Sterling Silver Timeless Vintage Earrings With Cubic Zirconia - Shimmer by Cindy £72


Fancy a timeless set of earrings to wear on the big day? Because this set is a stunner!

The Cubic Zirconia ensures they sparkle at all times, and ensure you’re looking beautiful. Priced at £72, these earrings are a part of the Shimmer by Cindy set.

Designed by Cindy Hock-Lauwers, they’re made with a woman in mind. Someone who wants to make a statement of their lifetime, because to Cindy, jewellery isn’t just an accessory. Jewellery exists to complement a woman’s experience and beauty, making her designs perfect for a bridal occasion. 

Ruby Crystal and Silver Bracelet - Chelsea Charles £83


Want a perfect piece of jewellery to help make a statement on your big day? Well, look no further than this Ruby studded, sterling silver bracelet.

The beads themselves can be moved, to help you count all kinds of vice and virtues, and would make for a wonderful gift for a person on their big day. 
Designed by Chelsea Charles, priced at £83, this bracelet is made for those who are both health and style conscious. It’s a bracelet designed to act as a journal, for anyone going through an important part of their lifetime. 

Rhodium Plated Abstract Halo Bracelet With White CZ Stone - Shimmer by Cindy £114


This bracelet is metallic in nature, with white highlights, and features a Turkish lock for that extra special bit of something.

Sterling silver, with rhodium plating, you can be sure this bracelet will last you a very long time, no matter how much you like to wear it. 

Designed by Cindy Hock-Lauwers, this piece of jewellery is made with a bride in mind. It’s an exquisite combination of style and taste, with colours to suit all temperaments, and at only £115, it’s perfectly affordable for that wedding day budget too! 

14kt Gold Filled Single Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings - JEAN JOAILLERIE £128


Freshwater pearls are naturally stunning, but when combined with earrings, they’re perfect for catching the eye on your wedding day. 

The pearls will naturally vary, ensuring you get a unique piece every time. 

Designed and made by JEAN JOAILLERIE, who has been featured in many designer and luxury magazines over the years, these earrings are designed to be a statement piece perfect for the big day at only £128.

Based in the cultural centre of Miami, you can be sure these earrings are both luxury and contemporary enough for any prospective bride. 

Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Blue Agate Earrings - Marcello Riccio £140


In the shape of a hoop, combining yellow gold and blue agate, these earrings are wonderful for anyone who wants a hint of colour but a refined subtlety for their big day. They’re personalised to suit you! 

Designed by Marcello Riccio in the heart of London, these earrings are handmade for each and every customer at £140 each.

They’re crafted by goldsmiths with over 40 years of experience in the field, so you can be sure a bespoke item like this would be a perfect pop of sophistication on your wedding day. 

Sterling Silver Triangulum Red Crystal Earrings - MANIA Jewels £145


Handcrafted with a brilliant pop of colour, for £143, you could own a set of earrings that would really sparkle and shine on your wedding day.

Red is the colour of love and passion, and would really catch the eye when walking down the aisle with you! 

MANIA Jewels works out of Finland, and incorporates traditional Scandinavian elements of jewellery design into each of its pieces.

Niina Karlsson, the mind behind each of the designs, wraps classical Hollywood glamour and twists of Scandinavian culture into all of her jewellery. Perfect for making a statement! 

9kt Rose Gold Oro Rosa Stellina Bracelet - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £180


Want to specifically commemorate your wedding? This bracelet is made with love in mind - its design clear and special: to simulate the loving and unbreakable yet versatile bond two people in love can have between them.

A bracelet is a natural symbol of union, and when it’s cast in gold and silver, it’s made perfect for a wedding day like yours.

Designed by RUBINIA GIOIELLI, this is a unique and quality piece that’s made for special occasions in mind. Want to look totally original on your big day? For only £180, you can! 

Diamond Dangle Ring - Laura Adele Jewellery from £145


This ring is gold in colour, with a diamond charm delicately hanging off of the edge.

It’s a simple piece of jewellery, yet striking in its manner. For only a £145 starting price, this would be perfect. 

Designed by Laura Vanderslott for her brand Laura Adele, this ring is for the modern woman. It has a hint of all the styles and cultural mixes of London, to ensure there’s a delicate sense to the ring, without any of the fragility or over the top femininity an independent kind of bride just wouldn’t want on her big day.  

Gold Plated Timeless Cuff Bracelet With Cubic Zirconia - Shimmer By Cindy £196

A brass cuff with rhodium plating and Cubic Zirconia, there’s also a variety of colours, depending on what you need to match with on your wedding day.

A sense of glamour will be present for as long as you wear this bracelet! 

Another classical piece by Shimmer by Cindy, this is a cuff that’ll ensure you’re looking silver and chrome on your big day, presenting the perfect picture of a bride that you’ve always wanted to capture. Priced at £196, you can be sure this is a timeless piece that’ll go the distance. 

9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Mini Necklace - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £530


A tangle of twists, made to act as a symbol of the wearer’s past, this necklace is made for emotions, and presents them totally uniquely. 

Made by RUBINIA GIOIELLI, this necklace is handmade to be as stylish and unique as possible.

Everyone who wears a necklace like this is going to have something different and personal to them around their necks, ensuring that you’re looking like a special bride on your big day.

Priced at £524, you can be sure this is a luxury piece of jewellery that’ll help your wedding to shine.

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