Aquamarine is derived from a Latin term that means “water of the sea.” That’s fitting for the stone, as its crystal-clear appeal evokes calm and tranquil vibes that can make you feel more peaceful just looking at a piece of jewellery with an aquamarine stone. 

It’s also the birthstone for those born in March, so aquamarine jewellery makes a perfect gift for anyone with a March birthday or anyone who loves the look of the stone and everything it represents. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 beautiful pieces of aquamarine jewellery to give as gifts (or to get for yourself!). 

Aquamarine Stud Earrings - XISSJEWELLERY £48

Earrings never go out of style as a simple-yet-sophisticated gift option, and these earrings are no exception. They represent happiness and courage and are subtle enough that you can wear them every day with almost any outfit. The aquamarine stone will add just a touch of colour to your look, so you can play around with different patterns, colours, and motifs with your daily wardrobe. 

These earrings are designed by XissJewellery/Kathleen Markwick. She focuses on contemporary pieces with a relaxed and casual style so her pieces can be worn for almost any occasion by anyone. 

Aquamarine Charm Bracelet - LJD Designs £1,548

If the person with a March birthday in your life also fully embraces their ‘of the sea’ nature, this aquamarine charm bracelet will be perfect for them. It features beautiful aquamarine gemstones held together by an 18k gold chain link, and finely-detailed charms that reflect the mystery and unspeakable beauty of the sea. It’s a unique piece that is sure to get attention whenever it’s worn, and it’s a great conversation starter. 

Laura Jackowski Dickson is the chief designer at LJD Designs, and she drew inspiration for this piece directly from the flowing waters and beautiful colours, animals, and unbelievable sights of the ocean. Anyone who wears it will undoubtedly feel just a little bit closer to the sea. 

Aquamarine Macrame Bracelet - ATOLYESTONE £235

This macrame bracelet will add a touch of Boho-chic to any outfit, and it can be dressed up or down to be worn every day. It brings together a unique blend of aquamarine semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia diamonds, all connected with macrame dots for an interesting design that will be impossible to stop staring at. 

London-based ATOLYESTONE is the designer behind this unique bracelet. They harbour influence from a blend of Asian and European cultures, coming together in the tradition-rich country of Istanbul. The result is a totally original approach to bead and charm bracelets, blending intricate designs with modern gold and silver mounting techniques. 

Aquamarine and White Gold Necklace - Julia Lloyd George £1,890

It’s not every necklace that can be worn with both everyday, casual outfits and dressier options for a night on the town. But, this aquamarine and white gold necklace looks great no matter what you pair it with. The aquamarine gemstones provide a beautiful contrast to the traditional white gold surrounding their cushion shape. Because the necklace itself is so sophisticatedly-simple, it gives the stones the opportunity to be the real focal point of the piece. 

London-based designer Julia Lloyd George is the creative genius behind this piece, and with over 30 years of experience, it’s no wonder this necklace has such simple sophistication. Julia creates vibrant jewellery that quickly turns into modern classics with bold lines and striking pieces that draw attention. This necklace is no exception. 

White Gold Aquamarine Ring - Julie Lloyd George £730

We simply had to include another piece by Julia Lloyd George on this list, because it’s impossible to ignore the striking beauty of this white gold aquamarine ring. You can either pair it with George’s necklace (listed above), or wear it on its own as a beautiful statement piece that shows off the classic gemstone in a bold way. The ring can be worn at any time with any style. You’ll love looking down at the subtle pale blue hue, set perfectly inside the 9kt framework. 

This piece, too, speaks to Julia Lloyd George’s take on striking lines and bold statements. This ring will certainly stand the test of time and become a classic with a current and modern flair.

18kt White Gold Ring With Aquamarine & 36 Diamonds - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £15,401

The description of this ring might be a mouthful, but one look at it and you’ll understand why. It’s a luxury piece with clear sparkling diamonds and a centre gemstone that will instantly draw attention and cause jaws to drop with the way it shines. This icy ring makes a perfect gift for someone special in your life with a March birthday, and it can even be used as an engagement ring to showcase your love for years to come. 

Designed by Lesunja Fine Jewellery, this piece fits their traditional style of mixing modern techniques with classic Swiss craftsmanship. It’s no wonder Lesunja is regularly seen at New York’s Fashion Week with their elegant and striking fine jewellery.

Blossom Birthstone Yellow Gold Aquamarine Pendant - London Road Jewellery £195

A special piece of aquamarine jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank to stand out. This yellow gold aquamarine pendant proves that. 

This is part of the Blossom Birthstone collection, designed by London Road Jewellery to connect with the wearer on a personal level. This simple statement piece showcases a lovely aquamarine gemstone in the centre of an open flower, making it the perfect necklace to wear every day as a showcase of your personality, or as a conversation starter. 

London Road Jewellery was started by a brother and sister team dedicated to crafting high-quality jewellery using modern techniques and traditional handcrafting elements. Their jewellery is inspired by renowned areas around London. 

Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire & Aquamarine Kiss Hug Bangle Bracelet - Jenny Gordon Goldsmith £1,500

What better way to show someone you love them than with a kiss and a hug...and a beautiful bangle? 

This handcrafted sterling silver bangle by Jenny Gordon Goldsmith makes for the perfect gift for any March birthday or anyone who appreciates the beauty of aquamarine gemstones. It features 15 round stones as “kisses,” in-between silver X-designs for “hugs.” It can be dressed up or down for daily wear, or used as a special occasion piece to wear around the person you love most. 

Jenny Gordon Goldsmith is based in Northern Ireland and creates bold and bright jewellery using a specific vitreous enamelling process. It’s easy to see how creative her pieces can be when you take one look at the clever idea behind this particular bracelet. 

Rhodium Plated Silver Milky Aquamarine Ring - Olivia Leone £54

One of the best things about aquamarine is that depending on how it’s styled, it can either be sophisticated and classy or fun and whimsical. This rhodium-plated silver milky aquamarine ring manages to combine all of those aspects into one beautiful and charming piece that can be worn every day. 

This ring comes from designer Olivia Leone, who has been around jewellery design her entire life. Leone creates pieces that are creative and luxurious, with a focus on her love for aesthetics. You can see that creativity as it comes to life in this unique ring. 

Four Stand Aquamarine and Peridot Bead Bracelet - Julia Lloyd George £3,030

This is another brilliant piece by Julia Lloyd George that rounds out our list due to its colourful touch that offers a unique take on the aquamarine gemstone. George really blends her love of nature, colour, and a twist of modern style within this bracelet to create something sophisticated enough for special occasions, but casual enough to wear each day. 

The bracelet itself features four strands of beads with aquamarine and peridot threaded throughout. It’s clasped together with an 18kt yellow gold clasp and an aquamarine cabochon for a rustic look that fits today’s modern style. 

The Perfect March Birthday Gift - Any Time of Year!

Whether you’re a “March baby” who has always wanted a piece of aquamarine jewellery for yourself, or you’re looking for a gift for someone else, we hope some of these beautiful pieces, each by unique designers, have inspired you to try something new and different when it comes to your selection.