Buying a new clutch bag and need some quick tips on how to maximise your style? 

Read our top 10 ideas to look divine on your next night out.

1. Make a material statement

Remember, material in itself can be a powerful styling tool.

Where will it shine?

Different fabrics shine in different lights. When choosing a clutch, close your eyes and imagine the bag in your hands. Imagine you're wowing your friends at the coffee shop. Or letting your hair down at a nightclub. How does the bag look on a table, or on the dancefloor? How does the material react to the light?

Black Clutch Bag for Daytime

A versatile handbag ideal for everyday use.

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Let's take Maberick's black leather clutch pictured above. This is a clutch that's perfect for everyday, casual events. The intricate patterns catch natural sunlight perfectly, accentuating your outfit. And the leather makes it a tough bag that can weather the daily wear and tear.

Black Silver Sequin Clutch Black

A dazzling clutch bag for a dancing queen.

Looking for a dance partner? Pick me from JewelStreet.

The opposite is true for the Claudia Furst design above. The silver sequins shine magnificently in the coloured, probing light of a dance floor, making an already strong statement really shine out. Dancing with the multicoloured reflection of this purse can feel magical. This small, lightweight clutch is the perfect partner for a busy nighttime event. 

Red Leather Clutch Bag

An eye-catching red design. 

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And some bags stand out wherever they are. Like this red leather clutch by JUAN-JO. The shining red finish is captivating in any light. And the tuft of red hair sways beautifully when you move energetically. 

Visualise the material. Is it shiny and reflective? Or does it have a more resttrained feel? Is the material dark? Or is it light? How will this shape your look?

Function over fashion

Sometimes it's better to be practical rather than fashionable. Ask yourself how the material will hold up to the purpose you have in mind?

We generally recommend that you choose a tough material like leather for an everyday clutch bag. It will endure the wear and tear of everyday use. 

How will it feel?

A clutch bag will spend a lot of time in your hand. Think about how the material will feel. Will carrying it be a pleasure. Is it ergonomically designed? An attachable shoulder strap gives you a different option. 

Choose a clutch that feels fantastic in your hands. 

Sensual Delight Clutch bag

A soft silk clutch bag that's a sensual delight.

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The embroidered silk on this clutch is an absolute delight in your hands. Just try and stop yourself from playing with the soft contours. 

2. The styles of clutch bag

Clutch bags come in a variety of styles. And each style has its own vibe. 

The classic clutch bag 

The Morgan Freeman of clutch bags. A well-loved and timeless design that will never be out of fashion. Subtle, elegant and stunning. These designs can be used across a range of outfits, events and seasons. 

Clark Gable of Clutch Bags

A timeless classic beloved by all. 

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This subtle design by LHUMOUR is a great example of a classic clutch bag. 

This bag will make you look fabulous no matter where you are. The classic is a great choice for those business professionals looking to add extra oomph to a work outfit. 

The statement clutch bag 

All clutch bags make a statement. But these clutch bags are for when you want that statement to be loud and clear. 

These colourful styles stand out in their own right. They're loud and proud and can be styled to contrast not just to blend in. 

A Statement Clutch Bag

One beautiful statement. 

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This burnt orange clutch bag is a fantastic example of a gorgeous statement that can deliver that killer blow. The colourful design is captivating and catches the attention of everyone in the room. The way the colour emphasises the design is heavenly too. This design is fantastic for making a bold and confident statement. 

The envelope clutch bag

The envelope clutch bag uses the distinctive V-shape flap on the front as its closure. This style tends to be flatter and easier to carry. 

Envelope Clutch Bag

We just love the detail of design. 

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This design is a fantastic example of an envelope clutch bag. These designs are perfect for easy storage and access to documents and elctronic gadgets. If you're looking for an iconic way to store your iPad or your Kindle you can’t go wrong with this design.

3. Don't be tone deaf

The style of the clutch bag should match the tone of the event. Ask yourself, is it a formal, informal or extremely casual occasion?

A bright casual clutch bag

A bright clutch bag that brings joy to any gathering.

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This colourful and cheerful design is a fantastic clutch bag for casual, informal events. The bright, cheerful design and unique shape lends itself to daytime social events. It's the ideal design to carry for casual coffee-bar socialising.

Black Leather Clutch Bag

A small stylish clutch back ideal for professional settings.

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Whereas this black leather clutch is the perfect accessory for business attire. The simplistic black shape is gorgeous, understated and will accentuate the professionalism of a skirt and shirt combo.

Think about the event and the persona you want to project. And choose a design to make that impression.  

4. What impact will the colour make? 

Here's a little secret. If you want an everyday clutch bag that you can use across a range of situations and events go for a neutral colour. Neutral colours with simple designs are the most versatile as they enhance a range of outfits.  

White Clutch Bag

A fantastic leather clutch with an elegant design.

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AWA's clutch bag would make any outfit enchanting.  

5. How much does it hold?

What do you need the clutch bag for? You might want your everyday clutches to be a little bigger and have an optional shoulder strap for those times you need both hands.

If you want a clutch bag for a special occasion where you need something unobtrusive to hold the bare essentials, a smaller clutch bag is ideal. 

Always consider the amount you need to carry. It is best to avoid bulges that can warp the pattern and design.

6. Your holding style 

Before buying your clutch, think about the way you're going to hold your bag. This video gives you excellent advice on how you can carry your clutch. 

7. Choose a unique style of clutch

If you're buying a clutch bag to make a statement, choosing something unique is important. Why repeat something that's been said a million times before? Look for something powerful, forceful and beautiful. JewelStreet works with independent designers who handcraft their clutches - providing you with a once in a lifetime style. 

8. Your body shape

Choose a clutch bag that shows off the natural shape of your body. 

Small Leather Clutch Pouch

A small clutch ideal for slipping in a bigger bag.

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Smaller clutch bags like this are great for people with more petite frames. Having a big clutch bag with a smaller frame can make the bag seem bigger than it is and can block your outfit from sight. Small clutch purses are lightweight and a pleasure to hold. 

Big Clutch Bag

An attention-grabbing clutch bag.

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Larger clutch bags like this are ideal for taller people. The bigger frames can make the regular clutch feel small and slightly lost.

9. Reason for buying the clutch

Consider the reason you want to buy the clutch bag. This is an important consideration because it will impact the style of clutch bag you need. 

If you want to use it across a range of everyday occasions and events you might need a clutch bag that has a removable strap, as it gives you the ability to go hands-free when your need to juggle drinks, phones, and handshakes. 

Or if you want something you can keep close at hand in a nightclub, you should choose a clutch with a wrist strap. So you can still dance the night away without your clutch intruding on your fun.

10. Go for a unique artistic design

Going for an artistic, eye-catching design is always a good idea. It gives you a unique style and also serves as a conversation starter. The more artistic the design, the greater the impact.

If you follow these quick tips about clutch bags you’ll be a fashion goddess in no time. Buy a clutch bag from JewelStreet today.