Sometimes you want simple stud earrings that you can wear every day, no matter what outfit you choose. 

Maybe a simple stud earring you can wear with confidence every time you leave the house, whether you're travelling to work or social engagement. 

Sterling Silver & Black Druzy Quartz Stud Earrings - Banyan £28

Sterling Silver & Black Druzy Quartz Stud EarringsWhen it comes to simple yet elegant designs, Banyan Jewellery is the master. The company crafts beautiful, handcrafted and affordable earrings and this example is no exception. Their Sterling Silver & Black Druzy Quartz Stud Earrings, feature a large semi-precious black stone, encapsulated by a Sterling silver frame - ideal when you want to get something special for yourself or a loved one. 

Banyan Jewellery is a UK-based jeweller and has an unabashed passion for creative designs inspired by the worldwide travel experiences of its director, Yaniv Zalman. Based in Newton Abbot, the brand celebrates all things silver, providing stunning pieces at affordable prices. 

Pia Gemstone Spike Stud Earrings Silver Lapis Lazuli - Latelita £29

Pia Gemstone Spike Stud Earrings Silver Lapis LazuliLatelita London is a brand that adores minimalist styles, and these Pia Gemstone Spike Stud Earrings with Silver Lapis certainly fit the bill. The studs are 9mm by 9mm, making them the perfect accessory for a little black dress.

Latelita London was founded in 2012 and has since carved a niche for itself in minimalist, handcrafted jewellery. 

The brand focuses heavily on making use of affordable materials and proving that people don’t have to pay high prices to get jewellery items that look stunning. 

This latest effort - the pia gemstone spike studs - are a guaranteed showstopper that will make you feel like a million dollars, without having to spend it first!

Tiny Star Stud Earrings  - Lucy Flint Jewellery £29

Tiny Star Stud EarringsAs these Tiny Star Stud Earrings from Lucy Flint Jewellery prove, simplicity doesn’t have to mean austerity. These playful, all-silver star-shaped studs are the perfect accessory for wearing every day. 

These stud earrings go just as well with a suit as they do with a colourful dress. They’re also impervious to the seasons, working in both the winter and the summer. 

The Tiny Star Stud Earrings are the brainchild of Lucy Flint, a master jeweller who studied her craft at the London Jewellery School. She is passionate about natural motifs, such as stars, and includes them in her jewellery designs, emphasising simplicity and elegance over all else. 

Teardrop Studs  - Lucy Quartermaine £40

Tear Drop Studs

Thee studs might be in the shape of teardrops, but that doesn’t mean that they will make you feel sad - quite the opposite! 

The simple, subtle and elegant silver design ensures that they will go with practically any outfit in your collection or on any occasion. 

The studs are made by Lucy Quartermaine, a woman who first began making jewellery when she was just 18 years of age. 

Since her early years, Lucy’s style has evolved. Now she takes inspiration from traditional British themes. 

Yellow Gold Plated Sorrento Nugget Stud Earrings  - Auree Jewellery £40

Yellow Gold Plated Sorrento Nugget Stud EarringsAuree Jewellery is a designer committed to creating luxury fashion accessories that women will cherish. But while Auree are best known for big statement pieces, they can also be more subtle when they need to be. 

Auree Jewellery is headed up by Amelia Bainbridge, a woman who wanted to create jewellery that would allow women to look great and party at the same time. This yellow gold-plated Sorrento Nugget Stud Earring set is simple, yet deceptively refined. The studs feature mottled, multi-tonal gold plating that creates a unique visual effect. 

Sterling Silver Geometric Crystal Earrings - Elindesign £42

Sterling Silver Geometric Crystal Earrings

For those who like their jewellery to be a little different from the run-of-the-mill, Elindesign offers something unique. The brand’s Sterling silver Geometric Crystal Earrings provide an almost steam-punk feel while keeping things elegant and simple. 

Elin Zoenso heads Elindesign Jewellery; a Swedish brand committed to using recycled gold, silver and ethical diamonds. Most of its jewellery is based around “raw forms”, and this latest creation is no exception. 

Rose Stud Earrings - Lucy Flint Jewellery £43

Sterling Silver Geometric Crystal EarringsWhile plain silver studs are popular, Lucy Flint Jewellery gives you the option of choosing a rose pattern instead. These earrings are exactly as advertised, featuring all-Sterling silver construction with individually-crafted rose bud heads made from a single piece of metal. 

The earring fit nicely alongside the rest of Lucy Flint’s collection, which focuses heavily on natural forms. Lucy trained for years as a jeweller before opening her workshop and boutique in 2014. Since then, she has been making items like this, designed to last for a lifetime. 

Gold & Black Spinel Moroccan Star Stud Earrings  - Murkani Jewellery £44

Gold & Black Spinel Moroccan Star Stud EarringsMurkani Jewellery is clear on where it stands with these timeless earrings. These are for people who want to shine like the night skies. 

The studs feature a single central black spinel stone, surrounded by 18kt gold-plated metal. Visually, it is akin to viewing a dark sunspot on the surface of the sun.

Kiralee McNamara heads Murkani Jewellery. She began making jewellery at the tender age of six and continues to wow her customers with her creative talent to this day. 

Blue Opal & Sterling Silver Stud Earring  - Lavan £45

Blue Opal & Sterling Silver Stud EarringWhen Lavan were designing these blue opal and sterling silver stud earrings, they appear to have had one thing in mind: to create radiant earrings that were reminiscent of the Earth as a “pale blue dot.” 

The gemstones in these studs are nothing short of stunning, adding elegance to any outfit. The earrings are designed by David Weinberger who studied fine art in Tel Aviv before attending Goldsmiths School of Jewellery. 

David’s brand, Lavan, loves to create contemporary, almost luminescent pieces, like this one, that celebrates intense colour. 

Sterling Silver Small Kiss Hug Stud Earrings  - Jenny Gordon Goldsmith £50

Sterling Silver Small Kiss Hug Stud Earrings

When it comes to simple stud earrings for women, you can’t get more refined than these Small Kiss Hug Studs from Jenny Gordon Goldsmith. 

The earrings feature a small kiss/hug in a “cross” pattern that spans one side of the stud to the other. 

Jenny handcrafts her jewellery in her workshop in Northern Ireland and focuses on creating bold jewellery that combines precious and semi-precious stones. Here she focuses on keeping the design simple, crafting an accessory you can wear with any outfit.