Jewellery is fun to wear and will add an instant spark and delight to any outfit. One item you simply can’t live without is a stunning pair of earrings.

Learn more about trendy earring designs so you can stock up on some of the most stylish options out there. It’s a wise idea to have a variety of selections in your collection, so you have a pair for every occasion.

As soon as you put on these trendy earring designs, you’ll feel beautiful and full of confidence. 

Concrete Long Stud Earrings - Anja Capuzzimati £24

These are stud earrings with a twist because they’re long and slim. They’re handmade, lightweight, and come in both silver grey or black concrete. 

Not only are they trendy but they’ll also help you to feel more elegant. The upside is that the material makes them durable, yet to the naked eye they look delicate.

Note that when you receive these earrings, they’ll be packaged in an environmentally friendly branded black kraft box.

Anja Capuzzimati is the designer of the Concrete Long Stud Earrings and has an architectural background and loves nature and geometric shapes.

Anja is known for her minimalist concrete, stainless steel, and clay jewellery. Benefits of buying from her are that she only uses recycled packaging and materials and her pieces are unique because they reflect her creativity and personality.  

Medium Circle Stud Rose Gold Rose Quartz - Latelita London £30


You can’t go wrong with a stud earring in rose gold. It’s made from 925 sterling silver with 22kt rose gold plating. 

It’s finished with a semi-precious natural stone and stud back and comes in Latelita signature packaging. The size of each gemstone measures in at 10mm in diameter.

Latelita London is the designer behind the Medium Circle Stud Rose Gold Quartz earring. They are the leading brand when it comes to statement jewellery.

Launching the brand  in 2012 and continuing to go strong today, their pieces are elegant and gorgeous. The semi-precious gemstones and metals are a product of eastern silhouettes fusing with contemporary European panache.

Sterling Silver Double Abstract Hoop Earrings - Banyan Jewellery £32


Another trendy earring design to be on the lookout for is this stunning pair of handcrafted sterling silver hoops. They’re unique and lightly hammered which gives them their texture. They’re versatile so you can wear them for just about any type of occasion.

Banyan Jewellery is the designer behind these Sterling Silver Double Abstract Hoop Earrings and was established in 1997.

They pay attention to the details and produce items with precious gemstones and metals. The best part is that the pieces in the collection are affordable and trendy.

Rose Quartz Drop Earrings - Arra By Aradhana £40


This next earring comes with a pop of colour and will add sparkle and style to your look.

Made in India, each pair is unique because they’re handmade. This foundation for the earring is 18kt gold plated over silver in a matte finish with rose quartz gemstones.

Arra By Aradhana is the designer behind these colourful pairs of earrings. Aradhana strives to make her jewellery, such as the Rose Quartz Drop Earrings conversation starters.

Founded in 2014, Aradhana takes pride in her ability to keep up with the trends and offer styles that will suit everyone.

Yellow Gold Plated Salina Gemstone Earrings - Auree Jewellery £50


These earrings are a wise choice if you want to feel more beautiful and are on-trend.

They’re colourful, fun, and consist of two round rose cut gemstones. They’re the perfect accessory when you’re looking to add a bit of sophistication to your outfit.

These Yellow Gold Plated Salina Gemstone Earrings are designed by Amelia Bainbridge who is the founder of Auree Jewellery. Amelia makes luxury fashion accessories that are created for women to adore and cherish.

The pieces are striking because they’re made from the finest solid gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil. She wants you to wear, enjoy, and love your pieces of jewellery.

Sterling Silver Cherish Circle Large Dangle Marquise Earrings by Designs by JAK £50


These are handcrafted earrings from the Cherish Collection and are made out of sterling silver.

They’re fun and trendy to wear and have a lot of movement on your ear. They’re an excellent choice because they’ll go well with any outfit.

Designs by JAK focuses on making unique handcrafted products, working solely with solid sterling silver.

The designer behind the handmade Sterling Silver Cherish Circle Large Dangle Marquise Earrings is based in Surrey.

The handcrafted designs are distinct and are a way to have women everywhere show off their personalities.

Sterling Silver Planar Stud Earrings - Paul Magen £58


These square stud earrings speak for themselves. They’re finished with a delicately hand-worked surface and are the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. Over time the finish will only improve.

The designer of these earrings, Paul Magen, crafts pieces from his small studio in leafy Islington. Paul’s pieces such as the Sterling Silver Planar Stud Earring are inspired by his boyhood dreams of ancient empires and shipwrecked treasures. 

They get their unique look because of the hammering, drilling, and heat that Paul applies. 

Silver Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings - Fiona Kerr Jewellery £60


These feminine silver cherry blossom stud earrings have a natural organic flow and replicate a scene from nature. The cherry blossom is symbolic of celebrations and the cycle of life in Japanese culture.

They’re not only trendy but also the perfect choice for women of all ages. They capture the beauty of spring but are a piece you can wear all year round.

The pieces from Fiona Kerr Jewellery are handmade in the Co. Fermanagh workshop.

These Silver Cherry Blossom Stud Earrings are one of many from the Cherry Blossom collection.

Fiona’s love of nature came from her years of growing up in rural Scotland. Nowadays, she lives in Northern Ireland where the rolling landscapes out her window fuel her designs and love for organic shapes and geometrical forms.

Sterling Silver San Shi Black Spinel Stud Earrings - Tsai x Tsai £65


The colour black goes with any outfit or attire. This gorgeous pair of earrings consists of three black gemstones with a sterling silver foundation. Put these on to instantly add glamour to everyday apparel.

Patricia Tsai is the mastermind behind these beautiful Sterling Silver San Shi Black Spinel Stud Earrings. The designs are typically chic, minimalist, and colourful in nature. 

The jewellery is inspired by the people, mountains, and sea of Taiwan. The goal is to catch the eye and make a statement without having to be too loud.

Plated Sterling Silver Shell Earrings - My Bling £65


These earrings are the shape of a shell with a unique hook inspired by nature. 

They’re perfect for wearing all day long because they’re so lightweight. The hooks are silver wires, while the central piece is a hollow shaped shell. They move as you move.

My Bling is a Greek jewellery brand which creates pieces inspired by nature. Sophia Hatzina is the lead designer behind the Plated Sterling Silver Shell Earrings. Sophia designs her pieces herself out of her creative workshop and showroom.

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