When you’re looking for a men’s wedding band that looks great and won’t break the bank, we bring you some of the very best men’s band from jewellers working across the world. Take a look at our fabulous collection of wedding bands for men for that perfect finishing touch and all under £200.

Titanium & 9k Yellow Gold Inlay 6mm Flat Court-Shape Wedding Ring - Star Wedding Rings £111

Titanium & 9kt Yellow Gold Inlay 6mm Flat Court-Shape Wedding RingTake a look at this beautiful simple but elegant ring, designed by Star Wedding Rings. This ring is hardy with a durable titanium outer layer and with a softer yellow centre, symbolic of the longevity and softness of marriage.

Star Wedding Rings are based in the UK and create beautiful wedding bands to celebrate a couple’s special day. 

This highly original, hard wearing and elegant ring will last and last and give you pleasure every time you catch yourself looking at it on your ring finger. The ring is also just £111, making it affordable as well as stylish.

Titanium & Diamonds 7mm Signet Wedding Ring - Star Wedding Rings £109

Titanium & Diamonds 7mm Signet Wedding RingThis is the kind of ring you’ll want to pass on to your children and your children’s children as you pass this special piece of jewelery down through the family.

Made from titanium, this ring will stand the rigour of life but also includes an element of pure beauty with the seven cut diamonds that form an elegant diagonal across the face of the ring. 

Again made in the UK by Star Wedding Rings, this elegant and stand-out piece is a snip at just £109. You can even have the inside engraved with a message to your loved one should you wish.

Titanium & 9kt Rose Gold Inlay 7mm Diamond Flat Court-Shape Wedding Ring - Star Wedding Rings £111

Take a plain ring and inject it with a little sparkle. On its own the titanium and rose gold create a stunning contrast but add a small but perfectly formed diamond in the centre and you have the perfect wedding band.

This ring is modern and attractive, with a hint of style that just sets it off perfectly. It is handcrafted by Star Wedding Rings and you can opt to have a message engraved around the inside of the band. We love this ring and we love the price starting at just £111.

9kt Yellow Gold D-Shape Wedding Ring - Star Wedding Rings £116

This classic band is timeless. A d-shaped its wide body gently curves in towards a soft edge creating a durable and elegant wedding band, fit for any groom.

This ring is simple, classic and understated for the groom who doesn’t need to say any more than a simple “I love you”. The band is designed by Star Wedding Rings, based in the UK and is the perfect price, starting as low as £116. Visit the website to choose your size today. 

9kt White Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring - Star Wedding Rings £149

What’s not to love about this elegant, yet understated ring. The white gold option is the perfect choice for when you want something different from yellow gold and suits every skin tone. The matt finish of the gold is soft and subtle while the diamonds add a flourish, giving it a unique style all of its very own. 

This ring is perfect for the groom who wants something a little different on his wedding day and is looking to combine the modern with the traditional. It is made by Star Wedding Rings in the UK and available in a wide choice of sizes, starting at just £149. 

Keystone Ring - Xiaohe Shen £137

The Keystone RingThis stunningly designed ring is chunky and tough with its wide body and grooved band. It is inspired by keystone bridges and finished in a beautiful matte silver which complements perfectly the sparkle of the princess-cut diamond that sits across the groove of the ring perfectly creating a wonderful centerpiece.

This ring is designed and handcrafted in America by Xiaohe Shen, a New York design graduate who specialises in creating unusual and eye catching jewellery, perfectly encapsulated in this piece. Prices start from £137.

9kt Yellow Gold Lightweight Oval-Shaped Engraved Signet Wedding Ring - £152

9kt Yellow Gold Lightweight Oval-Shaped Engraved Signet Wedding RingIf you’re not looking for a traditional wedding band then this is for you. This lightweight yellow gold ring is perfectly set off with an area of engraving in a simple but eye catching pattern. You can choose to leave the rest of the face plain or add some initials to really bring a special touch to this wedding band.

This ring is made by Star Wedding Rings and starts at a fabulously affordable £152, making it a great option for when you want style on a budget.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Dark Blue Sodalite Stone Ring - LuvMyJewelry £180

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Dark Blue Sodalite Stone RingAgain taking a step away from the more traditional gold band is this rhodium-plated silver blue pietersite stone with a hammered texture.

It’s nothing if not eye catching with a beautiful blue glimmer to the piece. The ring comes complete with a poem ‘Origin’ written by the founder of the jewelry company who created this ring, LuvMyJewelry. The jewel itself is a beautiful deep blue that reflects the sky and seems to go deep, deep down. It is said to cleanse the spirit and help the wearer let go of negative energy.

Available in custom made sizes, allow two weeks for delivery. Prices start from £180.

Origami Gem Ring - Xiaohe Shen £167

This is the ring for you for when you really want a ring that’s going to keep you fascinated for years to come. It’s unusual design is a real stand out in the collection and is based on the traditional art of paper folding originating from 15th century Japan.

It is made of sterling silver but plated with gold to give it a more traditional colouring. This ring, which starts at £167 is designed by New York designer Xiaohe Shen, who specialises in surprising and beautiful jewelry.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Dark Blue Apatite Stone Ring - LuvMyJewelry £173

This fascinating ring has distinct Egyptian overtones in its design and is set with a stunning and mysterious-looking apatite stone. This cloudy blue stone seems to swirl before your eyes and is encased in sterling silver surround. The stone is believed to bring mental clarity.

Hand crafted by LuvMyJewelery, this piece is available from £173

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