Best dressed on New Years Eve? That's one resolution checked for 2018. 

How about we all admit to going a little OTT on outfits for New Years?

Because we know it's not just us that does it...

Instead of splurging on an outfit that will be worn approximately... once, why not break out one of your favorites and update it with some sparkling new jewels?  

Shop Statement Jewellery Below.


X CLEAN Green Ring | HASLA | £412

Halo Pendant | Elinor Cambray | £615

Joshie Earrings | Joan Hornig | £2,345


Golden Moon Ring | Juniimjuli | £2,712

Double Bar Linear Necklace | AWU Fine Jewelry | £81

Star Earrings | Luis Miguel Howard | £555

Lace Doily Earrings | Murkani | £89

Tribal Rod Bracelet | Miriam Salat | £605.50

Gold Allure Ear Jacket | Silk And Steel | £179