If you’re a confident, outgoing woman looking to make a statement (or even if you’re not), you’ll love these women’s silver bracelets. 

After all, we all need a statement piece of jewellery to flaunt when we’re out on the town, and there’s nothing quite as appealing as a statement silver bracelet.

Frida Inspired Sterling Silver Statement Bracelet with Cloisonne Enamel - KIMILI £276


Would you like to wear a work of art on your wrist? If so, then this Frida inspired Sterling silver bracelet from KIMILI is certainly worthy of your consideration. This bracelet is fabulously unique. It features a cloisonne enamel portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s most celebrated artists. The bold and vibrant colours create an impressive statement wherever you go. 

KIMILI hails from Georgia and uses its trademark enamel to create beautiful, unique artist-inspired jewellery. The technique dates back more than 1,200 years and is on full display with this one-of-a-kind statement bracelet. 

Lotus Bracelet Silver - Latelita £185


Switching gears, this Lotus Bracelet in silver by Latelita London creates a statement through its stunning floral patterning. It features individual zircon gemstones set by hand and a size adjuster that ensures the main floral pattern always sits on the outward-facing surface of the wrist. 

Latelita London has only been around since 2012, but already has a reputation for creating show-stopping pieces. This statement bracelet is no exception, giving you that coveted "wow" factor. 

Unspoken Silver Bracelet - Ilda Design £100


This provocative bracelet from Ilda Design features a pair of silver lips connected to a chain. This bracelet is the product of Norway-based Camilla Johansen, a trained metallurgist.

Like many artisans, Camilla is committed to creating 925 Sterling silver pieces, but interestingly, she also includes wood, such as ash, pine and rowan in her designs. Camilla’s goal is to create jewellery that is quirky and reflects the human experience. If a massive pair of lips on your wrist doesn’t fit the bill, then what does? 

Sterling Silver Single Loop Aurora Bracelet - TREEM £175


This Sterling silver bracelet from TREEM by Carl-David Hagerborn features a diamond-cut chain and a T-bar lockring. It is an inspirational piece that will turn heads, thanks to its oversized silver fob and link. 

The Silver Single Loop Aurora Bracelet embodies all of Carl-David’’s ideals. Carl-David sources all his materials sustainably and ethically and always puts values before profits - something that comes across strongly whenever you wear one of his products. 

Sterling Silver Milky Way Bracelet with Skulls - Heidi Vornan £1,007


If a bracelet adorned with skulls doesn’t make a statement, then nothing does. This unique band from Heidi Vornan features nine individual chains connected to the main clasp. Looking closely, you’ll see some randomly dispersed skulls, adding a little edginess to the piece.  

If you find the bracelet intriguing, then that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Finland-based designer Heidi has her finger on the pulse of the fashion industry in a way that very few do. Her edgy rock ‘n’ roll jewellery has been featured in Tatler, Vanity Fair and GQ - just the sort of thing that will turn heads wherever you take it. 

Sterling Silver Oceana Waves Bracelet - Designs By JAK £175


Designs by Jak took inspiration for this beautiful bracelet from the ocean. The featured wave pattern connects to a series of loops and is bound to get you noticed. It is also made of solid Sterling silver, meaning that it will pair well with practically any outfit. 

The brand is based in Surrey in the United Kingdom and focuses on creating one-of-a-kind designs and rustic pieces. It steers well clear of mass-production and symmetry. It focuses instead on authentic designs that offer profound meaning to the wearer. 

Rose Gold Plated Silver Queen Bee Bracelet - Latelita £59


Are you a bit of a queen bee? If so, then this delightful bracelet from Latelita London should appeal. 

The rose gold plated silver bracelet features a chunk of silver in the shape of a mother bee and additional cubic zirconia detailing. Nobody will be in any doubt about who is in charge when you’re wearing this bracelet. 

Latelita London creates jewellery that is deliberately provocative and special for the wearer, an attitude it gets from its love of European panache. 

Blue & White Cubic Zirconia Jamaican Fringe Bracelet - Dexter Augustus from £244


Dexter Augustus is no stranger to glamorous jewellery, and this piece is certainly no exception. This blue and white cubic zirconia Jamaican fringe bracelet from the UK based designer is just what you need to bring out your sassy side. It is alternatively chic - and in a good way. 

Dexter Augustus didn’t start as a jewellery maker. His background was in computer-aided design (CAD). It was only later in life that he found himself a position to carry out his passion and create beautiful, bespoke jewellery. He takes cues from all over the world, including Jamaica - as is the case for this silver bracelet here. 

Goddess Link Twist Bracelet Thin - Tove Rygg £1,377


You can't call all silver bracelets “sensational,” but this one is an exception. This statement bracelet by Swiss designer Tove Rygg feature’s her unique silver weaving process that turns a length of metal rope into a bracelet by twisting and lengthening it. The result is a totally unique look, unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. 

The reason this bracelet exists has to do with Toye’'s whole philosophy of design. Tove takes inspiration from traditional craftsmanship and combines them with innovative technologies, producing incredible results. Her Goddess Link Twist bracelet is a perfect example of this method in action. 

Lustre Bracelet - Gill Pottle from £250


Gill Pottle first discovered her love of jewellery making through her wire wrapping hobby. Today, her skill enables her to design the most beautiful statement bracelets in the world, including this hand-woven Lustre bracelet. 

The fine detailing that you get on a product like this is second-to-none and something that you can wear with pride. Its chunky appearance immediately creates an impression. Her designs are now right at the forefront of contemporary jewel making. And they’re affordable.

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