If you are looking to add a beautiful finishing touch to your outfit, a cuff bracelet is certainly a good choice. We have many stunning cute cuff bracelets for sale on our site so let’s show you ten of our favourite designs…


Cordelia Cuff Bangle - Victoria Six £1,164


First, we have a beautiful cuff bangle that has been designed and handcrafted by Victoria Six, a US-based designer. This is an iconic cuff bangle, which has been brought to life with the use of 7.6 mm white freshwater pearls. The double wire cuff bracelet has been made with 14kt rose gold, yet you do have the option of white gold or yellow gold if you would prefer. 


Supernova Cuff in Sterling Silver - LuvMyJewelry £253



Next, we have this beautiful and magical cuff bracelet, which is crafted in 925 sterling silver and features 0.11 carats of natural, genuine diamonds. Not only does this cuff look beautiful but it tells a story; quite literally. It comes with an inspirational poem, called Dreamer, which has been written by Sugan Doshi; founder and CEO of the brand, LuvMy Jewelry. This is a lovely and thoughtful touch, and something that you can expect with all jewellery pieces if you make a purchase from LuvMyJewelry. We love that Sugan goes the extra mile to show his customers that he cares!


Leo Cuff Bracelet - ATOLYESTONE £196


Let out your wild side with this cute cuff bracelet. It has been made with 925 sterling silver, with yellow plating, and there are then two lions on either side. The lion symbolises nobility and bravery, and so this cuff bracelet is perfect if you are trying to convey power and style with your outfit. It would also make a great gift if you are looking to buy something for someone born with the Leo birth sign. The designer is ATOLYESTONE, and they are known for creating jewellery that is inspired by the contrasts in culture between the West and East. 


Silver Botswana Fluidity Cuff Bracelet - Gabrielle Friedman £1,040


What about this amazing bracelet that has been designed by Gabrielle Friedman? Gabrielle is a designer that is currently based in Tennessee, yet was originally born in South Africa. Gabrielle creates metal creations that are related to her life experiences, and we especially love this cuff from her collection, as the cuff is reminiscent of wild animals in the Safari. The springbok is represented by the silver cuff. The bracelet then has a subtle glow thanks to the simple gold balls that are carefully and exquisitely placed throughout.


Gold Beleza Cuff Bangle - Murkani Jewellery £335


Next, we have a beautiful 18kt yellow gold cuff that has been inspired by Portugal’s intricate handcrafted tiles. The Beleza cuff certainly is a reflection of the Algarve’s Moorish style, and is a product of Australian designer Kiralee McNamara, who founded Murkani Jewellery. This simple yet effective cuff is one of her many beautiful designs, which are bold but not overbearing. You can wear this cuff at any time of day.


Gold Screw Cuff Bracelet - Opes Robur £55 


Next, we have a unisex signature gold screw cuff bracelet, which has been designed and crated by Opes Robur. This is a brand that was founded in 2015 by Patrick McCann and Jake Allen. If you are looking for a classic cuff bracelet that can be worn with many different outfits, this is definitely the jewellery piece for you. 


Trilogy Cuff Bracelet In Sterling Silver With Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone Doublet - Lisa Robin £270


Featuring a beautiful pop of colour, this cuff wraps gently around the wrist. The deep blue lapis lazuli has an iridescence that is truly one of a kind thanks to the doublet. If you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery, you will definitely want to add this to your collection. It has been designed and crafted by Lisa Robin, who creates jewellery out of Ohio. Lisa strives to make jewellery pieces that are expressions of the most important moments in your life.


Baori Signature Cuff Bracelet Rose Gold Vermeil - Jewel Tree London £150


Next, we have another stunning rose gold cuff. Rose gold is definitely at the height of fashion at the moment, yet it is not only the metal that catches the eye with this cute cuff bracelet. The cut-out design is striking to say the least, yet the cuff is still versatile enough to be worn night or day. The bracelet has been inspired by Rajasthan’s evocative Chand Baori. Baori is a term used to describe step-wells in Sanskrit/Hindu. 


Sterling Silver & Leather Cuff Bracelet - Naomi Davies Jewellery £450


This unique sterling silver bangle features three different ring settings. Each of the ring settings then have a tan or black leather circle. The cool silver and the rustic feel of the leatherwork together perfectly. This cuff has been designed and created by Naomi Davies. Naomi creates these beautiful pieces from her workshop in South Devon, United Kingdom. Naomi’s pieces aren’t based on just one influence; she draws from many, including her love of Japanese design, as well as her love of fashion and music. 


Gold Plated Timeless Cuff Bracelet With Cubic Zirconia - Shimmer By Cindy £177


It is only right that we end with this incredible and regal cuff bracelet that has been created by Designer Cindy Hock-Lauwers, who created the brand Shimmer by Cindy. Not only does this cuff look incredible but we love the inspiration behind it as well, as it was inspired by a brooch that Cindy found in her mother’s jewellery collection. This cuff is made to order, and there are a number of different colours you can choose from, including gold and clear, rose gold and clear, silver and black, and silver and clear.

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