A dainty diamond ring makes the perfect accessory. Adding the right hint of bling, as well as elegance and class, this simple piece of jewellery can make a wonderful impression. 

There are many benefits that come with wearing dainty rings. They can be mixed and matched with other rings to create a layered, statement jewellery style, or they can be worn alone as the icing on the cake to your outfit.

Dainty diamond rings also make wonderful gifts to yourself or a loved one, and we offer a fantastic selection of rings starting from just £25. 

Take a look at these 10 dainty diamond rings which will make a great addition to your jewellery collection.

Trilogy One Stone White Ring - Nicofilimon £69


Simple yet striking, this Trilogy One Stone White Ring is a must for your collection. Featuring a thin, delicate band and one central stone, it’s a beautiful ring that will look great both alone, or as part of a stack. 

The ring is designed by Nicofilimon, a Kefalonian jewellery designer, who specialises in creating artistic, beautiful pieces which are often show-stopping and even avant-garde. Bringing in various influences to create this beautiful piece, it’s a great choice for your jewellery collection.  

18kt Gold & Trillion Diamond Tassel Ring - RI NOOR £1,346


Dainty diamond rings make a wonderful engagement ring, and this 18kt gold and trillion-cut diamond ring is no exception. Striking and beautiful, while remaining elegant, this ring is a truly beautiful piece of jewellery that is sure to draw admirers.

This classic diamond ring is designed by Ri Noor, whose jewellery is built around gemstones. Created by Baltimore-based designer Shibani Shinde Pati, all Ri Noor jewellery is designed to amplify the qualities of each gemstone to create a unique and timeless product.

9kt Rose Gold Diamond Pavé Open Ring - Gemondo £145


Open rings are fast becoming a modern classic, combining interesting details with classic gemstones to create a stunning piece of jewellery. This rose gold diamond pavé open ring is elegant and stylish, featuring a round-cut ruby and diamond-lined hexagon design. Worn alone or as part of a stacking set, it’s a versatile piece to add to your collection.

This fantastic ring comes from UK-based designer Gemondo, which specialises in creating modern, fashionable jewellery for today’s women. Their designs feature beautiful gemstones to create striking looks that make their pieces special and unique.

9kt Yellow Gold Diamond Pavé Hammered Band Ring - Gemondo £105


Paved rings are a popular look today, and whether you buy this gorgeous 9kt yellow gold ring alone or to wear as part of a stack, you’ll be making a solid style statement. With just the right amount of shine, it’s a ring that’s as luxurious as it is delicate to create the perfect look.

Designed by UK brand Gemondo, this ring features the designer’s gorgeous silhouettes, using the finest materials to create a high-quality, must-have item.

Dew Drop Rosecut Diamond Double Ring - Rosey West £3,650


This is a truly beautiful diamond ring which is dainty while still remaining interesting and unusual. Housed between two paved gold bands, this rosecut diamond will make a gorgeous engagement ring, or even a statement ring for your collection. 

Perfect minimalism makes this a must-have item, designed by US-based designer Rosey West. Rosey West is the creation of New York-based designer Michael Dobkin, who founded the company to ‘captivate the attention and cultivate the spark of the creative, modern woman’.

18kt White Gold & Diamond Baguette Fortuna's Love Ring - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £1,702


A baguette ring makes a simple but stylish statement, and this white gold and diamond baguette Fortuna’s Love Ring is the perfect example. Featuring an understated gleaming white gold band and striking solitaire, it’s a dainty diamond ring that is far ordinary. An ideal engagement ring, they’ll find it difficult to say no to this one!

Created by Lesunja Fine Jewellery, a Swiss jewellery brand famed for its ‘wearable art’ jewellery, this beautiful ring reflects their dedication to fine craftsmanship that uses only the best materials and finishes. 

14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Baguette & Pave Diamond Ring - RI NOOR £387


A simple, elegant ring adds the perfect finishing touch to your look, and this beautiful yellow gold diamond baguette ring will make a wonderful part of your collection. Worn as a stacking ring or on its own, you will be sure to get plenty of wear out of this delicate ring design.

Designed by Ri Noor, this is a wonderful piece that is refined and elegant, making a timeless jewellery item. Expertly crafted to provide a supreme finish, it’s a ring that won’t disappoint.

Diamond Mini Bow Ring - Oh My Christine £795


Nothing says dainty more than this mini bow ring, which is a beautiful statement piece that is sure to attract admirers. Cute, modern and stylish, there is a lot to love about this delicate and feminine ring.

Created by Oh my Christine, an LA-based brand, each item is handmade to order. Carefully crafted and featuring the highest-quality gemstones, this ring is a fitting reflection of the fun and fashionable jewellery brand.

10 Stone XX Diamond Ring In 18kt White Gold - Verifine London £450


Dainty doesn’t have to be boring, and this beautiful white gold diamond ring proves that the simplest designs can be the most striking. With 10 stones, set around a white gold band, it would make a beautiful wedding band, eternity ring or a single jewellery piece.

Made by Verifine London, a UK-brand, husband and wife Neil and Wendy Duckworth, their objective was to create beautiful eternity bands that could also serve as standalone pieces, something which this gorgeous ring truly represents. 

9kt Rose Gold Trio Cluster Diamond Ring - Black Betty Design £332


Featuring three beautiful, sparkling diamonds set in a striking cluster, this dainty rose gold ring is a must-have. The ideal accessory is elegant and chic, with just the right amount of sparkle. Ideal as a gift to yourself as someone else, it will be sure to make a glittering impression.

This ring is designed by Black Betty, led by Capetown jewellery designer, Kristin Weixelbaumer. Black Betty’s pieces are designed to reflect the imperfect beauty of nature, using ethically-sourced gemstones and materials.

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