Pandora style charm bracelets hold a lasting appeal and it’s not hard to see why. A good charm bracelet is incredibly versatile and can be worn as part of your everyday attire, while also not feeling out of place when you want to dress up a little more and add an accessory that brings an outfit together.

We’ve selected 10 of the very best Pandora style charm bracelets for women available today on JewelStreet, and you can find out all about them below.

9kt White Gold Embrasure Bracelet - Red Cloud Jewels £325

This 9kt white gold embrasure bracelet is simple yet stunning. 

The bracelet takes inspiration from gothic style architecture and uses a beautiful gothic charm at its centre. 

If you’re looking for something understated yet charming, this bracelet could be just what you’re looking for. 

It’s made by Red Cloud Jewels, which is a respected Australian jewellery design company led by designer Wayne Doyle. Wayne’s pieces are bold and beautiful and his work is admired around the world.

Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Daffodil Flower Bracelet - Banyan Jewellery £69

This handmade bracelet makes use of seven daffodil flowers, joined together on a silver-plated bracelet. 

The floral links add an extra depth and style to the piece and looks great with other floral elements. The charms themselves are beautifully crafted using gold. 

The bracelet is designed by Banyan Jewellery, a company that creates affordable collections using silver and precious metals and gemstones.

Luv Me Blue Howlite Adjustable Heart Bracelet - LuvMyJewelry £191

This adjustable Luv Me Blue howlite heart bracelet has a beautiful design and makes use of the blue howlite stones in the most wonderful way, and it makes the perfect gift for the person you love most in life. 

The blue stone in the middle is heart-shaped and the two metal hearts either side of it are engraved with I and U. 

The designer of this piece is LuvMyJewelry, a company that makes high-end artisanal pieces in a handmade made-to-order way.

Silver Charm Bracelet - Roz Buehrlen £90

This charm bracelet uses rhodium-plated brass and silver to create a stunning design. 

There are a total of five charms on the bracelet, including a ship, a rose, an anchor and a bird. 

It’s elegant and simple and the kind of special piece that you can bring out and wear on special occasions. 

Made by talented jewellery designer Roz Buehrlen the bracelet is a part of Ros’ Beachcomber collection. This collection is inspired by the sea and nature.

Yellow Gold Plated Personalised Disc Charm Bracelet - Deborah Blythe £105

This yellow gold plated personalised disc charm bracelet is very simple and understated, but beautiful and stylish at the same time. 

The link chain is fully adjustable and the whole thing is highly polished. The disc itself is tactile and can be engraved with a personal message, making it ideal for gifts and marking special occasions. 

This bracelet is designed by Deborah Blyth, a designer known for creating contemporary jewellery that puts a spin on classic styles.

Sterling Silver Floral Lotus Bracelet - Kate Dumbleton £139

This charm bracelet has a floral theme, with the lotus charm being the most obvious and recognisable aspect of the piece. 

It makes use of pearl detailing and small hearts to create a bracelet that is simple yet detailed, and entirely beautiful. 

It can be adjusted in a way that suits the wearer best and is versatile enough to be worn in a variety of ways. Designed by Kate Dumbleton who has been creating unique jewellery for the past two decades.

Rhodium Plated Turquoise Butterfly Bracelet - Soul2Seven £146

The main motif on this rhodium-plated turquoise bracelet is the butterfly. It’s there to symbolise transformation and the joy of the soul, as well as personal development. 

The beautiful turquoise butterfly is held in place by a rhodium-plated silver bracelet. The links are very simple and elegant and the butterfly brings it all together wonderfully. 

It’s designed by the Turkish jewellery brand Soul2Seven. The company is based in Istanbul and crafts all of their pieces by hand.

Tourmaline & Tanzanite Orchid Bracelet - Dexter Augustus £210

This tourmaline & tanzanite orchid bracelet uses a dropped charm that hangs from the bracelet. This charm comes in the form of an orchid flower set with two small gems. 

There are also stones incorporated into the bracelet chain itself. It’s available in a range of metal types, all of which result in a charm bracelet that’s pretty and elegant. 

The bracelet was designed by Dexter Augustus, a designer who makes use of ancient Egyptian styles and icons. He creates his jewellery pieces using the latest technology.

9kt Rose Gold Starry Night Bracelet - Black Betty Design £375

The starry night theme of this 9kt rose gold bracelet is executed to perfection. It’s another simple and elegant bracelet, but the three charms, two stars and a moon, work wonderfully together. 

They have a unique and slightly off-kilter style that emphasises the unique yet understated styling of the piece. The rose gold works wonderfully with the theme as well. 

This piece was designed by Black Betty, a brand based in Cape Town and led by Kristin Weixelbaumer. Kristin loves imperfect beauty and incorporates that idea into her work.

Sunshine Twist Turquoise Charms Bracelet - LuvMyJewelry £368

This sunshine twist turquoise charms bracelet sticks to a two-colour scheme, with its charms alternatives between gold and a deep, vibrant blue. 

It results in a striking and beautiful charm bracelet that’s impossible to ignore. It looks great and uses sterling silver alongside 14kt yellow gold. 

The design was created by LuvMyJewellery, a company specialising in high-end artisanal designs.

If you’re looking to buy a new Pandora style charm bracelet, don’t hesitate to take a look at the wide selection on JewelStreet. You’ll find the 10 pieces listed and discussed here, as well as many others that might take your fancy. If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help.

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