Not sure what to splash your payday cash on? Treat yourself to jewellery! You won’t regret it. Of course, you could go to a fancy bar for a few cocktails infused with some pretentious herb no one has heard of. You could buy a new dress that you’ll have forgotten about next season. So why not invest in something you’ll always treasure?

Jewellery carries sentiment and style for years and years. It’s the timeless possession that, when bought from JewelStreet, will never tarnish. Discover the top 10 jewellery pieces I’ve handpicked to inspire your payday purchasing.

Latelita London

Latelita London - £49

Just look at the rich colour of these delicious blue chalcedony gemstones. Wearing these delightful earrings will add a splash of vivacity into your autumn wardrobe. There’s a reason everyone is after a pair of these classic drop earrings by Latelita London. Coming in a gorgeous range of gemstones, you can choose your colour and carve a style that’s unique to you. 

ParkFord gold ring

ParkFord - £163

An edgy ring for an edgy woman. ParkFord is a Chicago-based brand specialising in gemstone jewellery made for the modern woman. Their jewellery is full of confidence and energy, exemplified through the gold sunburst ring. Style alongside an all-black or all-white outfit for a sophisticated look that channels high-fashion finesse.

Jewel Tree London red onyx necklace

Jewel Tree London - £145

Jewel Tree London places high ethical standards and innovation above all else. Want jewellery that fits into your busy schedule whilst retaining an a la mode edge? Then this is the designer for you. The vivid colour of the red onyx gemstone is striking and chic. Paired with the very simple and clean lines of the design, this necklace demands attention without feeling overstated.

Agneta Bugyte earrings

Agneta Bugyte - £250

Agneta Bugyte’s creative vision is evident in every single piece of jewellery she makes. Her jewellery is quiet, elegant, and full of magic. We had the pleasure of meeting Agneta at our recent pop-up event. She described the meticulous manner in which she works, demonstrating how attention to detail is paramount for her. Just look at the little specks of gold gleaming on these unusual earrings. You won’t see anyone else wearing a pair of earrings like these, so relish your individuality this season.

Gregory Crawford bracelet

Gregory Crawford Design - £400

Gregory Crawford’s designs are signature to his aesthetic. Intricate, lavish, considered. Investing in a piece of jewellery by Gregory Crawford should be a life goal for any and every jewellery aficionado. His delicate designs are made with the same amount of care and flair put into Faberge eggs. Simply put, his jewellery is breathtaking. This payday, treat yourself to Gregory Crawford’s divine chain bracelet. Featuring a mix of natural gemstones, you won’t want to take this unique piece off your wrist.

ileava Jewellery ring opal

ileava jewelry - £426

There’s an aura of sensitivity surrounding ileava jewelry’s pieces. From the mesmerising, kaleidoscopic gemstones to the romantic brand photography. This jewellery is intended to be worn by those who see beauty in dainty and magical objects. The tear-shaped opal sits effortlessly in a twisted gold band, forming a stunning piece of jewellery that radiates charm.

 Ger Breslin choker

Ger Breslin - £454

In my opinion, every woman should own a lariat necklace. The shape of the lariat necklace is intended to elongate one’s torso, giving the illusion of a slimmer and taller frame. Ger Breslin’s elegant peregrine necklace features a gorgeous turquoise gemstone, enhanced by some masterful silver features. Style with a plunging neckline for a show-stopping look for your next evening out. 

Fran Regan stacked rings

Fran Regan Jewellery - £240

Gold stacking rings are the modern woman’s bread and butter. We don’t always have the time to thoroughly consider our jewellery choices. When I’m in a hurry, I always reach for my gold rings as I’m heading out the door. Even if I have no other accessories, I can rely on my stacked gold rings to elevate my look, adding a casual but considered dash of elegance to my outfit. Fran Regan Jewellery’s stacking rings will be your go-to jewellery pieces this season, so make sure you snap up this quality piece.

Mara Hotung

Mara Hotung - £1,000

Brooches are back. Well, they never went anywhere. But luckily fashion has woken up to recognise the versatility of this staple jewellery item. You can wear a brooch in so many ways - seven in fact! Although I’m sure you style connoisseurs can find more. Mara Hotung’s safety pin brooch is an incredible piece. Using an array of yellow sapphires to transform an everyday item into what will soon be your most prized possession, who wouldn’t want this unique piece?

Isa Bagnoli Ring

Isa Bagnoli - £484

Sometimes, one gemstone isn’t enough - a view shared by Brazilian jewellery designer Isa Bagnoli. This authentic ring features emeralds, pink tourmaline, pyrite and watermelon tourmaline. Doesn’t that sound like a delectable combination? Embrace this vibrant colour palette and make this striking design your payday favourite.