Pink diamonds are among the most beautiful gemstones in the world and naturally highly desirable. 

Here we’re going to show you 10 pink diamond rings currently available on 

18kt White Gold Pink Diamond Ring l - Ortaea Fine Jewellery £4,428

This 18kt Gold Pink Diamond ring is one of three similar pieces from the Ortaea Fine Jewellery Bridal Collection.

This particular example features a tear-drop shaped crown with blueish-pink diamonds in the centre, surrounded by dozens of regular white diamonds. 

Ortaea Fine Jewellery markets this as the perfect wedding or engagement ring, and it is not difficult to see why. The stunning, elegant shape of the ring, combined with the use of usual types of diamonds makes this a piece that will stand the test of time. 

The word Ortaea comes from a combination of the Greek word “Gaea” - meaning creation - and the Latin word “ortus” - meaning new beginnings. 

The brand, headed by master jeweller Mita, has been creating luxury pieces for more than fifteen years and celebrates concepts such as structure and flow. 

18kt Rose Gold EyeOnYou Ring With Green & Pink Diamonds - Joke Quick £6,763


For those looking for something a little more experimental, this beautiful 18kt rose gold “EyeOnYou'' ring certainly ticks all the boxes. 

Not only does this ring feature a smattering of pink diamonds, but it also features an offset crown for added visual effect. The centrepiece of the ring is a colour-treated green diamond, surrounded by a band of naturally-occurring and smaller pink gemstones. 

The ring is the product of Joke Quick, a Belgian designer following in the footsteps of her grandfather. Joke Quick combines high-quality materials with off-the-beaten-track techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces, like this EyesOnYou pink diamond ring. 

18kt Rose Gold Gabriel Morganite and Champagne Diamond Ring- Davidson Jewels £1,534


When Davidson Jewels were designing this Rose Gold Champagne diamond ring, it is clear that they had one thing in mind: to create something original. The main pear-shaped pink diamond flanks three smaller and differently-coloured brilliant-cut champagne stones, set in yellow gold. 

The ring is the product of Ian Davidson, a Calgary-based designer who specialises in engagement and wedding bands. Ian believes in creating heartfelt designs like this one, fit for the occasion. 

Pretty In Pink 3-Ring Combination - Verifine £2,240


This stunning ring features three lines of gemstones that encircle the entire band. The two outer edges feature traditional white diamonds, while the centre features a run of pink gems. There are over 88 diamonds in this piece; all micro-set in 18 kt rose gold. 

The ring is the product of Verifine London; an independent jewellery designer headed up by husband-and-wife team Neil and Wendy Duckworth. Neil and Wendy have a singular mission in mind - to create bespoke, skinny rings that look beautiful. 

18kt White & Yellow Gold Superstars Ring With Pear Shape Diamond Centerstone - Joke Quick £28,862

This extravagant ring from Joke Quick features an ensemble of different diamonds, including pink diamonds in the outer ring of jewels. 

The most impressive feature of this ring is the enormous central rock - a single, brilliant-cut diamond. 

Flanking that are additional stones which cap off the crown and also run down the sides of the band. It’s perfect for engagement and weddings. 

Marquise-Cut Morganite Diamond Halo Ring - Oh My Christine Jewelry £1,764

California-based designer Oh My Christine has created this stunning “morganite” pink gemstone halo ring, featuring an enormous central stone, surrounded by smaller diamonds, all set in a classic 14kt white gold finish. 

Christine is one of the most ambitious designers featured on JewelStreet. She emphasizes fashion and beauty in all the pieces she creates. This piece is no exception. 

Oblong Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring - Ri Noor £807

If you’re looking for something a little unusual, then check out this pink sapphire and diamond ring by Ri Noor. 

The ring is full yellow gold construction with a centre of pink gemstones surrounded by white diamonds. It strongly reflects the philosophy of chief Ri Noor designer, Shibani Shinde Patil, which works holistically with each stone she encounters. 

The ring has both flow and refined elegance and marketed at modern women who want to add colour and flair to outfits. 

Rose Gold, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Sphere Ring - Baenteli £29,153

If you’re looking for the absolute most exquisite example of a pink diamond ring on the market, look no further than this stunning piece from Baenteli. 

The band features a host of brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires, showing both types of gemstone at their absolute best. This ring is a show-stopper, suitable to wear on the fanciest of occasions. 

The man behind this incredible piece is Thierry Baenteli. Thierry follows in the footsteps of his father, crafting only the best premium jewellery, using the finest materials available. This five-figure band is no exception. 

Starstruck Ring With Champagne Diamond - Joke Quick £3,565

Joke Quick is back again, this time with a genuinely contemporary pink and champagne diamond piece that shows these jewels at their best. 

This ring features a mish-mash of different styles of diamonds, embedded in a yellow gold cup. Each diamond reflects incoming light from the others, creating a semi-chaotic feel.

Joke Quick is a designer who likes to pieces that celebrate raw materials at their finest, and this is no exception. They make use of irregular-cut diamonds to create a beautiful ensemble that will look great worn on any finger. 

14kt Rose Gold Champagne Anniversary Band - Cristina Rodriguez Jewelry Artist £456

If you’re looking to celebrate the love you share with your partner or spouse, this chic pink champagne diamond ring from Cristina Rodriguez Jewelry could be just the ticket. 

Featuring a 14kt gold band, it is both refined and elegant, providing the perfect setting for its rare and exotic gemstones. 

Cristina learned her trade in Mexico and has since gone on to create stunning pieces that wow and thrill her dedicated customers. She uses a combination of the latest fashions and timeless, classic design, to craft new and exotic rings, like this one.


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