to Visit the #JewelStreetPopUp!

    Last Chance to Visit the #JewelStreetPopUp!

    Happy Sunday! It’s the last day of the JewelStreet pop up shop - make sure you don’t miss out! It’s your last chance! Yesterday Karen Phillips, Vanilo, BUFF Jewellery and Marcello Riccio were showcasing their beautiful handcrafted jewellery in the #JewelStreetPopUp cubes!

  7. Day 4 Round-Up at the Pop-Up

    Day 4 Round-Up at the Pop-Up

    Happy Saturday! If you find yourself at a loss at what to do today come and check out the JewelStreet pop-up shop! (Only 2 days left, so make sure you don't miss out.)

  8. Michele Benjamin Jewelry: Behind the Designs

    Michele Benjamin Jewelry: Behind the Designs

    This week we get to know Michele Benjamin, the inspirations behind her beautiful designs and the charities and projects she is involved in. Michele Benjamin began creating her sterling silver designs in 2013, using many different methods to create her nature inspired, handcrafted jewellery.

  9. Models, Designers & Bloggers: Day Three at the Pop-Up!

    Models, Designers & Bloggers: Day Three at the Pop-Up!

    Models, designers & bloggers, everyone was at day 3 of the #jewelstreetpopup! Were you?

  10. Day Two at the #JewelStreetPopUp

    Day Two at the #JewelStreetPopUp

    Check out what day two had in store at the #JewelStreetPopUp! With designers Miglio, Katie Mullally, Gill Pottle and Corinne Hamak showcasing their beautiful handcrafted jewellery, it was a day to remember.