If there is one style of men’s jewellery that will never go out of fashion, it is the beaded bracelet. 

A beaded bracelet can add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit. 

With many different colours and designs to choose from, though, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a beaded bracelet. 

But don’t worry, as we have compiled ten of the best beaded bracelets…

Bronzite Leo Beaded Bracelet - ATOLYESTONE £126.00


This bracelet is created using 925 sterling silver with gold plating. 

The bronzite semi-precious stones add a sleek and stylish touch to this piece of jewellery. 

However, the main part of the bracelet has to be the gold lion, which is a symbol of nobility and bravery. 

It is a symbol that has long been associated with the brand, Atolyestone. Atolyestone are based in London and their jewellery has been inspired by the contrasts in culture between the West and East.

Silver & Grey Stonehenge Bracelet - Tateossian £175.00

Taking centre stage is a single handcrafted silver bead, which is surrounded by round-cut silver spacers and spiderweb jasper beads. 

This is a great statement piece to add to your collection. The Silver & Grey Stonehenge Bracelet is a product of designer Robert Tateossian, who is known for pushing design boundaries with his products.

Ellen Beads Bracelet Turquoise - Buddha To Buddha £345.00

If you are looking to add a bit of colour to your collection, consider this Ellen Beads Bracelet Turquoise by Buddha To Buddha

Buddha To Buddha was established in 1997 while the founder, Batul, was enjoying a meditation break in Asia. All of the jewellery is inspired by the Buddhist way of life. This bracelet, in particular, has a colourful and luxurious look thanks to the three turquoise gemstones. 

Blue Lapis Flatbead Bracelet - GT Collection £126.00

The Blue Lapis Flatbead Bracelet is another piece of jewellery that makes stunning use of the colour blue. However, this bracelet features a much deeper shade of blue. 

Crafted by hand, the drawstring lock means it can easily be adjusted to fit your wrist comfortably. This bracelet has been designed and crafted by designer Lapis Lazuli. His pieces are more than style statements; they have been designed to purify the spirit, mind, and body.

Healing Crackle Agate Bangle - Lucy and Penny £50.00

This unisex bracelet has been designed by Lucy and Penny. 

This bracelet has also been designed to provide healing powers. The crackle agate dissolves stress while also fostering creativity and boosting the immune system.

Plus, the sleek style of the bracelet means that it can be worn with a number of different outfits, from office wear to casual clothing. 

The brand is the brainchild of Kimberley Rowe who collected crystals while she was growing up in California. She taught herself all about gemstones and their healing powers, and she has brought this knowledge to this stylish collection.

The RED TIGER EYE Bracelet Maxi - GT Collection £62.00

Part of the popular GT collection, we are huge fans of this RED TIGER EYE Bracelet Maxi

Not only has it been fully crafted by hand but it is created by one of the most fashion-forward brands in Europe; GT Collection. 

The company, which is based in Slovenia, mixes fashion and culture, as well as using classic materials and striking gemstones to create stunning designs.

Ruthenium Chattering Skull Stack Swarovski Bracelet - Roz Buerhlen £70.00

This bracelet is one of a kind. It manages to balance luxury and elegance with an edginess, making it perfect for any strong and confident man. 

Montana crystals have been used to create this bracelet, which features chattering skulls that have been handcarved. 

This bracelet has been designed and created by Roz Buehrlen, who draws inspiration from many different sources of nature. Roz creates jewellery from her own foundry studio that she built herself as she was fascinated by the casting process. 

Red Carnelian Outrigger Silver and Stone Bracelet - Anchor & Crew £85.00

If you really want to add something striking and eye-catching to your range of jewellery, you are going to struggle to find something brighter than the Red Carnelian Outrigger Silver and Stone Bracelet

This has been created by award-winning brand, Anchor & Crew, who are known for combining modern-minimalist style and British craft manufacturing. 

This bracelet features a secure solid .925 sterling silver flat clasp and hook, triple-layered nylon thread, and 8mm diameter genuine red carnelian stone beads. There are three different bracelet lengths available, ensuring that you will be able to find the right size for you.

Silver, Rose Gold & Blue Stonehenge Bracelet - Tateossian £175.00

This is another striking bracelet that has been created by designer Robert Tateossian. 

This bracelet from his Stonehenge collection has more of a luxe and regal vibe thanks to the incorporation of rose gold. 

If you are someone who dares to be different when it comes to style, you will love this beaded bracelet. 

It features handcrafted silver beads that have round cut rose gold plated spacers and blue sodalite beads surrounding them. The result is an incredible one.

Tiger Eye Flatbead Bracelet - GT Collection £175.00

Finally, we have the Tiger Eye Flatbead Bracelet

There is no denying that the masculine black and striking richness of tiger eye is the perfect combination, as this bracelet shows. It has been handcrafted to provide an elegant piece that adds richness and sophistication to any outfit. 

Plus, tiger eye is powerful in itself, enabling you to see everything while enhancing your connection with your own personal power. 

It fosters self-confidence, softens stubbornness, and improves your insights. This is part of the GT Collection, which was founded by fashion industry expert, Gasper Tratnik.

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