Stud earrings are the classic choice for jewellery for so many women, largely because of the simplicity and elegance they provide.

We are proud to work closely with unique designers from across the world in order to provide a wonderful selection of excellent stud earrings for you to choose from.

These are 12 of the most unique, quirky, and stunning stud earrings, made personally with loving care by their talented designers. 

Silver Spiral Stud Earrings - Banyan Jewellery £16


This simple yet effective design is a new take on the stud style, with open silver spirals creating a fun and unique looking earring set.

Made from sterling silver, and with a diameter of 8mm, designer Yaniv Zalman and his team of acclaimed silversmiths has created the ideal everyday earrings.

Based out of Newton Abbot, Banyan Jewellery has provided one of the most affordable choices on the market, with these earrings priced at just £16.

Concrete Monstera Leaf Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20


If you are looking for the perfect combination of style, elegance, quirkiness, and a large dollop of the designer’s personality involved, then these are the earring choices for you.

These delicate concrete leaf-shaped earrings are the brainchild of minimalist designer Anja Capuzzimati, who has an emphasis on being ethical and environmentally friendly.

Available for just £20, these are an affordable way of jazzing up your earring collection. 

Pia Gemstone Spike Stud Earrings - Latelita London £29


We love how unique and trendy these earrings look; not only are they available in a stunning lapis lazuli colour, but they are stud earrings that meet at a unique point to provide a striking and special earring set that will complement most outfits.

Latelita likes to inject European style into its designs, and this is a great example. The earrings are also available in rose gold, gold turquoise, and green onyx.

Ruthenium Chattering Skull Studs - Roz Buerhlen £30


When we talk about unique, stylish, and quirky, this is the kind of thing we are talking about.

Popular designer Roz has her own foundry and jewellery brand, with a focus on crafting pieces that are inspired by nature, as well as bespoke off-beat designs like this one.

This is a wonderfully expressive and experimental choice, and worth every penny of the £30 asking price. 

Sterling Silver and Black Spinel Crescent Moon Earrings - Murkani Jewellery £33


These are such a striking and unique type of earring, and they are the sort you can imagine being worn by the outdoorsy woman.

The type who loves surfing, boho-chic, and the beautiful power of the natural world.

Australian designer Kiralee McNamara has gone to great lengths to capture the essence of her travels, and places in the world that have inspired her designs, such as India and Turkey. 

Gold Birthstone Gemstone Stud Earring November Citrine - Latelita London £35


This stunning and different range of delightful gemstone birthstone earrings is available for each month of the year, with a different gemstone for each month.

We decided to use Citrine to showcase this excellent range from Latelita due to its striking honey and gold colour, which would make the ideal birthday gift for Scorpios everywhere!

Established in 2012, Latelita is one of the leading names in the industry for fusion jewellery.

Sterling Silver Oval Double Studs - LARA HEEMS £37


These gorgeous oval double stud earrings were designed by Lara Heemskerk, who uses contemporary trends and styles in order to inform her work.

Made from Sterling Silver, and featuring two handpicked Cubic Zirconias held by what looks like teddy bear shapes, these are fun and iconic earrings that fall into most budgets at £37.

Tear Drop Studs - Lucy Quartermaine £40


Fiercely talented designer Lucy has a passion for distinctive and quirky modern designs.

Giving a sculptural quality to her pieces, her love for silversmithing is reflected well in this piece.

It’s the ideal gift for that special someone, and it even comes in a stunning sleek, black display box with red ribbon.

These teardrop studs are versatile and impressive and would be a great choice for anyone. 

Mother of Pearl Hexagon Stud Earrings - Gemondo £40


These striking earrings are the perfect choice for wearing to formal events and really accessorizing your outfit in the best possible way.

Sleek and handsome, these mother of pearl hexagon studs are one of the top offerings from Gemondo, the UK-based designers specializing in authentic, fine jewellery. 

Rose Gold Vermeil Sophina Gemstone Stud With Rainbow Moonstone - Kate Belle £70

These are some of the most stunning earrings we have in our collection, and we’re sure you’ll agree Kate’s moonstone studs are as striking as they are mysterious.

Representing inner growth and strength, these earrings are the ideal choice for anyone born in June.

From her studio in Birmingham, Kate is focused on creating high-end jewellery with an excellent attention to detail. 

Sterling Silver & Amethyst Duco Earrings - Paul Magen £85


These stunning, handcrafted Duco earrings are perfectly designed to complement every facet of the earrings themselves.

Designer Paul Magen works from his studio in London to craft unique pieces based on the aesthetic wonder of ancient empires and shipwrecked treasures.

Using hammering, drilling, and heat to achieve his unique work, Paul is a leading designer in his field, and you can secure one of his best pieces for £85.

Sterling Silver Mosaic Ocean Studs - SOLUNA £95


With this piece, you are getting something truly unique, with incredible craftsmanship and with an elegant and timeless look.

These are the ideal choice for the modern woman and are inspired by designer Miguel Dupez’s Peruvian heritage.

The colourful circles and ocean patterns make these earrings the perfect choice for everyday use, and can even be worn to special events. 

These are some of the best stud earrings on the market, and the great thing is that they are unique to these specific designers.

Stud earrings are multifunctional and can be used in a multitude of different occasions. 

Finding the perfect stud earrings for you is a process that can be stressful, but we’re sure you’ll agree that these amazing designers have provided some of the most amazing products on the market.