At Jewel Street, we have a wide array of rings of all shapes and types from the hundreds of designers around the world that we work with.

From the eclectic to the inspired, there’s a ring for everyone but, for a lot of people, a band does the trick just fine.

Here are some of the top band rings for her we have on offer, and a little more about the designers behind them.

Meadow Flower Ring - Lucy Flint Jewellery - £42 

This ring’s floral design is a gorgeous recreation of silver that evokes the natural world in fantastic fashion.

A delicate looking but excellently made ring, it’s comfortable for everyday wear while being perfectly eyecatching.

This ring was designed by Lucy Flint Jewellery, known for their nature-inspired designs and ensuring that all of their rings are made with traditional gold and silversmithing methods to create something truly unique.

Sterling Silver Wildred Ring - Hiraeth Creative - £55

A pure band of twisting silver, this simple-looking but intricate design is understated but beautiful at the same time.

It was created by the artists of Hiraeth Creative, a designer and artist duo who have been creating bespoke jewellery just like this from the heart of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter in Kent.

This ring is a perfect example of the kind silversmithing they teach their local community, helping to keep the more traditional sides of the art alive, compared to the rise of fast fashion.

Bili Silver Pink Enamel Band Ring - EB Jewellery - £55

This band might be comparatively simplistic, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Rather the flash of pink enamel against the black pattern lined with silver makes it stand out just fine.

This ring, inspired by the Southern Nbedele beadwork of South Africa can be worn alone or with other parts of the Bili collection.

Like many of the works of EB Jewellery, it is inspired by the heritage of British-South African artist Emma Boshoff, adding a cultural touch rarely seen in UK jewellery.

Trilogy One Stone Yellow Ring - Nicofilimon - £70

A rather noteworthy take on the traditional band ring, the Trilogy ring is a fine, delicate band of 14kt yellow gold, studded with a solitaire diamond that offers just enough glint to capture and engage the eye.

It works fantastically as a statement piece, as is the intention of much of the work of Greek designer Nicofilimon, who brings a distinct eastern flair to many of the rings in their collection, like this one.

Sterling Silver Forever & Always Ring - Silver Origins - £29

If you’re looking to make a grand gesture to someone you love, but they’re not the ostentatious type, then this heart-warming heart motif ring might be just the perfect gesture.

This elegant ring is a perfect example of the fantastic sterling silver work that Silver Origins are known for.

The Cornwall-based designer has been selling rings for over 30 years, taking inspiration from all nature, wildlife, and the ocean, as well as some more romantic sources, like this one.

Gold & Yellow Citrine Wave Ring - Elena Jewelry Concepts - £140

This lively and engaging ring takes the concept of the band ring and expands it with a overlapping design of multiple bands of gold plated sterling silver.

The yellow citrine stone in the centre that holds it together is meant to be evocative of the kind of sunsets seen over the Athonos coast in Thessaloniki, Greece, where Elena Vezyroglou creates these gorgeous rings under the brand name Elena JewelryConcepts.

14kt Gold Classic Hammered Wedding Band - Master Jewelry by John - £171

A wedding band constructed of pure 14 kt or 18 kt gold, with white, yellow, and rose gold all available.

This pure band is carefully made to have delicate grooves hammered into it, making every piece truly unique.

Designed by the husband and wife team of Jewelry by John from Los Angeles, it’s made with decades of joint experience in all sides of the industry and a true passion for producing sophisticated creations.

Bray Yellow Gold Ring - Molten Wedding Rings - £373

A unique twist on the traditional gold ring, this  Bray ring of yellow gold has a distinctly earthly shape like it had been produced naturally from the ground.

Of course, it is, in fact, the product of the traditional casting, filing and hammering techniques of Devon-based studio, Molten Wedding Rings.

The band can be fitted with a range of diamonds, matte and polished finishes, and can even be engraved with a special message to your loved one.

18kt Yellow Gold Multi Colored Sapphire Round Rose-Cut Eternity Ring - Tresor - £494

If you mean to make a life-long promise to someone, then making a big statement about it is sometimes warranted.

This utterly brilliant and vibrant ring, made of round rose-cut sapphires of all colours is one way to make that statement.

Tresor, a designer that brings the prestige of coming from jewellers to the royal family of Jaipur’s kingdom for over 18 generations shows their famous knowledge and expertise of gems in this gorgeous studded band ring.

18kt Rose Gold Interlocking Hearts Open Band Ring - JONA - £832

Set the mood right with a gorgeous depiction of several rose gold hearts interlocking around your beloved’s finger.

This ring is designed by Alex Jona, handcrafted in the traditional goldsmithing methods to ensure that it is imbued with the same passion and love that it symbolises.

Find the perfect band rings for her

The bands above are only examples of the extensive selection that have on Jewel Street, so take the time to look through our selection and find the perfect ring for the special woman in your life.