Stainless steel earrings have long been popular for avid jewellery wearers. This is because it is corrosion free, scratch-free, and tarnish-free, making it a great material to wear every day and last an eternity. 

Stainless steel rings are incredibly durable which also makes them a great choice for an everlasting piece of jewellery to wear every single day. They don't need much maintenance and are really easy to clean, you simply wash them with warm water and soap and you’re done! 

Stainless Steel Colourful Statement Round Clay Textured Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

Stainless steel earrings are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a low maintenance piece of jewellery and these Stainless Steel Colourful Statement Round Clay Textured Stud Earrings by AnjaCapuzzimati, are certainly worth adding to your jewellery box. 

The designer Anja Capuzzimati works to create minimalistic concrete stainless steel pieces. With a passion for ethical and elegant design, she is heavily influenced by her architectural background, nature and geometric shapes. 

These earrings are unique, handmade with a leaf texture as their main feature that makes them the perfect minimalist statement piece. You will find that these one hand-formed, baked and sanded earrings are the perfect choice as they are finished off with anti-allergy stainless steel ear posts.

Stainless Steel White & Green Twig Inspired Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £16

If you’re looking for a simple yet bold set of stainless steel earrings then look no further. These gorgeous little earrings have a bold white on green clay effect inspired by bare twigs against the sky in winter. Sounds just perfect.

They would make the perfect complimentary addition to a  crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans. The designer, Anja Capuzzimati really stands out from her mainstream competitors, with some truly incredible pieces that showcase her creativity and personality. 

No two sets are the same so you can be sure you are getting a unique piece for a great price that is going to last a lifetime. 

Can You Click It Rainbow Hoop Earrings - Only Child London £20

Who doesn’t love a pair of hooped earrings? Often considered to be a staple piece in anyone’s jewellery box, hooped earrings always seem to make an appearance, however, this pair is sure to stand out from others. With their rainbow effect, they are sure to add a splash of sophisticated and subtle colour to any outfit. 

Designed by Only Child London, Kelly Jackson who thought of her brand sitting on the floor somewhere near the Dance Village at Glastonbury Festival in 2011, these earrings truly show the intentions of a unique yet wearable statement style. The brand is a celebrity favourite and it’s not hard to see why. 

Concrete Unisex Small Block Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

These lightweight concrete stud earrings are minimalist and unisex, making them the perfect choice for anyone.

They are anti-allergy and high quality which is clear to see. Concrete is sometimes perceived as robust however, the designer Anja Capuzzimatic, has done a wondrous job of ensuring these pieces are delicate yet strong. 

Inspired by her architectural background, she has created an interesting yet simple pair of earrings that can easily be worn day in day out. 

Concrete Long Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £24

Part of AnjaCapuzzimait, these concrete long stud earrings are handmade, lightweight that features a beautifully elegant and slim design. 

Forming part of her concrete collection, these earrings really stand out, even if they are simple. With there been slight variations in colour and even size, it makes them a truly unique piece of stainless steel jewellery to add to your collection. 

Stainless Steel Colourful Statement Textured Clay 3-Tier Dangle Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

We know that everyone loves the ethical and elegant designs by AnjaCapuzzimati, and this pair of texture dangle earrings is no different. 

If you want something more than a stud earring then this statement-textured pair is sure to stand out and perfectly match any day to day outfit. With the perfect combination of red, blue, mustard, duck egg grey, black and white clay to choose from there is plenty of choices to match any outfit. 

With each pair being unique, it makes these pretty little earrings all that more special. 

Concrete Monstera Leaf Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

These are another beautiful pair of concrete earrings by AnjaCapuzzimati, a real twist on a natural look through the clever use of a leaf shape. They are minimalist but yet make a statement. 

Robust, delicate, and strong, these gorgeous minimalistic earrings are really suited to any occasion. You can really see how she is influenced by her background in architecture, nature and geometric shapes with these earrings. 

Can You Click It Black Hoop Earrings - Only Child London £20

These simple yet elegant black hooped earrings are perfect for both day and night. They are midnight black that is designed to be super easy to click in place and stay put, making them a quick go-to earring that you can even clip-on as you’re running late through the door.

Designed by the celebrity favourite Only Child, London. They are Rhodium Plated and they utilise stainless steel as the perfect way to make sure they are hypo-allergenic making them a great choice for those who have sensitive ears. 

Stainless Steel Blue & White Leaf Textured Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £16

These earrings are really vibrant and truly stand out. They are unique and well thought through. The blue and white leaf vein texture is really interesting and gives you some great summer vibes. They would be great paired with a floaty white dress and a great pair of sunnies. 

The designer Anja Capuzzimati strongly believes in responsible design and only uses recycled packaging and materials in her work. 

Concrete Small Cats Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

Whether you consider yourself a crazy cat lady or just a fan of the gorgeous little creatures these stud earrings are a cute little touch to add to your everyday outfits. 

They would be perfect with your converse, shorts, and a while tee combination. Made from concrete they follow suit with the well-known Anja Capuzzimati’s contemporary twist concrete designs. 

All of these 10 stunning stainless steel earrings deserve a spot in your jewellery box, being such great prices, beautifully designed, and easy to wear, there really is no excuse not to treat yourself.