Friendship bracelets make the perfect gift for someone who is very close to you. While these, often, handmade bracelets in themselves resemble the strength and everlasting nature of your friendship, additional elements of the bracelet can be seen as symbolic of an aspect of your friendship. 

Choosing the right friendship bracelet takes careful thought. Sometimes, it is nice to know a little about the designer, or the concepts behind the beautiful pieces before giving them as a gift to your friend. By attaching extra meaning, it makes the gift that much more significant. 

Friendship bracelets may very well be designed to be given from one close friend to another, however, there is nothing to stop these beautiful pieces to be bought as a romantic gift, or even as a treat for oneself. With many different types of bracelets available, there is a friendship bracelet that will suit everyone. 

With so many beautiful friendship bracelets available, we wanted to highlight 10 friendship bracelets to cherish forever. The selection offers subtle and understated bracelets, through to eye-catching, or quirky designs.

The Rhodium Plated Silver Labradorite Link Bracelet - Olivia Leone £86

This labradorite gemstone bracelet is set in sterling silver with a rhodium finish, This statement piece has its own sense of confidence which it will no doubt pass on to the wearer. 

Olivia Leone comes from a family of jewellers. She founded her own jewellery studio and is well renowned for organic pieces inspired by nature. 

The Ruthenium Anchor Friendship Bracelet - Roz Buehrlen £90

The Ruthenium Anchor Friendship Bracelet features a beautiful hand-carved anchor with rope attached to a navy cord. It evokes thoughts of the sea and travel and would be a beautiful gift for a close friend who you may have shared many journies with. 

In addition to the ruthenium, this beautiful bracelet is also available to buy in gold. Rhodium, and rose gold.

Roz Beuhrlen studied at Camberwell College of Arts and has her own foundry studio. Her style is based on nature. However, inspiration is drawn from all around. 

18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Faith Friendship Bracelet with Green Cord - Mara Hotung £38

This 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Faith Friendship Bracelet with Green Cord features an 18kt yellow gold vermeil pendant, this simple but beautifully elegant friendship bracelet is completed with a single cubic zirconia gemstone in the toggle. 

In addition to the greed cord, the bracelet is also available with blue and yellow cords.

Mara Hotung trained as a gemologist after a long-established fascination with stones. Mara’s pieces are notable for her use of gemstones and simple, classic designs. 

The Silver Love Bracelet - Opes Robur £99

This Silver Love Bracelet is a piece of design excellence. Crafted from, titanium, this screw on love bracelet represents a sense of permanence. This perfectly made elegant piece is subtle and thought-provoking. 

The bracelet is available in silver, rose gold, and gold plated options. Also included with the piece is a jewellery screwdriver that allows you to put the bracelet on and take it off.  

Opes Robur is a design company founded by Jake Allen and Patrick McCann. They believe that simplicity is beautiful, as we are sure you will agree with this subtle and effective work of art.

The Sterling Silver San Shi Amethyst Bracelet - Tsai x Tsai £99

The delicate design of this San Shi Amethyst Bracelet provides a minimalistic look. The bracelet features a bead that can be used to adjust its length. Embedded with attractive gemstones, this subtle bracelet is gentle and understated. 

This bracelet is also available with peridot, garnet, and blue topaz, and in addition to sterling silver, there is the option to have the bracelet in rose gold.

Tsai x Tsai bases their designs on the people and landscapes of Taiwan. Her jewellery is designed to be worn every day. The work is synonymous with colourful, minimalistic jewellery.

The Rhodium Plated Droplet Slider Bracelet - Lucy Quartermaine £140

This elegant and quirky Rhodium Plated Droplet Slider Bracelet has a beautiful sense of form and style. It is an elegant bracelet that is made from sterling silver with rhodium plating.

Lucy Quartermaine is a silversmith and jewellery designer who works in a distinctive, modern style. Winner of the jewellery designer of the year at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards, Lucy Quartermaine has been featured in publications such as Vogue and Cosmpolitan. 

The Rhodium Plated Splash Anklet - Lucy Quartermaine £60

The Rhodium Plated Splash Anklet is a simple, yet effective design which incorporates small splashes around the chain. Subtle, understated, yet retaining character, this anklet is comfortable to wear.

This beautiful piece was created by the multi-award-winning designer, Lucy Quartermaine. Her distinctive style attracts attention. Known for her distinctive and modern silverwork, Lucy often adds a hint of humour into her pieces.  

The 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Sanchong Rainbow Gemstones Bracelet - Tsai x Tsai £250

This stunning 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Sanchong Rainbow Gemstones Bracelet is a colourful display of beautiful gemstones. The bracelet can be adjusted through the use of a bead which can be slid into place. 

Tsai x Tsai believes in making statements without the need to shout. This is why their designs are eye-catching whilst being modest. 

The Rhodium Plated Silver Contemporary Jasper Silver Bracelet - Olivia Leone £147

This attention-grabbing green jasper bracelet is made from sterling silver and is embellished with amazing looking jaspers. This bracelet has such character to it, it is sure to elicit comments from plenty of impressed onlookers. 

Olivia Leone has a love of aesthetics while having a grounding in tradition.

The Rhodium Plated Splash Slider Bracelet - Lucy Quartermaine £190

Part of the Splash collection, the Rhodium Plated Splash Slider Bracelet has splashes throughout the chain which create a bold and beautiful form to the piece. 

Created by Lucy Quartermaine, winner of the Jewellery Designer of the Year at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards, Lucy adds humour to her designs providing a sculptural quality to everyday items replicating them in silver.

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