If you are looking to add a dose of elegance and beauty to your jewellery collection, these glass jewellery pieces will certainly do exactly that. 

From beautiful glass earrings to beaded glass necklaces; read on to discover 10 of our finest pieces of glass jewellery.

Murano Glass Bead Love Klimt Earrings - Murano Dream by Claudia Fischer £144

These earrings are unlike any other, featuring a colourful and intricate pattern. They have actually been inspired by the painter Gustav Klimt. If you are familiar with his work, you will certainly see the connection. 

However, you don’t have to be an art expert to recognise that these earrings are a masterpiece. They have been crafted using Murano glass, with white gold leaf insert. 

We have Claudia Fischer to thank for this beautiful creation, which she has created from her base in Germany. 

Glass & Brass Vintage Bohemian Pendant Necklace | Gradation Pink - FUCHSIA £145

If you are looking for a statement necklace, you have found it with this stunning piece that has been designed and handcrafted by Belgian brand FUCHSIA. 

Combining candy colours, this necklace features a chunky gold raw brass chain and 70s Czech vintage buttons. This includes a Czech Bohemian glass button, which has been layered with clear rhinestones. 

You can see the extreme attention to detail and intricacy that has gone into creating this amazing piece. 

Yellow Gold Plated Abstract Halo Bracelet With Clear Glass Stone - Shimmer By Cindy £107

Next, we have this striking bracelet, which features a clear metallic glass stone, which as a champagne CZ halo. This piece of jewellery was crafted using 14kt gold plated sterling silver and it includes a Turkish lock.

It has been designed by Cindy Hock-Lauwers, the founder of Shimmer by Cindy. She believes that jewellery is more than an accessory; it is the story of a woman’s life. We certainly agree!

Bristol Blue Glass Necklace - Small Creations Jewellery £160 

This beautiful necklace features five 3cm drops of Bristol blue glass, which have been set in high-quality 925 sterling silver. 

As you may have guessed, the iridescent necklace has been handmade in Bristol, and it will certainly add some excitement to your jewellery collection. 

You can turn a plain black dress into a striking ensemble with this statement necklace that has been designed and handcrafted for you by Small Creations Jewellery. 

Murano Glass Bead Mountain Flower Necklace - Murano Dream by Claudia Fischer £514  

We love this mountain flower necklace; it has an elegant and peaceful feel to it. The Edelweiss flower has a unique luminosity, which is bound to turn heads. 

You can also unhook the pendant if you wish, meaning you’re essentially going to get two different necklaces for one with this piece. There are also matching earrings available if you want to complete the look. 

Murano glass beads have been used to craft this piece, as well as Swarovski crystals, creating a luxe feel. This is part of the Murano Dream collection by Claudia Fischer. 

Sterling Silver, Cloisonné Enamel, & Melted Glass Ring With Two Pomegranates - Kimili £206 

We can’t stop looking at this amazing ring and admiring the intricate detailing. Pomegranate has been used because it holds a special place in a lot of cultures. Plus, we can’t deny that the use of pomegranate creates an exciting design, which definitely catches the eye.

This ring is part of the Wearable Art collection by KIMILI. You can also get matching earrings to go with this masterpiece. KIMILI are known for taking current fashion trends and turning them into statement, vibrant, and colourful pieces, and this ring is certainly another triumph.  

Centouno Versatile Blue and Steel Glass Bead Necklace - Sunset Yogurt £172 

This is an elegant necklace, which may have a simple design, but it is a very striking one! It has been crafted using steel and blue glass beads. It would look beautiful against a white top, shirt, or dress.

However, you can easily wear it a number of different ways, as it is incredibly versatile despite being so bold and striking.

It has been brought to you by Sunset Yogurt, an amazing Italian brand. We would recommend checking out their other jewellery pieces, as they are just as beautiful! 

Long Glass Pearl Necklace Silver - Alexa K-BRAND £150

Everyone needs a classic pearl necklace, right? This elegant long glass pearl necklace is simply a jewellery box must-have. It has been designed and handcrafted for you by Alexa K-BRAND. 

The Swiss brand is known for its wolf-inspired jewellery and accessories, and we simply love this creation. Plus, the great thing about a necklace like this is that it has achieved that timeless status, meaning it is never going to go out of fashion. 

Rose Gold Plated Three Stone Halo Ring With Black Glass - Shimmer By Cindy £127  

Next, we have another beautiful jewellery piece that is brought to you from Shimmer by Cindy. This rose gold plated ring boasts three mesmerizing black glass stones, which are set in a stunning halo design.

Designer Cindy Hock-Lauwers uses a vibrant selection of metals, textures, and colours to create her pieces, all of which have a story in mind. 

Murano Glass Bead Lovely Red Necklace - Murano Dream by Claudia Fischer £360

Last but not least, it is only right that we end with a beautiful piece of jewellery from Claudia Fischer. After all, she is a massive fan of using Murano glass in her jewellery pieces, and the results are stunning. 

Claudia Fischer is passionate about making colourful and delicate jewellery, and we think that this bracelet is a perfect embodiment of that. It features a vibrant red shade with gold leaf adding a feminine and elegant touch. 

The Murano Dream collection has been inspired by Claudia’s trips to other countries, her homeland, and the beauty of Mother Nature in general.

So there you have it: ten of our favourite pieces of glass jewellery. Which one is your favourite?