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  1. The 10 Best Wedding Dress Shops in Birmingham

    The 10 Best Wedding Dress Shops in Birmingham

    Have you ever wondered where to find the 10 best wedding dress shops in Birmingham? The great news is that if you live in Britain’s second city, there’s no shortage of stunning bridal wear shops to choose from...

  2. The Top 8 Celebrity Wedding Crashers!

    The Top 8 Celebrity Wedding Crashers!

    Normally celebrities are only in wedding pictures because they know the couple in question, but occasionally they brilliantly end up in the photo albums of weddings they didn’t even attend. Here are our favourite celebrity wedding photobombs and crashers!

  3. Gurhan: The New Collection

    Gurhan: The New Collection

    Renowned handmade jewellery brand Gurhan have recently released their 2018 collection, and here at JewelStreet we are excited beyond belief. With captivating handmade designs that channel the depth and warmth of the 24kt gold metal, Gurhan’s new collection exudes sophistication and finesse. A combination of talented craftsmanship and delicate artistry make for a heavenly connection that deserves to be seen in all corners of the world.

  4. Men's Christmas Gift Guide

    Men's Christmas Gift Guide

    Men’s jewellery is bigger and better than ever and this blog post is a handy guide for anyone struggling with what gifts to get for men. If you're in need of any inspiration, we've listed some of our favourite jewellery picks which will be sure to wow this Christmas!

  5. How much do you know about Christmas? Take the Quiz Now!

    How much do you know about Christmas? Take the Quiz Now!

    How much do you really know about Christmas? To help get you into the festive spirit, we’ve put together a fun Christmas quiz for you to try. This will be great revision for all those Christmas games you'll be playing round the table during the festive period. Test your Christmas knowledge with this festive quiz, and impress all your family and friends this year!

  6. Meet the Designer: Alrún Nordic Jewelry

    Meet the Designer: Alrún Nordic Jewelry

    Alrún Nordic Jewelry was founded by talented Reykjavik-based runesmith Jón Bjarni Baldursson. His brand is renowned for its Nordic inspired jewellery that puts a contemporary twist on an ancient form. Take a glimpse into the story behind the brand, and meet the man that puts love, care and passion into each and every handcrafted piece.

  7. 5 Minutes with Yan Neo London

    5 Minutes with Yan Neo London

    Designer Yan Neo grew up in the fashion industry, and her brand Yan Neo London is well known for its quality craftsmanship and detailed designs. With statemented pieces that embody strength and resilience, her jewellery pieces are made for the modern woman.

  8. 5 Minutes with SEVEN50

    5 Minutes with SEVEN50

    "SEVEN50 started all because I wanted to provide people with a form of expression and a way to elevate style for day to day wardrobes." We get to know New York based jewellery designer Jeffrey Loloi, his brand SEVEN50, and what his handcrafted designs mean to him. Take a sneak peak into the mind of a creative artisan, whose pieces have been breaking convention and elevating daily style.

  9. White Christmas Inspiration

    White Christmas Inspiration

    Keep on top of the latest trends from our expert jewellery designers this Christmas and choose from an array of expertly handcrafted designs that we’ve sourced from Santa’s sleigh. From delightful diamonds, ice-cold metals and frosted jewellery pieces, you’re sure to discover a breathtaking piece that will complete your look this festive season.

  10. 5 Minutes with My Bling

    5 Minutes with My Bling

    Get to know renowned Greek designer Sophia Hatzina and her popular jewellery brand My Bling. In this short Q&A, Sophia answers questions about what inspires her sophisticated and unique designs. This is an exclusive peak behind the scenes of an enchanting and luxurious brand that has been growing at a phenomenal pace. Keep your eyes peeled for My Bling.