Are you looking for the perfect silver hoop earrings to add to your outfit? Hoop earrings are often ideal for everyday use but can also have some rather unique and eyecatching designs that will elevate any style. Here are some of our favourite choices. 

Mini Drop Silver Earrings - Lucy Quartermaine £50Mini Drop Earrings SilverThe Mini Drop Earrings are designed by Lucy Quartermaine. They are part of her drop collection and simple butterfly backs. With an open hoop, the earrings have a slender curve that gradually gets larger and forms a C shape. Minimal and beautiful, these are perfect for everyday use. 

Lucy Quartermaine has a distinct and rather unique style that has been featured in Bella, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. She even won the Jewellery Design of the Year Award at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

Sterling Silver Facet Shine Hoops - Kate Dumbleton Jewellery £50

Sterling Silver Facet Shine HoopsThis particular design dates back to the ’90s. However, modern interpretation provides a contemporary aesthetic that has made them very popular. They have a studded edge, carefully carved that provides an additional sparkle when worn. Elegant and light to wear, they also have a slight punk image, perfect for standing out. 

Designer Kate Dumbleton often combines present and past styles to create a stunning impact. She draws from numerous places including, art, legends, and even the future. Her designs often include incredible etched metal works.

Sterling Silver Maya Small Hoop Earrings - Murkani Jewellery £51

Sterling Silver Maya Small Hoop EarringsProviding a blend of different cultures, these earrings are both delicate and simple. They offer a subtle yet beautiful addition to any style and have a mix of German as well as Mexican design concepts. There are bold, jagged shapes here that make these earrings tiny, unique works of art that are absolutely incredible. 

The earrings were created by Murkani Jewellery, the company founded by designer Kiralee McNamara. Kiralee, an Australian native, began her journey into the jewellery design world at just 12 years of age. She has created gorgeous, elaborate jewellery accessories ever since.

Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings - XISSJEWELLERY £28

Twisted Silver Hoop EarringsThese hoop earrings are ideal for everyday use but have an added twist that makes them stand out. They are lightweight and that does mean that you can wear them for as long as you wish without feeling any annoying strain. The sterling silver hoop earring design means that they will last for years and match a variety of different styles.

These silver hoop earrings were created by Kathleen Markwick. Her feminine jewellery is created with a range of different textures to blend fine jewellery and fashion seamlessly.

Sterling Silver Hoop & Chain Earrings - Opes Robur £35

Sterling Silver Hoop & Chain EarringsBold, dazzling and completely unique, these earrings, as the name suggests, have a chain attached to them. This adds a new element to the aesthetic and could be the perfect option for a piece of statement jewellery. 

The earrings were created by Jake Allen and Patrick McCann. The designers have always strived to create pieces that stand out and each item that they create is meticulously handcrafted.

Alphallumer Hoop Earring - Allumer £45

Alphallumer Hoop Earring - Sterling Silver - Black Rhodium HoopIdeal for making a personal statement, these earrings are a simple closed hoop, designed in sterling silver. However, to add to the effect a small letter hangs like a pendant. You can choose any letter you like, so it could be the first initial of your name. The charms are handcrafted. 

Allume is a London based brand and is led by Natasha Leith-Smith. She draws inspiration from love, friendship, and light, always aiming to ‘light up’ any style.

Sterling Silver Graviter Hoop Earrings - Paul Magen £58

Sterling Silver Graviter Hoop Earrings | Paul MagenHandcrafted, these silver Graviter earrings are designed with a rugged yet melted surface. They have been created to balance contemporary and traditional styles with the perfect modern twist. 

The pieces are made by Paul Magen in a small studio located in Islington, North London. Paul seeks inspiration from fantasy including ancient empires and shipwrecks filled with treasure. A unique process provides an extraordinary final design.

Leaf Dangle Medium Hoop Earrings - Designs by JAK £60

Leaf Dangle Medium Hoop EarringsThe beauty of these wonderful, quirky hoop earrings is that they will easily match any outfit that you can think of. The hoop has a leaf pendant with small beads surrounding it, providing different elements that move freely. You can also take the beads and pendant off, ensuring there are different ways to wear these items. 

These hoop earrings were designed by Designs by JAK founder, Jodi. She loves creating pieces that allow women to showcase their individual personalities with the jewellery they choose to wear. 

Silver Wave Hoop Earrings - Deborah Blyth Jewellery £65

Silver Wave Hoop EarringsThese earrings will be perfect if you are looking for a piece that captures the natural elements of the world. Specifically, the swirling aesthetic of ocean waves. The silver curls around the hoops beautifully for this particular item. 

Designer Deborah Blyth has always been inspired by nature and aims for organic textures with her pieces. Deborah often uses fine gemstones as well to pair contemporary styles with classic designs.

Sterling Silver Olivera Large Hoop Earrings - Auree Jewellery £85

Sterling Silver Olivera Large Hoop EarringsMake a statement with these oversized hoop earrings that are sure to catch attention. They have the perfect, hoop design that is classical and ideal for everyday use due to being quite lightweight. 

Created by designer Amelia Bainbridge who focuses on providing luxury fashion pieces with a completely distinct feel in a range of different materials.

Sterling Silver Loop Earrings - La Parra Jewels £100

Sterling Silver Loop EarringsDon’t let the name fool you, these are the classic hoop earrings with a unique style. The hoops hang freely on a pendant allowing them to move and catch the light. They have an organic feel and are handmade which means that every piece is completely unique for the wearer. 

These earrings were created by Laura Parra in her Bedfordshire workshop. Laura has a background in art and restoration, infusing the ideas from this into her pieces.

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