Sometimes we want our jewellery to be subtle. We want it to sit quietly, complementing our colouring and outfit choices. But there's also a time and a place for big and bold jewellery. 

Sometimes, we want our jewellery choices to stand out and shine. We want to make a statement and take people's breath away. Sometimes, Big and bold jewellery is the only answer. 

Big and bold jewellery is different for everyone. You might prefer lots of colour and clashing designs. Or, you might like large pieces that dominate your outfits. 

At JewelStreet, when it comes to Big and bold jewellery, we've got it all covered. 

There are large statement rings that grab attention. There are big statement pendants that set off any outfit and really let you express your personality with your style. Then there are large earrings and chunky bracelets. 

14kt Rose Gold Bold Essential Ring - EL GINDI £746

14kt Rose Gold Bold Essential RingBig and Bold Jewellery doesn't have to mean bright and colourful. You can make a statement with an enormous eye-catching piece without going crazy for colour. 

If you prefer to keep things more sophisticated and classy, but you want something larger than life, this 14kt Rose Gold Ring is perfect. It's simple and yet packed with glamour. It'll look great with any outfit and add luxury to your style. 

EL GINDI works exclusively with gold, producing high fashion pieces in Germany using 3D printing, handicraft, and casting methods to create bold statement jewellery for strong, confident women. 

14kt Gold Plated Silver Large Sapphire Teardrop Earrings - Lisa Robin £76

14kt Gold Plated Silver Large Sapphire Teardrop EarringsSapphires are timeless, classic and elegant. But,that doesn't mean that you can't make Big and Bold Jewellery using them. These handcrafted 14kt gold earrings feature intense sapphire gemstones, which are simple, yet will still make a bold statement. 

Ohio based Lisa Robin works with fine metals and gemstones to create jewellery that speaks to her soul. She believes that your jewellery should resonate with who you are underneath, showing off your personality, instead of simply being worn. 

Sterling Silver Pearl Woven Plissé Bracelet - JONA - £298

Sterling Silver Pearl Woven Plissé BraceletThis sterling silver hand woven bracelet uses shape instead of colour to create a bold and beautiful design that will bring any outfit to life as it sits on your wrist. It's unconventional and yet delightfully elegant with a large pearl sitting softly in the centre. 

Alex Jona prides himself on giving his full attention and commitment to every area of jewellery design and creation, including scouring the world in search of the perfect stones, materials and inspiration. 

Rhodium Plated Multicolor Long Heart Necklace - Cosanuova £92

Rhodium Plated Multicolor Long Heart Necklace

Big and Bold Jewellery can still be soft and feminine, as with this long heart necklace. It is handcrafted with multicolour cubic zirconia stones set in beautiful sterling silver, on a long silver chain. 

US Jeweller Cosanuova has been creating sublime pieces for over 15 years. Using a range of stones, metals and colours, Cosanuova brings elegant pieces that compliment the wearer perfectly. 

Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring in Yellow Gold - Lily Blanche £100

Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring in Yellow GoldA dazzling and feminine statement piece, this cocktail ring is eye-catching, large and girly. Perfect for confident women that like to feel ladylike. The skinny 18 karat gold vermeil makes this ring perfect for stacking as part of a set. 

Lily Blanche designer Gillian Crawford named her jewellery brand after her grandmother and gains inspiration from her jewel box, taking vintage designs and adding a contemporary twist. 

Wave Ring - Deborah Blyth Jewellery £110 

Wave RingThis wave ring made from highly polished 22kt gold vermeil highlights the beauty of nature's imperfections. It's a thoughtful piece that delights the eye. 

The pieces from the wave collection perfectly shows off Deborah Blyth's love of the sea. Her collections draw inspiration from nature, and the ocean, marrying modern designs with natural elements. 

Sterling Silver Druzy Flamingos Ring With Cloisonné Enamel - KIMILI £141

Sterling Silver Druzy Flamingos Ring With Cloisonné EnamelIf you like your Big and Bold Jewellery to make a statement, this exceptionally colourful ring from KIMLI could be perfect. A large ring with Sterling Silver with Crystalized Agate Stone and Cloisonné Enamel, this ring features flamingos and plenty of colour. 

KIMILI works with colourful enamel to marry ancient techniques with progressive designs, experimenting with colour and imagery to create statement pieces. 

Antique Philippine Hair Comb-Necklace Set With Seed Pearls c.1900 - Mara Hotung £200

Antique Philippine Hair Comb-Necklace Set With Seed Pearls c.1900When it comes to big and bold jewellery, we often draw inspiration from antiques, and this antique pearl necklace is both lavish and lovely. A central hair comb with flower motif and seeded pearls cradled in a three-strand rope of button pearls, it's a one of a kind. 

Mara Hotung used to take her mother's jewellery and remake it into contemporary styles, something she still enjoys doing today. Her pieces are timeless, lasting and above fashion. 

Green Amethyst Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring - StyleRocks £403

Green Amethyst Emerald Cut Sterling Silver Cocktail RingA colourful statement cocktail ring this emerald cut amethyst on a silver band is stylish and eye-catching — a contemporary twist on a simple and classic style. 

StyleRocks is a brand committed to using the finest gemstones and metals to create beautiful jewellery. 

Carousel Bracelet - Biiju £650

Carousel BraceletA colourful carousel this bracelet features large purple and green amethyst, garnet, pink tourmaline, moonstone, citrine, rose quartz and aquamarine beads, all of which catch and reflect light in an eye-catching yet simple design. 

Zimbabwe-born Joanna studied ballet in London, becoming fascinated by the opulent displays of Hatton Garden. She travels extensively and works to create unique pieces that are beautifully finished. 

Goddess Glacier Link Earrings - Tove Rygg £1,042

Goddess Glacier Link EarringsRound and faceted Black Diamonds surround sterling silver filament in three linked elements, falling into a straight line, like a glacier. These sparkling earrings are stylish and trendy, and they'll make you feel like the goddess that you are. 

Tove Rygg uses traditional Swiss craftsmanship and modern techniques to create breathtaking designs. 

Ruby Flower Cocktail Ring - Silver Yulan £6,899

Ruby Flower Cocktail RingA sparkling statement ring, this bold and colourful piece catches the light and illuminates your hand. This exceptional piece features rubies, on an 18kt gold band, embellished with diamonds. It's got everything that you want. 

Min Sun, head designer of Silver Yulan, took over the family business following the retirement of her father. She brought her own ideas to give the business a new, modern focus, appealing to a younger, more fashion-focussed audience. 

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