Whether you're going to a wedding, birthday event, or even a business conference, no outfit is complete without a sexy solitaire ring.

Fortunately, with JewelStreet, you're spoiled for choice, with a wide range of hot solitaire rings, perfect for practically any occasion.

Platinum Solitaire Ring - Heidi Vornan £2,911

Platinum Solitaire Ring

This platinum solitaire ring is the brainchild of Heidi Vornan, a Finnish designer who takes her inspiration from the classic age of the jewellery. The solitaire ring features a platinum, non-corrosive band and a beautiful radiant-cut diamond on the centre.

The ring's appeal is its simplicity. It is a celebration of materials and the perfect accessory for elegant dresses.

Heidi Vornan is famous for her "edgy, rock-and-roll creations," but she tames her usual extravagance with this piece. Her sexy solitaire ring is for the woman who doesn't want to flaunt it all, but hold something back and retain a sense of mystery.

Vornan is known in Finland as the "Queen of Metal," and has been featured in numerous worldwide publications, including Vogue and Tatler.

Entwine Solitaire Ring In Gold With Diamond - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £1,490

Entwine Solitaire Ring In Gold With Diamond

The Entwine Solitaire Ring in Gold with Diamond features an unusual swirl-mounted stone, complete with black-lacquer embellishment. The ring has no straight edges at all and is designed to complement more formal wedding and engagement rings worn on the same finger. Because the maker, Elinor Cambray Jewellery, makes all of the items in its collection by hand, each ring is slightly different.

The colour of the metal and stone can vary from one product to the next. The London Assay Office hallmarks all Elinor's items.

Elinor Cambray bases her operation in the city of Salisbury in South-West England. There she takes advantage of recycled materials and ethical gemstones to create sustainable pieces that will last a lifetime.

Rose Opal Solitaire Ring - Rosey West £187

Rose Opal Solitaire Ring

Rosey West's Rose Opal Solitaire Ring combines a pale pink opal stone with a thin gold band designed to evoke beauty, innocence and availability. The gemstone itself is sourced specially from mines in Peru, one of the only places in the world where opals have this distinct bubblegum-pink appearance. This piece of jewellery is the kind of accessory that you can wear with practically any outfit, no matter what the occasion.

Rosey West was founded by jewellery designer Michael Dobkin and is popular among creative, modern women. The design philosophy of the brand is to create jewellery items that have personal meaning to the wearer.

As the brand's rose gold opal solitaire ring shows, it embraces minimalism in its search for designs that can stand the test of time.

18kt White Gold Sephia Ring With Diamond Rose - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £1,416

If you are looking for an elegant ring, then this 18kt White Gold Sephia Ring by Lesunja Fine Jewellery is a perfect choice.

It features an eye-catching central diamond, adorned with gold. This unique piece of designer jewellery is inspired by and moulded from natural structures in the ocean, creating a one of a kind texture and a ring full of character. 

Lesunja Fine Jewellery creates wearable art made from gold, adorned with gemstones and beautiful diamonds. Regularly seen at New York Fashion Week, Lesunja combines traditional Swiss craftsmanship with today’s cutting-edge technology.

Dew Drop Rosecut Diamond Solitaire Ring - Rosey West £2,992

Dew Drop Rosecut Diamond Solitaire Ring

The Dew Drop Rosecut Diamond Solitaire Ring is one of the sexiest and freshest rings in the JewelStreet collection. This solitaire ring features a central stone with a triple-prong setting, and a unique 14kt band studded with pave diamonds, embedded into the metal in a "starry night" pattern.

The Dew Drop Rosecut Diamond Solitaire Ring is again evocative of Rosey West's commitment to minimalist, timeless styles.

Rose Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring - Marcello Riccio £2,650

Rose Gold & Diamond Solitaire Ring

This spectacular ring by Marcello Riccio takes the unusual step of encrusting the band along its entire length with diamonds, wrapping around the loop for the full 360-degree effect. The large central diamond is flanked by smaller stones in a circular design, with warm rose gold accents that juxtapose the icy coldness of the diamonds.

Marcello Riccio has been handcrafting jewellery for more than forty years in the heart of London. This latest creation is a tour de force - the culmination of the skill and experience the brand has built over the years.

All of the company's solitaire rings are handcrafted and made to order.

Rhodium Plated Silver Solitaire Rose Quartz Ring - Olivia Leone £40

Rhodium Plated Silver Solitaire Rose Quartz Ring

If you want a ring that will go well with all your sexiest summer outfits, then the rhodium plated silver solitaire rose quartz ring is the one for you. Not only is it stunningly pretty, but it is also made of long-lasting Sterling silver, meaning that it is a piece that will be with you for life.

The ring is the creation of Olivia Leone, a member of a long line of US-based jewellers. Olivia's studio is famed for the passion and creativity it puts into all its pieces.

Gemondo 9kt Yellow Gold Honeycomb Inspired Garnet Solitaire Ring - Gemondo Jewellery £140

Designed and handcrafted by Gemondo Jewellery, this Garnet Solitaire ring comes is also ideal as an engagement ring. It features a gorgeous round-cut Mozambique garnet gemstone in a honeycomb inspired hexagon setting. 

Gemondo is a UK-based jewellery brand which brings to life authentic, colourful gemstones within precious gold and sterling silver silhouettes. Gemondo offers beautiful ranges of fine and fashion jewellery to suit the modern woman.

14kt Gold Solitaire Natural Pear Aquamarine Bead Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry by John £530

14kt Gold Solitaire Natural Pear Aquamarine Bead Engagement Ring

Created by Master Jewelry by John, this elegant ring features a large pear aquamarine, framed by beautiful 14kt white gold beads. The band features set diamonds which run along its entire length.

Master Jewelry is run by husband and wife team, John and Sandra. The pair, based in Los Angeles, specialise in creating affordable items imbued with professional style motifs. This ring is ideal for weddings and anniversaries, as well as engagements.

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring - Marcello Riccio £2,150

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

Marcello Riccio is back, and this time with one of the sexiest rings in the collection - the black diamond solitaire ring. This solitaire ring features several options that allow you to choose the size of the black diamond (and the quality), depending on your budget.

Each black diamond solitaire ring is handmade to order by the brand's jewel smiths, based in London. The brand also provides custom engraving services.

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