India is a country with a rich cultural heritage, centuries of artwork and design, and a unique approach to style and fashion. Indian styles are popular around the world, with loads of people choosing to take on their look.

Of course, though, it isn’t always easy to know what you’re looking for when you’re trying to add a little touch of exotic culture to your outfit.

We’re going to explore 10 of the best pieces of Indian jewellery on Jewel Street, giving you the chance to inspire yourself, while also exploring the different design ideas and options from this part of the world.

18kt Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Earrings - Kaizarin £1,250

18kt Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond EarringsA handcrafted pair of 18kt yellow gold earrings with large emeralds as the centerpiece, and smaller diamonds surrounding it, this set is a stunning representation of Indian jewellery. This timeless design will never go out of fashion.

Kaizarin Kalifa spent a large part of her life designing jewellery which captured the cultures of countries from the East to the West. The attention to detail in her pieces is staggering, embodying the places most important to her.

Rambagh Peacock Fan Emerald and Diamond Bridal Earrings - Kaizarin £1,000

Rambagh Peacock Fan Emerald and Diamond Bridal EarringsRambagh Palace can be found in India, and these earrings are named after the famous peacocks which roam its grounds. Featuring a leaf-shaped bases, this set is covered in diamonds, with four emeralds which bring it altogether. While they are designed for weddings, they can be worn for just about any event.

KASTUR Jewels was founded by a Kenyan of Indian descent who was looking to capture their heritage in their jewellery design. All of their work is made using gemstones and will be hand crafted by artisan jewelers.

Dragonfly Necklace With Amethyst - Arra by Aradhana £46

Dragonfly Necklace With AmethystFew things represent a place like jewellery made there. This dragonfly necklace was designed and made in India, and features a design which wouldn’t look out of place at a range of traditional Indian events. Featuring dragonfly shaped pendants and small amethysts, this is a delicate beauty.

Arra By Aradhana was founded in 2014 and specialises in pieces which show off the beauty of gemstones. Thanks to their Indian heritage, you can find a touch of culture in each of their pieces.

Diamond Bar Necklace With Rose Cut Diamonds - RI NOOR £1,392

Diamond Bar Necklace With Rose Cut DiamondsDesigned to emulate traditional Indian wall hangings, this is a bold design which will be instantly recognisable by a lot of people. With a row of diamonds set into a solid 18kt white gold bar, there are few options on the market as stunning as this piece.

Ri Noor jewellery creates handmade pieces which feature unparalleled attention to detail. Each stone is set in a purpose made setting, ensuring a perfect fit which makes the piece look truly stunning.

Rose Gold Creation Oval Ring - Murkani Jewellery £103

Rose Gold Creation Oval RingWhile this is a simple ring, huge amounts of thought and attention have gone into its design. Inspired by jewellery from Morocco, Turkey, and India, the team behind this piece have managed to capture these cultures in an elegantly minimal piece.

Murkani Jewellery began to form when it’s founder first started making clay jewellery for local stores at the age of 16. Each of their pieces is lovingly handcrafted, with all of the designs coming from the same person.

1562 ‘Jodha Bai’ 22kt Gold Natural Diamond and Emerald Stud Earrings - Kastur Jewels £1,500

1562 ‘Jodha Bai’ 22kt Gold Natural Diamond and Emerald Stud Earrings (round)Inspired by Jodha Bai, a Hindu Rajput princess who came into power in 1562, these earrings embody the grace and beauty of this legendary figure. Featuring 22kt yellow gold, natural diamonds, and bright emeralds, these are a large pair of studs which will be impossible to ignore.

We’ve spoken about KASTUR Jewels above, but you can also learn more about this popular design house on our website.

White Opal Drop Leaf Earrings - Kastur Jewels £95

White Opal Drop Leaf EarringsA gorgeous pair of earrings feature leaf designs and opal inlays. These earrings are inspired by the forest Ranthambore of Northern Rajasthan, India, and have been made to capture the beauty of this place.

We’ve spoken about KASTUR Jewels above, but you can also learn more about this popular design house on our website.

Mini Gold Earring Pips - Roz Buehrlen £30

Mini Gold Earring PipsWhile small and discreet, there is nothing boring about these studs. Made with an 18kt gold plate, the faces of each stud are enameled with colourful flecks. The inspiration for these pieces is nature.

Roz Buehrlen spent much of her childhood visiting places like India. With a long history in this part of the world, she works to capture the cultural experiences she’s had in the jewellery she makes.

18kt Rose Gold Raga Necklace - DreamChoice Jewelry £1,911

18kt Rose Gold Raga NecklaceThis necklace was inspired by traditional classical Indian music, also known as Raga. With 80 diamonds, 18kt rose gold, and a large tanzanite stone, this piece is extremely eye catching, and won’t be able to slip past anyone’s attention.

The designer of this piece, Swapna Pinnamaneni, has won numerous awards, and has a long history of creating pieces which are inspired by Indian culture. All of their designs are authentic and intricate.

18kt Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Circle Of Life Geometric Round Earrings - Amyn The Jeweler £6,499

18kt Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Circle Of Life Geometric Round EarringsThis set of earrings are made from 18kt yellow gold, featuring emeralds and diamonds to finish them off. While they don’t depict a common Indian symbol, they are designed by a traditional Indian jeweler, and follow the design concepts which are associated with this part of the world.

Amyn Rahimtoola represents the fourth generation of jewelers in his family, with a heritage going back for decades. He began to pursue his own love of jewellery back in 1980, and has created some of the world’s favourite designs since.

India is a beautiful country, filled with interesting design and style ideas, and loads of jewellery businesses to choose from. Here at Jewel Street, we have a wide range of options for those interested in pieces from this part of the world, and are excited to offer one of the largest collections in the UK. Take a look at our style guides if you want to learn more about Indian jewellery.

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