The jewellery market has a lot to offer, and one of its main exports is that of diamond jewellery - most notably, a diamond ring. When shopping for something extra special to give to that special someone, a diamond ring is always going to be top of the list. But you can’t just grab any ring; you need to know the design is trending and unique and will be loved by the recipient. 

So, if you want to know what the most exceptional diamond ring designs currently on the market are, make sure you take a look at the 9 options we’ve specially curated and collected below! 

Black Rhodium-Plated & Black Diamonds Snaketric Ring - Cristina Cipolli Jewellery £480

Black Rhodium Plated & Black Diamonds Snaketric RingFor anyone who loves their diamond rings to have a natural and animalistic finish to them, this ring is expertly crafted by Cristina Cipolli Jewellery. There’s a diverse influence to the piece, thanks to the combination of anthropomorphic sinuosity, otherwise known as the snake, and edgy geometry that makes the ring an angular and hard piece. 

18kt Rose Gold & Black Diamonds Ocean XXY Seahorses Ring - £16,086

18kt Rose Gold & Black Diamonds Ocean XXY Seahorses RingThis is an ornate and luxury ring design, adding up to the shape of a crown on the finger, with the black diamond itself guarded by a retinue of golden seahorses. 

The ring has been expertly crafted by Lesunja Fine Jewellery in Switzerland, this ring has an original design to it that will not be found anywhere else, and would be unique to anyone it is presented to. 

Sterling Silver Organic Ring With Gold Fill Detail & Diamond - Banyan Jewellery £79

Sterling Silver Organic Ring With Gold Fill Detail & DiamondFor a ring that’s organic in nature, and perfect as a celebratory piece, look no further! Created by Banyan Jewellery with an affordable price tag in mind, this diamond ring has an exceptional design due to its mix of champagne diamonds and gold fill detail. 

9kt Rose Gold O Leaf Diamond Olive Branch Ring - Gemondo Jewellery £160

9kt Rose Gold O Leaf Diamond Olive Branch RingThis is an incredibly sweet and valuable piece, thanks to the materials and design involved. Rose Gold is a popular colour for diamond rings, and for this O Leaf Olive Branch design, you’ll marvel at how the diamonds and craftsmanship combine. 

It’s a symbolic ring, with peace in mind, and designer Gemondo brings the ring to life with the expert placement of gemstones. 

14kt Yellow Gold Plated Silver Bold Desires Diamond Fashion Ring - £193

14kt Yellow Gold Plated Silver Bold Desires Diamond Fashion RingThis ring is colourful, bold and brash, and designer LuvMyJewelry has created it with the wearer’s inner child in mind. You can also tighten or loosen the ring as needed, as it comes with a clasp in the back. 

It comes packaged with a poem written by founder Sujan Doshi, for that extra special and exceptional touch of craftsmanship. This piece is entirely handmade to order, each and every time, making sure every single wearer has an entirely unique and heartfelt item. 

14kt Gold Diamond Big Straight Crown Wedding Band With Diamond - Master Jewelry by John £468

14kt Gold Diamond Big Straight Crown Wedding Band With DiamondThis 14kt gold ring can be made in many different metals, including 14kt white gold, 14kt rose gold, and 14kt yellow gold. It takes inspiration from the tiaras worn by queens of old and has the right kind of design to invoke that royal feeling in the wearer.

Made by Master Jewelry by John, style and sophistication is at the heart of this brand and its vision. That’s why this ring has such an ornate and sparkly design to it - a wedding is an extra special day alone, and the rings exchanged need to be exceptional in design and quality. 

Gold, Coral & Diamond Seafire Ring - Bergsoe £730

Gold, Coral & Diamond Seafire Ring | BergsoeHigh karat gold, coloured silver, and reflective gemstones are sat perfectly in the contours of the Gold, Coral and Diamond Seafire ring. This is a sparkling piece, perfect for gold lovers, seeing as the coral and diamond are set in a 22k gold frame! Taking inspiration from phytoplankton underneath the waves, this ring is a designer stunner. 

Crafted by Josephine Bergsoe, contemporary design and influence is at the heart of this ring and the way it sits on a finger. Copenhagen is where Bergsoe works, and sustainability is at the centre of her jewellery company’s mission. 

Classic Natural Diamond Ring Band - Kastur Jewels £980

Classic Natural Diamond Ring BandFor someone looking for a simple yet classic and sweet touch, this ring acts as an ornate band that can be slipped onto the finger. It’s a Classic and Natural Diamond ring, expertly crafted by KASTUR Jewels, to prove the true love between the giver and the recipient. 

It comes with an internationally recognised hallmark, founder and designer Rajvi Vora always uses natural gemstones to suit her opulent pieces. This ring is rather large in size, and would definitely catch the eye as a statement piece. 

14kt Black Gold Cleopatra Ring With Pearl and Diamond - Daniela Komatovic £1,574

14kt Black Gold Cleopatra Ring With Pearl and DiamondThere’s a pearl situated front and centre, making an eye-catching ring that anyone would love to sport around on their finger. This ring comes straight from the ‘Queens Collection’ too! 

Made up of Black Gold by designer Daniela Komatovic, the exceptional quality and design to this ring is evident in the way it opens up, and sits perfectly on the finger, with a lovable and quirky unnaturally tinged overall design. Daniela herself works in the Czech Republic, and specialises in working with luxury gold and precious gemstones. 

In conclusion, diamond rings are popular pieces in the jewellery world, and there’s a lot of them currently on the market for everyone to marvel over. However, make sure you know about the most unique and exceptional designs currently on offer - you can find a great selection right here at JewelStreet! 

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