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  1. Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Shops in Leicester

    Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Shops in Leicester

    Head on down to the top 10 best wedding dress shops in Leicester if you want to find a dress that suits you. You may ask why these were chosen to be the leading professionals in the area. The answer? Great testimonials, a fully booked appointment diary and beaming brides. Check them out below…

  2. Gold Cuff Bangles

    Gold Cuff Bangles

    From the simple to the striking, a gold cuff bangle can make an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one. Take a look at our top choices for gold cuff bangles and bring a touch of luxe to your jewellery collection. 

  3. Gold Band Rings

    Gold Band Rings

    For simple styling with a classic touch, it doesn’t get better than a gold band. While jewellery trends tend to come and go, you can always rely on gold band rings for timeless style.

    You can't get any better than a gold band ring, we've selected our top 10 for you to pick from. Read now! 

  4. Glass Earrings

    Glass Earrings

    Glass earrings are a remarkable representation of all the positives that glass brings.

    Because of its deep connection to our lives, we wanted to share ten glass earring examples to add some positivity and delicacy to your style. Read now!

  5. Gemstone Bracelets

    Gemstone Bracelets

    Gemstones have a rich and fascinating history. They are used to ward off evil, they have healing powers, or they help protect from negative influences of the passing planets. Gemstone bracelets are a fantastic way to celebrate how crucial gemstones have been throughout human history.

    Read on to see our top 10 picks for gorgous handmade gemstone bracelets.

  6. Modern Feather Earring Designs

    Modern Feather Earring Designs

    Whether it’s the distinguished and swift movement of eagles, the elegance of peacocks, or the ethereal and other-worldliness of angel wings, feathers are something that humans have always gravitated to.

    With these modern feather earring designs, you can add the inspiration of liberation to your outfit no matter the occasion.

  7. Sloane Street: Meet the Mother-Daughter Team Behind the Brand

    Sloane Street: Meet the Mother-Daughter Team Behind the Brand

    In 2014, mother and daughter team Frances and Charlotte Gadbois founded Sloane Street, mixing their love of colour and elegant design expertise to create a fresh and vibrant luxury jewellery line, loaded with one-of-a-kind stones and signature gold texturing.

    We had the pleasure of interviewing this immensely talented duo. Discover Frances and Charlotte's creative inspiration and vision for Sloane Street

  8. Feline Fine In Cat Jewellery

    Feline Fine In Cat Jewellery

    Our extensive range of cat jewellery captures everything you or your partner loves about your favourite animal while also delivering sophisticated and unique designs.

    We've selceted 10 amazing peices of handcrafted cat-themed jewellery any animal lover will covet, read now!

  9. Earrings With Big Backs

    Earrings With Big Backs

    When people aren't so keen on earrings that hang, this is when they would prefer to go for earrings that stay securely in place or have big backs.

    We've selcted some of our most popular earrings with big back for yout to choose from, read now! 

  10. Diamond Chain Necklaces

    Diamond Chain Necklaces

    The very pinnacle of elegance around your neck. You can argue that very little compares to a diamond necklace.

    We've selected our top 10 handmade diamond chain necklaces for you to select from, read now!