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First things first… congratulations! You’re engaged, and you’ve probably stumbled upon this blog looking for some wedding inspiration. It feels a little overwhelming doesn’t it? You’re wedding is months, maybe even years away, and yet all that everyone is asking you about is flowers, venues, and catering! Don’t worry. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a stress fest. In fact, I predict that planning your wedding will be one of the funnest projects you ever undertake!

The crucial question is, where do you start? Do you and your fiance choose a venue? Do you straight away get on the hunt for the perfect dress? The simple answer, no. The first step you need to take is getting inspired. We (hopefully) only get married once. It’s an occasion you will remember forever. The moment you envision your dream wedding is when the plans can really get underway.

To help your initial brainstorming, I have curated the top 10 Instagram accounts you need to follow to gain some next-level wedding inspiration. From flowers, to themes, to DIY crafts, this list has it all! Start your wedding journey the right way with fresh and inspiring ideas that will get those wedding bells chiming. This is the first step on your trip to “I do”...

For florals (@fionaleahydesign)

Fiona Leahy Design will fill you with creative inspiration. With flowers and table layouts this plush, you’ll want to plan your whole wedding around the incredible designs Fiona creates. From understated alpine settings to lavish arrangements that look as if plucked from the decadent 1920s, Fiona Leahy Designs has an aesthetic for every occasion and style. Love wild flowers? Check out the layout Fiona came up with for the Evening Standard Magazine last year. The considered and mastered influence of Fiona Leahy Design will make your wedding a day no one will forget. Follow her Instagram here. But be warned, this will set the standard sky-high...


For the invites (@stephaniefishwick)

For many of us, life is all about attention to detail. Your wedding invite, save the date cards, order or service, or even wedding menu provides great opportunities to get creative with calligraphy! World renowned artist and calligrapher Stephanie Fishwick has a unique talent which will have you anticipating your big day even more. Having collaborated with numerous celebrities and brands, Stephanie’s mastered eye for design and innovation will give you endless ideas for your wedding. Her talents are breathtaking. From intricate botanical drawings to contemporary typographic designs, discover Stephanie’s platform and swoon over the small details that make the biggest impact. 

 For unconventional weddings (@rileyandgrey)

‘Non-weddingy weddings’ - that’s Riley and Grey’s USP. Innovative. Chic. Real. This platform is the one to follow if your style resides in the unconventional. Everything about Riley and Grey is just cool. They know good style, and with this as your source of inspiration your wedding will radiate authenticity. From high-fashion installations to unusually delicious cakes, Riley and Grey has all the unique ideas to create your dream wedding. Modern ideas for modern couples, with this help of Riley and Grey, your wedding will be unforgettable.

 For the colourful and quirky bride (@bespokebride)

Let’s face it… getting married isn’t all about the wedding. Sure, it’s about love and devotion. But, it’s also about fun. It’s about the hen parties, the bridal showers, the wedding dress shopping. The whole process of getting married starts when that one ring slides on your finger. Bespoke Bride knows this better than anyone. Not only will their Instagram fill you with endless ideas and tips of how to add personal and DIY touches to your wedding. But their online shop will cut the stresses in half as you can stock up on everything you need for your bridal squad! From matching PJs for your hen do, to props for your wedding day photobooth. Discover the fun and colourful world of Bespoke Bride that will make planning your wedding all the more enjoyable!

For real life wedding stories (@whimsicalwonderlandweddings)

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings aims to put the joy back into wedding planning. Featuring ‘inspirational creative, and joy filled real weddings’, this passionate platform is an absolute gem to discover if you’re overwhelmed with your wedding plans. From photography guides, to real-life stories and supplier recommendations, WWW provides functional and productive advice to brides and grooms. Covering every aspect of wedding planning, you can rest assured that Whimsical Wonderland Weddings will give you trusted information through their visible flair for style and taste. Louise Baltruschat Hollis is the brains behind this brilliant brand. Her quirky and sensitive approach will make you feel like you’re gaining advice and tips from a close friend! Enjoy your wedding experience start to finish with the help of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

For incredible photography (

The beauty of Lee Garland’s photography lies in his ability to capture the essence of a couple. His style is consistent - romantic, unique, personal. With over a decade of photography experience, Lee’s will freeze key moments from your wedding day within breathtaking photos. He is so detail oriented, Lee will masterly capture the elements of your wedding that epitomise who you are as a couple. Whether its a flash of your ‘something blue’ heels, or your engagement ring clasped around your wedding day cocktail. Discover Lee’s incredible platform, it will make visions of your dream wedding come to life. My personal favourite is Lee’s photos of ‘Holly & Jack’s Chateau la Blérétie Wedding in Ponteyraud’. I thought I had an unfaltering vision of my own dream wedding, but these photos make me reconsider everything!

For next level tableware (and we mean next level) (@casadeperrin)

Okay. I confess. I have a thing for tableware. What’s more aesthetically pleasing than a well-laid table? Unique crockery. Crystal glassware. Unconventional cutlery. This is my language. If, like me, you have a slight obsession for impeccable table designs, this is the ultimate Instagram account for you. Casa de Perrin is a Los Angeles based luxury tabletop curation company. Having worked for some of the most established hotels covering top-tier events, this is incomparable design inspiration from a luxury brand. Their attention to detail is truly extraordinary. Take a look at this wedding they did in Seattle. Can you imagine the response of your wedding party upon seeing this incredible display? True style lies in the details. So take a leaf out of Casa de Perrin, and make your tableware extra-special.

LGBT weddings inspiration (@dancingwithher)

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