Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. Lydia & John's Proposal Story

    Lydia & John's Proposal Story

    "Please say yes to marrying me before the chips go cold!"

  2. Jewellery Inspired By 6 Famous Paintings

    Jewellery Inspired By 6 Famous Paintings

    Discover how Renaissance women rocked chokers. Or how Klimt made gold the colour of the century. The evolution of jewellery is full of mystery. From Matisse to Kahlo: these 6 famous paintings show how jewellery has been styled over the ages. But be warned, they'll make you ravenous for diamonds and pearls...

  3. Jewellery Lessons from Dua Lipa

    Jewellery Lessons from Dua Lipa

    Style Icon Dua Lipa knows exactly how to move into 2019 in style. In this post, we take a look at some of her best looks of 2018, and discuss the major fashion lessons that the Queen of the pop world has taught us. Embrace that IDGAF attitude, and wear what your heart desires!

  4. 5 NY Resolutions Inspired Jewellery

    5 NY Resolutions Inspired Jewellery

    Every year we make New Years Resolutions and every year we break them. Don't let this be the cause for 2019! Keep your resolution firmly in your mind throughout the year and for an even better reminder, wear them on your body. Our Resolutions Inspired Jewellery is perfect to keep you on top of your goals and thriving to become your best self this year.

  5. A Century of Jewellery

    A Century of Jewellery

    2018 has been a year of killer jewellery. But as we know, fashion is constantly looking to the past for inspiration. From 1920s-inspired cocktail rings, to pearl chokers, the trends of yesteryear will always find their way into today's looks. Discover the most iconic jewellery trends over the past century and predict the trends of tomorrow!

  6. Christina's Proposal Story

    Christina's Proposal Story

    Having met in 1965, I decided that we should get married in 1971 before moving to live in London...

  7. January Birthstone - Garnet

    January Birthstone - Garnet

    January is only a few days away, so we are looking at the January Birthstone - Garnet. Red, eye-catching and versatile, garnet is the perfect gemstone to wear all year round. Find out more about garnet and our picks for garnet jewellery.

  8. How To Save The Whales Following Japan’s Decision To Resume Whaling

    How To Save The Whales Following Japan’s Decision To Resume Whaling

    A few days ago, Japan confirmed that they would be resuming whaling after 30 years.  This decision has caused major backlash from environmental activists all over the world. How can we work toward a eco-conscious future when society continues to move backward? Read on to find out how you can make a difference.

  9. Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2019: The Dying Coral Reefs

    Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2019: The Dying Coral Reefs

    Pantone colour of the year in 2018 was ULTRA VIOLET, a colour labeled for its thought provoking shade… the kind that pointed toward a better future. But what kind of future was it alluding to? The Pantone colour of 2019 is LIVING CORAL, and it's hitting the headlines. Click here to find out why...

  10. Rosie's Proposal Story

    Rosie's Proposal Story

    I told him not to ask me in a restaurant. He booked a table at an Italian, even though this is my least favourite food...