There are no boundaries when it comes to jewellery. It is a way to express yourself and to discover a trend you may have never tried before. That being said, there are certain jewellery essentials that are needed in any jewellery lovers collection. You can have all the elements for an incredible look, but if you don’t have the right jewellery, it can all fall apart.

Here are 10 jewellery box essentials that every woman should own! Introduce these essentials to your jewellery wardrobe and you’ll never go out of style.

Classic materials

No matter what jewellery you own, it is always important to have items made from classic jewellery metals. While we love exploring new colours and materials (rose gold has been the most popular jewellery material over the past couple years), nothing beats the timeless warm glow of gold or the cool tones of silver. Picking a metal like gold or silver opens up so many possibilities as most jewellery items are made from these staple materials. But, whoever said you can’t mix silver and gold is a liar! The warm tone of gold goes perfectly with the icy colour of silver and when you mix and match these metals, you get a colourful textured look. Add gold and silver to your jewellery box and unlock more jewellery styling possibilities.

Hoop earrings

The hoop earring trend has been around for years and are just as relevant and worn today as they were in the 60s. Hoops are a jewellery essential and one of the most popular style of earrings. They are so versatile, act as a perfect statement earring and the circular shape draws attention and adds dimension to the face. Hoops come in so many styles and sizes that there really is a pair for everyone. Go for something subtle with a small pair of hoops or something more bold, with a quirky-shaped embellished pair.


LARA HEEMS Sterling Silver Captivating White Hoops (Left)| £235.00
VOA Fine Jewellery 14kt Gold Vermeil Baby Chain Hoops (Middle)| £105.00
London Road Jewellery | Kew Serpent Sterling Silver Ruby Hoop Earrings (Right)| £199.01

Chain necklace

A chain necklace is an easy to wear classic item that adds length and structure to a look. Chain necklaces are a jewellery basic that can be styled up or dressed down. With one of these in your jewellery box, you can create multiple looks using just one accessory. Choose a long chain to add length to the body and more texture to a casual or office outfit. Wear it on its own for an elegant look or layer it with other chains or different length necklaces for some mismatched bohemian flair.


Kit Heath Infinity Coco Link Necklace (Left)| £105.00
Agneta Bugyte Classic Black Patinated Silver & 18kt Raw Gold Grain Necklace (Middle)| £1,025.00
Mishanto London | Cari 16-18 Inch Gold Vermeil Rose Quartz & Pearl Necklace (Right)| £109.00

Tennis bracelet

Bracelets are the most overlooked jewellery item, yet they are so stylish and versatile. They add extra colour, texture and shine to an outfit and are easy and comfortable to wear. In 1987, the tennis bracelet became a jewellery essential, after tennis player Chris Evert famously stopped a match at the US Open to look for her bracelet that she lost while playing. The tennis bracelet is a minimal but stunning accessory, made from a simple symmetrical line of diamonds. Bracelets in general are extremely flexible and can be worn every day. Introduce the tennis bracelet into your jewellery wardrobe and you’ll never have an empty wrist again.


Infinity & Co Yellow Gold Plated Anya Bracelet I (Left)| £42.00
FANTASIA BY DESERIO | Sterling Silver & Palladium Marquise & Round Tennis Bracelet (Middle)| £514.00

Signet ring

Signet rings have been around since the Old Testament, when they were worn as a personal symbol or signature, depicting one’s family heritage. Traditionally worn on the pinkie finger, signet rings are a classic staple worn by both men and women. A signet ring is typically made from either gold or silver materials with a large flat face, perfect for engraving. A signet ring is a must-have jewellery essential, as they are as personal as they are stylish. Add your signature, family crest or a meaningful date to the face of the ring for a sentimental touch. This ring will be the only one in existence - it is unique as you are.


RUBINIA GIOIELLI 9kt Rose Gold Square Signet Ring (Left)| £737.00
Black Rock Jewel | Sterling Silver Strong Signet Ring (Middle)| £297.00
Star Wedding Rings Ladies Gold Engraved Cushion-Shaped Signet Ring (Right)| £122.00


It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that stud earrings are a must-have in any jewellery collection. Studs come in many different styles and designs and can be worn all year round. You’re a big animal lover and want to show it in your jewellery? Buy a pair of animal studs! You want to celebrate your favourite season? Buy a pair of flower studs for Spring, sun studs for Summer, leaf studs for Autumn or snowflake studs for Winter! Studs are also a fabulous way to incorporate gemstones, specifically diamonds into your jewellery repertoire. Diamonds are the epitome of elegance and a pair of diamond studs add sparkle and luxury to any look. Studs can be quirky, simple, over the top or sophisticated - you just need to find your style!


XISSJEWELLERY 14kt Gold Star Studs Earrings (Left)| £90.00
Sharon Mills London Bijou Diamond Earrings Rose Gold (Middle)| £130.00
Opes Robur Yellow Gold Plated Silver Sunshine & Cloud Earrings (Right)| £99.00

A string of pearls

Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones used in jewellery. Their understated creamy colour and subtle elegance are loved by millions, especially royalty! Pearls are a timeless classic and if they’re good enough for Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth II, then they’re good enough for us! A string of pearls is the perfect way to add a classy and vintage look to any outfit. Pearls can be worn everyday, at special occasions and in the evenings. They are classic, they are timeless and they need to be in your jewellery box.


ORA Pearls Classic 14kt Gold White Pearl Necklace (Left)| £110.00
FARRA Freshwater Pearl With Aquamarine Choker (Middle)| £173.00

Cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are oversized rings, featuring large and colourful gemstones. They are big, bold and bright and are a staple accessory for a night-out or cocktails with your friends! Cocktail rings come in many different shapes, sizes and designs, so there is so much to choose from. No matter what style you’re drawn to, you’re adding colour and sparkle to your hand game and adorning yourself with a bold conversation starter!


Nadia Minkoff Yellow Gold Plated Magma Kate Cocktail Ring (Left)| £38.00
Alexander Davis Half Dendritic Ring (Middle)| £1,795.00
Alexandra Alberta Belle Dangle Amethyst Tourmaline Ring (Right)| £350.00

Pendant necklace

Pendant necklaces are an effortless jewellery item that can be worn with anything, from a basic t-shirt to a formal dress. Pendant necklaces come in many colours and styles. Keep it personal with a locket, add sparkle with a gemstone pendant or pick a quirky bold design. Pendant necklaces are simple to wear and can be worn on their own or layered with other necklaces (like the chain necklace I mentioned earlier).


Hilary&June 9kt Rose Gold Little Star & Moon Necklace (Left)| £131.00
Katie Mullally Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin (Middle)| £149.00
Lavan 9kt Gold & Red Teardrop Opal Pendant (Right)| £245.00

Stacking rings

Stacking rings have become increasingly popular over the past few years. From gemstones to coloured metals, to plain bands to patterns, stacking rings are the perfect accessory to mix and match and create your own unique collection. Wear them individually for a simple and elegant accent or stack them high for extra sparkle and texture. Stacking rings are a jewellery must-have, packing a powerful punch that can be worn everyday or at evening events.


LALI Jewels 14kt Yellow Gold Stackable Ring With 9 Diamonds (Left)| £585.00
Elena Jewelry Concepts Sterling Silver & Brass Stackable Ring Set (Middle)| £175.00
Verifine London Pink Sapphire XX Combination in Rose (Right)| £1,350.00