Regular necklaces and chokers are great, but there’s nothing quite like a drop necklace to boost your style. 

Their elegant appearance makes them ideal for when you want to wear something a little dressy or special. 

What’s more, there is a huge selection of drop necklaces to choose from. JewelStreet designers are beavering away in workshops all over the world as we speak to make these elegant and beautiful pieces of jewellery.

5 Drop Necklace Silver- Lucy Quartermaine £390

5 Drop Necklace SiverWhy have one drop, when you can have five? That’s Lucy Quartermaine’s thinking behind this stunning drop necklace. 

The necklace features five drops that appear to be oozing their way down from the band in a fluid motion. Each comes connected to a semi-circular frame that attaches to an adjustable chain you loop around the back of your neck. 

The design is decidedly quirky, and that certainly fits in with Lucy’s ethos. Lucy began making jewellery when she was just 18 years old. She now takes cues from everyday objects, such as dripping water, and turns them into exquisite jewellery. 

Meadow Drop Necklace - Lucy Flint £42 Meadow Drop Necklace from Lucy Flint Jewellery features a large, beautiful teardrop-shaped pendant, complete with a meadow of flowers. The pendant has a laid-back, fun, and open-faced design to emphasise the surrounding flowers. 

Lucy Flint began creating nature-inspired jewellery in 2014. Since then, Lucy has built up a vast knowledge of jewellery-making processes and now loves to create pieces with deep meaning.

Four Drop Tapered Gold Vermeil Necklace - Joseph Lamsin £134

When Joseph Lamsin Jewellery was designing this piece, it wanted to make something that looked intrinsically organic. For this reason, the necklace features four gold shapes that drop forty millimetres from the chain, starting with the largest at the top and then decreasing in size toward the bust. 

The piece is the brainchild of the designer Matthew Harris, a jeweller based in Cornwall, in the South-West of England. Matt likes to create pieces that reflect the rugged natural Cornish coastal landscape and even uses local seawater to make his moulds. 

Pisa Mini Teardrop Necklace Silver Blue Topaz - Latelita £39

If you’re looking for a delicate piece of jewellery, then you’ll love this drop necklace from Latelita London. It features a silver chain with a blue topaz teardrop-shaped pendant. It is ideal for every occasion, from birthdays to bridesmaids outfits. 

Latelita London is a brand based in the United Kingdom, famous for its mission to make quality jewellery affordable. Latelita offers a luxury brand experience, but without the usual price tag. The Pisa Mini Teardrop necklace represents this ethos. 

Sterling Silver Celia C Drop Lariat Necklace - LuvMyJewelry £159

When it comes to design innovation, some brands really hit the ball out of the park. And here, LuvMyJewelry certainly delivers. The silver necklace features a central, modernist C-shaped pendant with an offset lariat drop. Both the pendant and the lariat feature genuine, natural diamonds, embedded in Sterling silver. 

The Sterling Silver Celia C Drop Lariat necklace is very similar to other pieces from the brand, including its Aim High Ring and Starry Night Earrings. The KuvMyJewelry is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and only sources conflict-free gemstones for its products.  

Stylish Rose Gold Blue Topaz Dew Drop Necklace - London Road Jewellery £295

This rose gold and blue topaz “dew” drop necklace from London Road Jewellery is a part of the company’s Pimlico Collection. The rose gold necklace features multiple sparkling blue topaz gemstones as well as a rose gold clasp and chain.

The necklace is the brainchild of London Road Jewellery, an artisan jeweller led by brother and sister team, Ed and Suzanna. The dewdrop necklace is a product that sits well with the pair’s goal of bridging the gap between cheap silver jewellery, and high-end gold pieces. 

18kt Yellow Gold & Sweet Grey Diamond Drop Necklace - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £2,494

If you’re looking for something simple, refined and elegant, then you might want to take a look at this 18kt gold necklace from the luxury Swiss brand, Lesunja Fine Jewellery. The company has a reputation for making high-quality products for men and women - and this necklace is no exception. Featuring a bespoke dark grey grapefruit diamond, it is a necklace to die for. 

18kt Yellow Gold Natural Colour Rose-Cut Diamond Drop Shape - Amyn The Jeweller £3,993

Are you looking for a unique drop necklace? If so, then take a look at this offering from Amyn The Jeweler. It features an 18kt yellow gold teardrop-shaped pendant, studded with 23 different colour diamonds. The brand, run by Amyn Rahimtoola, has been around since the 1980s. Amyn, based in Santa Monica, USA, learned his trade from his parents while travelling the world as a child. Amyn then went to Geneva to study casting before finally launching his celebrated brand.

18kt Rose Gold Mode Necklace II - Ortaea Fine Jewellery £1,790

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, then take a look at this 18kt rose gold Mode Necklace II from Ortaea Fine Jewellery. 

Ortaea has always been famous for its ethically-sourced gems and environmental action, but it is now also celebrated for its styling. Creative director Mita Vohra takes cues from ancient mythology in her designs. 

Blossom Necklace - Joana Salazar £5,353

This drop necklace from Joana Salazar is possibly the most beautiful in the entire collection. Made of 18kt rose gold, it features diamonds, emeralds and rubies in the chain as well as a giant ruby at the end of the drop. 

The necklace is the product of Brazil-based Joana Salazar’s passion for creating pieces that scream affluence and success, yet also elegance and sophistication. This beautiful yet slightly understated piece chimes with her philosophy.