Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. 6 of our Hottest Rose Gold Rings

    6 of our Hottest Rose Gold Rings

    Rose Gold is the most talked-about precious metal colour of the past 5 years. Keep reading to see top 6 of our hottest rose gold rings for women.

  2. 23 thoughtful jewellery gifts under £50

    23 thoughtful jewellery gifts under £50

    Are you looking for the ideal gift for the special women in your life? Whether it's for Christmas or just because they deserve it, a meaningful item of jewellery is very hard to beat. Keep reading to see the best 23 thoughtful unique jewellery gifts for women! Buy today.

  3. 8 Stand Out Handbags For Autumn

    8 Stand Out Handbags For Autumn

    Want to stand out from the crowd this autumn, why not try accessorising your look with one of these unique handbags? 

    Discover 8 incredible handmade handbags perfect for autumn, read now! 

  4. 4 Of The Best Lip Balms For Women

    4 Of The Best Lip Balms For Women

    Want luscious lips? Check out these amazing lip balms that will help you keep your lips soft and kissable, read now! 

  5. 9 Classic Handbags

    9 Classic Handbags

    Every wardrobe needs a classic handbag. The beauty of buying a timeless piece is that it will never go out of fashion.

    If you’re on the hunt for classic bags to inject style and sophistication into your wardrobe, we have a spectacular selection of handbags available. Check out these top 9 handmade classic handbags, read now!

  6. 6 Professional Work Bags For Your 9-5

    6 Professional Work Bags For Your 9-5

    Nothing finishes a smart, professional outfit like a beautiful, functional work bag. If you’re looking for handbags to complement your work wardrobe, or you fancy sprucing up your capsule collection with some accessories, we have a stunning array of bags available.

    Why not check out these incredible bags that are perfect for your 9-5? Read now!

  7. The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

    The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

    Picking eco-friendly beauty products can be difficult with so many different brands out there, we've selected the top 10 beauty products from independent brands that have recently joined JewelStreet!

  8. 5 Fantastic Body Creams

    5 Fantastic Body Creams

    One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a good skincare regime. This will ensure that your skin is nourished and that you feel confident.

    We've selected the top 5 body creams just for you, read now!

  9. Popular Silver Bracelets

    Popular Silver Bracelets

    Silver is the ideal material and colour, making it popular for bracelets. If you’re looking to buy something for a loved one or you want something special for yourself, we have an excellent range of popular silver bracelets for all occasions.

  10. One Diamond Engagement Rings

    One Diamond Engagement Rings

    Your engagement ring should set the tone for the perfect day that will mark the rest of your life. We want to help you choose correctly so that your engagement starts on the right foot. That’s why we’re sharing ten of our favourite one diamond engagement rings that you’ll love.