Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. Countdown to Christmas: Unwrap Your Advent Treats!

    Countdown to Christmas: Unwrap Your Advent Treats!

    Hurry: 24 Days of Discounts and Treats for you. As we are coming to the end of a long and eventful year, we have decided to treat our customers for all of the loving support we have received.

  2. 5 Minutes with Black Rock Jewel

    5 Minutes with Black Rock Jewel

    "It all started because I lacked some cool men's jewellery on the market for myself. And there BRJ was born!" We chat to Vincent Chaisy, creator of Black Rock Jewel to talk about his inspiration from his local coastline, the brand's core values and sustainability. 

  3. 5 Styles of Angelic Jewellery

    5 Styles of Angelic Jewellery

    We're loving angels instead! For those looking for more traditional Christmas jewellery, angels are a perfect symbol for the Christmas holiday and have so many meanings. We've picked some gorgeous handcrafted pieces and show you 5 stunning styles of angelic jewellery.

  4. Top 10 Christmas Proposal Ideas

    Top 10 Christmas Proposal Ideas

    Picture this: you, the love of your life, a sparkling ring, and the gentle hum of Christmas music from afar. What could be better than a Winter engagement, especially when you have the added excitement of Christmas? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 Christmas proposal ideas and accompanying handmade engagement rings that are guaranteed to seal the deal this festive season. Are you searching for something a little different to the norm? Then read on...

  5. Meet the Designer: Lexi Cannon Jewellery

    Meet the Designer: Lexi Cannon Jewellery

    "I started going to a jewellery course. After the first two hours, I had fallen in love with it and knew it was what I wanted to do." We get to know the designer Lexi Cannon and find out her inspiration and methods behind her gorgeous handcrafted and unique designs. Based in Bristol, Lexi is a passionate and hardworking designer and her creativity speaks volumes.

  6. 6 Reasons why Cufflinks Should be on your Christmas List

    6 Reasons why Cufflinks Should be on your Christmas List

    Do you struggle to find items to put on your Christmas List? At a young age, wishing for toys at Christmas was simple. Now, it is hard to pinpoint any one thing that you would want.  Aside from a happy family, and the occasional bottle of your favourite tipple, nothing else usually qualifies for the list. Here are 6 important reasons why you need a pair of cufflinks in your life. Read on to discover why...

  7. How to Style Ice and Snow Jewellery this Winter

    How to Style Ice and Snow Jewellery this Winter

    Baby it’s cold outside! Ice and snow themed jewellery is a stunning addition to your collection and is a great way to incorporate silver into your everyday look. To really feel in the Winter and Christmas spirit, here are our picks for ice and snow themed jewellery. You'll look like you're walking in a Winter Wonderland!

  8. Drop a JewelStreet hint!

    Drop a JewelStreet hint!

    Do your loved ones struggle whenever they need to buy you a gift? You can see it in their eyes on the run-up to every birthday, valentines and Christmas celebration. We’ve created a more subtle approach - Drop a JewelStreet hint today!

  9. Classic Wedding Jewellery

    Classic Wedding Jewellery

    Planning a seamless Classic Wedding can be a feat these days, and it has become harder for brides to sift through the staple classic jewellery items available to them. Worry no longer, as we have created a short guide for you to follow. Let us talk you through pearls, diamonds, and the careful use of colour, so that you can feel clear-headed when looking for your own Classic Wedding jewellery.

  10. 5 Minutes with LauraGalasso

    5 Minutes with LauraGalasso

    "I believe in Karma so I try to offer what I would like to be offered back to me." SoftDream's creator and designer LauraGalasso tells us all about her brand, passion for her materials and creating something that reflects her beliefs.