Instagram is currently the best platform to showcase your craft, whether it be painting, singing, dancing or jewellery designing. Social media itself has led to an influx of engagement for people who demonstrate their talents in this way. Jewellery making in particular is an inherently visual skill. Whilst independent jewellery brands may have previously been off-the-radar in a pre-social world, they are now shining front and centre on every Insta feed. Why? Because luxury jewellery deserves to be seen. 

In a lot of cases, independent jewellery designers may not have a website or huge marketing budget for their collections. This makes their pieces even more exclusive and unique.

Take a look at our picks of the top eight jewellery designers that you should be following on Instagram. These are some of the sparkliest accounts serving you style sass and inspiration on the daily. They’re the underdogs of the fashion industry, who provide us with top jewellery content and developing trends even before the top fashion houses have caught on.

Ed Wilson Jewellery @edwilson.jewellery

Raw, rugged and mysterious. Ed Wilson Jewellery is at the forefront of luxury handmade jewellery design. Follow his feed for a refreshing and revitalising collection inspired by the Cornish coastline. Ed’s designs encompass organic forms, fluid shapes and natural curvatures. It is hard to believe that these pieces were handcrafted by man.


Gabrielle Friedman @gabriellefriedmanjewelry

Beautiful lifestyle images, luxurious close-ups and stunning jewellery are standard for renowned jewellery brand Gabrielle Friedman. With this Instagram feed, you’re getting clarity and top quality images of designs. This is a brand that specialises in bespoke items, so there is always an exclusive image of a new design or elegant piece that may never be seen again. Be quick before you miss out.


Cathy Pardon Jewellery @cathypardonjewellery

Exquisite simplicity and minimalism at its finest. This Cathy Pardon Jewellery social feed is injected with an aura of refined elegance. Cathy works tirelessly to ensure that each and every piece is made to the highest standard. This is the eco-conscious brand that you need in your life. All gems used are conflict free, and all metals are reliably sourced from trusted suppliers of recycled gold and silver.


Rubinia Gioielli @rubiniagioielli

This Insta feed features a picturesque plethora of handmade designs. Pleasing to the eye and the soul, Rubinia Gioielli jewellery empowers its wearers to be their unique and authentic self. Prepare for beautiful stylised images, tantilising textures and mesmerising colour combinations. The Rubinia social media is an entire jewellery box in itself… and it is definitely the jewellery box of your dreams.


Gemdrop @shopgemdropjewels

This is handmade jewellery that moves from the realm of accessory to that of architecture and art. There is a mosaic quality to these designs that calls for them to be displayed in galleries around the world. Luckily for you, there is an entire gallery on their Instagram feed. Never before have we seen designs so bold and beautiful, yet so delicate and dynamic. Channel your inner strength, and follow this brand to instil a little artistic flair into your everyday life.


ClonferoDaPonte @catarinaclonfero

Religious, cultural and spiritual symbolism is at the forefront of this bohemian jewellery brand. The style of imagery that you will find here centres on lightness and vibrancy. Brighten up your social feeds and invite a little Clonfero-chic into your Insta family.


Alrun Nordic Jewelry

Distinctive designs and non-conforming styles are heavily featured by Alrun Nordic Jewelry. The brand itself is not exclusively tailored towards jewellery, and introduces a diversity in style through their incorporation of textiles. Nevertheless, the understated jewellery pieces are a celebration of the designer’s Nordic cultural heritage, and so stand out in any imagery posted. You’ll discover the inviting world of fascinating cultural talismans, and it won’t be long until your desire one of your very own.


Black Rock Jewel @blackrockjewel

Follow this Copenhagen-based brand for the latest in ethical and sustainable design. Black Rock Jewel is home to suave jewellery designs that are perfect for the modern man. They are inspired by the dichotomous urban landscape and eroded coastline. Give the man in your life a nod in the right direction, and let him elevate his style (and his Insta feed) just in time for SS19.