JewelStreet supports and champions over 200 independent jewellery designers and makers from around the globe. Keep reading to see 10 of our hottest rose gold rings for women.

Rose Gold is surely the most talked-about precious metal colour of the past 5 years. With its girly nod to silver and gold, rose gold has earned its place as a highly popular choice for jewellery buyers over time. 

A common choice for costume jewellery and engagement rings, we’ve combined 10 of our favourite rose gold rings from


Rose Gold & Diamond Flower of Life Ring | Tiny-Om - Virginie Dreyer £517

Rose Gold & Diamond Flower of Life Ring | Tiny-Om

This beautifully handcrafted 18kt rose gold ring features a subtle, sparkling diamond surrounded by a beautifully unique and delicate flower of life motif - a visual expression of the woven connections of life.  This piece is classic and diverse, yet eye-catching in its design.

The designer, Virginie Dreyer previously worked as a lawyer in Paris before beginning her creative ambitions and founding TinyOm in 2012. Its name came from the ‘Om’ chant and mantra which celebrates liberation, preservation and creation- this brand is known for its spiritual pieces. 


14kt Gold Oval Green Peridot Diamond Classic Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John £388 

14kt Gold Oval Green Peridot Diamond Classic Engagement Ring

Available in Rose Gold, this 14kt ring features a Green Oval Peridot and round brilliant diamonds decorating the band. With a featured floral design, this elegant and chic ring is timeless in its design. 

A lively and eye-catching colour, this is the perfect ring for an engagement, celebration or birthday gift for your loved one. 

This classic piece is brought to you by Master Jewelry by John, based in the centre of the Jewellery district in Los Angeles, USA. Run by John and Sandra, dynamic husband and wife team, they both come with lifelong experience within the industry. 


14kt Rose Gold Stackable Ring With 10 Diamonds - LALI £266 

14kt Rose Gold Stackable Ring With 10 Diamonds


This 14kt rose gold diamond ring comes to you from the LALI signature stackable collection- worn either on its own or as part of a set available from JewelStreet, it can be stacked together to create a unique, bold and elegant look.

LALI Jewels creates luxuriously timeless pieces at affordable prices. A team of brothers - Arun and Adam Bassalali, the brand designs a culmination of a century’s worth of craftsmanship, study and experience.

18kt Rose Gold Morning Star Ring - KRVMER £5,116

18kt Rose Gold Morning Star Ring

Crafted with 18kt rose gold and rubies, this beautiful handmade ring is expertly and lovingly crafted and is sure to be a talking point at a special occasion. If there was ever one gemstone that represents love, it is the ruby- from the Latin word ‘Rubens’ meaning red. 

Located in the heart of the global diamond industry in Antwerp, Belgium, KRVMER’s aim is to offer high-quality bespoke jewellery. It is proud to be a credible and sustainable company. 

9kt Rose Gold Oro Rosa Tondo Ring - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £87

 9kt Rose Gold Oro Rosa Tondo Ring

This simple 9kt rose gold Oro Rosa Tondo ring comes as part of the Filodamore Cupido collection. It represents the bond that exists between people who are truly in love. Its simple design is unique in that engraving is offered, and can be worn as part of a set along with a necklace and bracelet. 

RUBINIA GIOIELLI’s unique handmade jewellery features distinctive colour combinations, and strive to create pieces for unique and stylish people. 

9kt Rose Gold Wish Bone Design - Black Betty Design £243

9kt Rose Gold Wishbone Diamond Ring

This diamond wishbone band is a beautiful accompaniment for your ever-growing ring collection. It is diverse in design and can be worn alone, or, fitting alongside an engagement ring, can be used as an elegant wedding band. 

Rose Gold Cluster Diamond Ring - Black Betty £369

9kt Rose Gold Cluster Diamond Ring

This delicate little beauty could be worn with another ring from the same designer, like the one above. The Rose Gold Cluster Diamond Ring by Black Betty is a small constellation of beautifully bright, white diamonds that lay uniformly on a thin, rose gold band.  

Both of these rings on our list are designed by Cape Town-based jewellery brand, Black Betty, led by Kristin Weixelbaumer. Kristin draws on her inspiration from nature and its imperfect beauty. All of her jewels are ethically sourced and expertly handcrafted to create these one-of-a-kind designs. 

Rose Gold Multi-Gem Ring - London Road Jewellery £295 

Rose Gold Multi-Gem Ring

This stunning 9kt rose gold ring is a part of the Pimlico Collection. Set with 3 brightly coloured cabochon-cut gems- moonstone, peridot and garnet- all rub-over set into a delicate rim. This fun, yet the delicate eye-catching design is sure to be a great staple within your collection. 

London Road Jewellery is led by brother and sister duo, who create highly wearable gem-set fashion jewellery. 

14kt Rose Gold Classic Essential Ring - EL GINDI £353 

14kt Rose Gold Classic Essential Ring

This 14kt Rose Gold Classic Essential Ring is a versatile piece that can shine as a standalone product, or be in the backing for your main piece. This classic beauty is a staple in anybody’s collection.

Germany-based jewellery brand, EL GINDI’s goal is to set to connect beauty with social awareness. All of EL GINDI’S pieces are made from recycled gold to prevent unnecessary overproduction. EL GINDI believes that high-quality gold gives confidence and a powerful, elegant spirit. 

14kt Rose Gold Tourmalinated Quartz Imperfectly Perfect Ring - Cristina Rodriguez £419

14kt Rose Gold Tourmalinated Quartz Imperfectly Perfect Ring

Charmingly named, ‘Imperfectly perfect’ this 14kt rose gold ring is a beautiful addition to our list, as it is quite unique and lovely in many ways. This is the only one available so snap it up quickly! 

Mexico based Cristina Rodriguez’s unique designs are inspired by rare and exotic gemstones. Creating jewellery that has a strong combination of classic design and modern femininity, Cristina wishes to show the world what non-traditional Mexican designs can look like. We think she has been incredibly successful in this. 

With so many options for rose gold rings available, it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10. Which ones are your favourites? 

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