With Winter ending, it brings us to Spring. In which the weather starts getting warmer, the daylight lasts longer, the flowers become more colourful, the reasons why we love Spring are endless.

Here at JewelStreet, we are giving you our top 10 reasons why we believe that Spring is the best -

1. The Weather -

Goodbye freezing cold temperatures, hello warmer days (well slightly warmer here in the UK!) The sun is shining but not quite as much as it will be in Summer.

2. New Season = New You -

No better time to try out a new style or haircut. Why not treat yourself to some jewellery that is out of your comfort zone, hoop earrings instead of studs, or a choker instead of a classic thing chain, charm bracelet instead of a bangle. The possibilities are endless, so explore our jewellery now to find something a little different.

3. Longer Days -

How lovely is it that we can arrive home from work and it still be daylight outside? Gone are the days where we come home to it looking like midnight outside. With the days being lighter, we are still in the mood to go out after work for meals, trips to the cinema, etc, rather than travelling home in the dark, feeling like it is bedtime.

4. Bank Holidays -

Not only are we greeted in early April with a 4 day weekend for Easter, which is bliss! But we have a Monday off for May Day, this probably should be spent in bed and online shopping.

5. Flowers Blooming -

The beautiful flowers and trees start to bloom and this means bright colours all around. From pinks to yellows - the perfect spring colours. Having vibrant flowers around you can help you feel more positive, there is just something about blossoming flowers and a bright green field that makes you happy.

6. Outdoor Activities -

With it now not being as cold outside you can get back into walking, hiking, cycling without freezing. The lighter nights mean you will have the spirit to as well, making it that little less painful.

7. Little Creatures Appear -

As the temperatures rise a little, it's time for the hibernating animals to come out, including hedgehogs, bats and mice. Don’t forget about squirrels and badgers, they will also start making more of an appearance at this time of year so keep an eye out. The first bumble bees and butterflies of the year may also be seen in Spring.

Seeing as you're in the Spring spirit, why not wear a cute and dainty bee, we have some beautiful pieces to choose from here, but these are our favourites -  


                              The Worker Bee Necklace | Bumble Bee Gold Pendant | Bumble Bee Necklace

8. Pastel Colours -

Spring brings out the return of the pastels! Shown on the catwalks for Spring 2018, is ice cream pastel shades, soft and feminine. Pair any pastel coloured clothing together to be very on trend this Spring. Check out our pastel jewellery here. Here are a couple of our favourites - 


                                                   Olga Opal Earrings | Pastel Stretch Bracelet | Blushing Ring

9. Spring Clear Outs -

There is something refreshing about going through your belongings and replacing some with new pieces. Untangling some of the jewellery you didn't know you had, but realise now you also don't like, is the perfect excuse to treat yourself - you will need some new jewellery to go with that new wardrobe!

10. Easter -

The number 1 reason why we love Spring. Easter doesn’t only bring us a long chilled family weekend, but we can eat as much chocolate as we want and not feel bad about it. JewelStreet have some stunning Easter goodies, our handpicked jewellery is just as delicious as the Easter chocolate.

Whether you are finding a gift for someone or going to an Easter picnic, ladies brunch or Easter hunt, we have got a large selection of beautiful precious jewellery for you to choose from.

Celebrate in style with our handcrafted Easter Bunnies, Eggs & Chicks!

You can stop searching, these are the Easter eggs that you can keep forever.

Enjoy your Spring - treat yourself!