Your body is a temple. But it’s also both a canvas and a gallery. Whatever your body type, size and shape, you wear it with pride. You decorate and adorn it in ways that draw the eye and inspire admiration in your friends. There are many ways in which your body can be used to turn heads from the clothes you wear to the art you etch indelibly into the skin to the piercings which house exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Body jewellery is a fantastic way to accentuate the finer points of your wardrobe, draw the eye towards the parts you’re proud of and away from the parts you’re not (we all have them). But, of course, you wouldn’t adorn your body with just any old jewellery. It has to be the finest work from the most inspired designers at a price that won’t decimate your budget. 

At JewelStreet, we champion over 200 independent jewellery designers from all around the world to get a fair deal for the designer, and a great deal for the customer by cutting out the middle-man. We provide the opportunity to buy a range of unique exquisitely designed and handcrafted body jewellery direct from the designer. 

And with prices starting at just £25, you can be sure of a great deal no matter what you buy.

Small Scarab Body Chain - Conges £5,498

Small Scarab Body ChainThe scarab is a beautiful and iridescent beetle that symbolises resurrection and transformation in Ancient Egyptian culture. However, this humbly beautiful bug also represents protection and was often considered as a protective talisman. LA-based design brand Conges has repurposed the scarab to create this wonderful one-of-a-kind body chain made from solid 24kt yellow gold with all paved white diamonds on an Italian diamond cut chain.

Conges was founded by designer Jasmine Penna whose work draws inspiration from ancient artefacts and philosophies so it’s not unsurprising to see the scarab here. Her motto is “think free, be free” and her jewellery is designed to elevate its wearers beyond the quotidian, helping them to feel confident and empowered.

Scarab Body Chain with Rubies - Conges £5,131

Scarab Body Chain With RubiesThis variation on Conges’ totemic scarab is adorned with rubies for the extra wow factor. Elegant and expressive, ancient yet contemporary, this is a beautiful piece of body jewellery which you can wear anywhere and feel like a goddess. This chain has all the aesthetic benefits of the original scarab but the rubies lend it that little bit of extra sparkle.

In line with Conges’ philosophy, this body chain is designed to give you confidence and empowerment, helping you to shed your worries and insecurities. 

Large Scarab Body Chain - Conges £9,086

Large Scarab Body ChainGo large or go home! The iridescent scarab on this body chain is even bigger so you can guarantee that heads will turn when you walk into the room. The chain is designed to cling to the contours of your body and the chain is fully adjustable for a perfect fit every time.

Sterling Silver Restrain Y Necklace - AKA Jewellery £385

Sterling Silver Restrain Y NecklaceThe beauty in this necklace is in its simplicity. The sterling silver necklace is part of the Restrain collection and is designed to slide elegantly down the body to create a starkly beautiful shape that highlights, accentuates and flatters.

Brooklyn based AKA Jewellery is founded by designer Ausra Bankauskaite whose work borrows heavily from fine art to create pieces that clatter even as they challenge, creating shapes and patterns harmonious with the body’s natural curves.

Sterling Silver Restrain Choker - AKA Jewellery £385

Sterling Silver Restrain ChokerStarkly beautiful and subtly erotic, this sterling silver choker is designed with the starkly minimalist principles of the Restrain collection in mind. The solid unadorned choker band is combined with a simple chain which trails down the body, its stark line accentuating the body’s definite curves. 

A perfect representation of the AKA brand’s blurring of the lines between jewellery and fine art.

Sterling Silver Restrain Minimalistic Cuff - AKA Jewellery £462

Sterling Silver Restrain Minimalistic CuffAnother entry in the Restrain line, we can’t resist the spartan beauty of this sterling silver cuff which has a stark yet elegant, powerful yet feminine allure. The solid cuff has a screw fit for a look that totally encapsulates the goals of the Restrain line and the AKA brand. 

This piece can also be engraved with a maximum of 10 characters.

Spirit Soul Body Ring - Conges £2,125

Spirit Soul Body RingIt doesn’t take a big piece to make a big statement. This Spirit Soul Body Ring by LA Based jewellery house Conges is designed to draw the eye and nourish the soul. It has two great quality morganites and an ametrine drawn together by solid 14kt rose gold.

Conges was founded by designer Jasmine Penna, who was inspired to make jewellery that helps its wearers feel the kind of stress-free serenity they enjoy on holiday no matter where they are.

Moroc Square Medallion Necklace - Hazel NY £3,041

Moroc Square Medallion NecklaceDrawing its power and beauty directly from our mother Earth, this stunning Moroc Square Medallion Necklace drapes elegantly along the neckline and delicately traces the back and chest for a fierce and fabulous look. The textured double-sided Maroc squares are cast in 18kt yellow gold and hand-polished to a satin finish before bound together by a yellow gold chain.

New York-based designer crafts statement pieces inspired by the elements to create bold and beautiful looks. 

18kt Yellow Gold Bird of Paradise Opal Brooch - Mara Hotung £2,500

Bird of Paradise Opal Brooch 18kt Yellow GoldBring a beautiful burst of colour to any outfit with this beautiful brooch which stunningly renders the plumage of a bird of paradise in opals set in 18kt yellow gold. Emerald cabochon, tsavorite garnets and white sapphires help to round out the aesthetic to create a truly eye-catching brooch that celebrates the fact that there’s no better designer than mother nature.

Mara Hotung is a prestigious designer and trained gemologist whose work is characterised by the interplay of precious stones and metals.

Rhodium Plated Waterfall Necklace - Lucy Quartermaine £500

Rhodium Plated Waterfall NecklaceAn elegant statement piece that’s sure to draw admiring glances, this rhodium-plated necklace represents the power and grace of the waterfall inspired by the falls of the Lake District which designer Lucy Quartermaine calls home.

Lucy’s passion and quirky contemporary style have seen her work featured in many prestigious publications from Vogue to Cosmopolitan. She has won a number of awards including Jewellery Designer of the Year at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

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