14kt Yellow Gold Diamond, Ruby, Pearl Butterfly Statement Necklace - ERAYA £1,920


Handcrafted using a combination of precious stones and expensive metals, the 14Kt Butterfly Statement necklace is made for women who want to stand out on special occasions. 

The timeless piece is created by Hima Yalamanchil, the inspiration behind ERAYA. It is a necklace that not only brings colour and vibrancy to an outfit but quality as well.

Hima draws inspiration for her designs from nature and art, beginning with a simple sketch of the piece, which is then handcrafted by her team.

As an ethical artist, all her materials are responsibly sourced. 

14kt Gold and Diamonds Labradorite Organic Pebble Necklace - Kamaria £637


The 14Kt Labradorite Pebble Necklace combines an organic sense of nature with quality materials that exude class on any occasion. 

Made for women who feel a deep connection with nature, this necklace can enhance formal and informal outfits. 

Each necklace is uniquely crafted from irregularly shaped lab-grown gems and set in a 14Kt gold necklace; studded with diamonds. The labradorite gem signifies perseverance, strength and intuition. 

This unique necklace is handcrafted by Kamaria, a charity against power inequality and violence. Every sale supports survivors of violence through tuition, medicine, and rent assistance. 

14kt Gold and Grey Freshwater Pearl Teardrop Pendant Necklace - ORA Pearls £110


Subtle and elegant, the Freshwater Teardrop Necklace is a low hanging pearl, suspended on a 14Kt gold chain; with a delicate presence It can be worn in a loose, informal way or with a neatly cut outfit that draws attention.

This necklace is designed by ORA pearls, the brainchild of Bibi Southhall. Bibi operates from her studio in London where she has dedicated her life to creating high-quality ethically sourced jewellery. 

She connects with pearl farmers and gem suppliers around the world, and personally hand-picks every item for use.  

14kt Gold BAM! Letters Necklace Small - Edge Only £659


If you like your gold necklaces loud and bold, then the BAM necklace might be of interest. The 14Kt small lettered word is suspended on a 16-inch gold anchor chain which contributes to its effect.

The piece would suit a casual outfit, with attitude. 

Edge Only are a jewellery company based in Ireland; they were founded in 2014 by former DJ and radio presenter Jenny Huston. 

As the daughter of a goldsmith and gemologist, Jenny wanted to craft jewellery to fit with individual personalities. 

14kt Gold Natural Ruby and Diamond Pendant - Master Jewelry By John £767


Traditionally associated with passion, desire, love and royalty, the Natural Ruby and Diamond Pendant is a 14Kt gold necklace that makes the perfect gift for a woman. 

It is a circle pendant set in gold and studded with rubies; if you surprise the love of your life with this piece, it is sure to make a big impression.

Master Jewelry By John is a brand based in Los Angeles. They are a husband and wife team renowned for handcrafted excellence within the industry. 

John and Sandra believe that their pieces are an extension of them, and attempt to replicate the qualities of their lives authentically.

14kt Gold Plated and Quartz Nariah Arrowhead Necklace - Luna Charles £69


The Nariah Arrowhead Necklace is the intersection between heritage and modernity, reality and myth. 

A sizable rainbow stone hangs from a beaded 14Kt gold chain and catches the light at unexpected angles. It is made from natural stone and compliments darker outfits. 

The maker of this unique quartz necklace is Luna Charles, who is based in the UK. 

Having worked previously in the fashion industry Luna formed a small team and went independent – they are inspired by beauty, mystery, and love.  

14kt Gold Plated Bezeled Large Sapphire Teardrop Pendant Necklace - Lisa Robin £83


This 14Kt gold piece for women is an elongated pendant featuring a large dark sapphire on a beaded chain. 

The teardrop shape is flattering and sophisticated; it draws attention to the accent of the neckline and can be worn on formal occasions, or more casually. 

Lisa Robin, the designer of the piece, is an Ohio-based maker who strives to create jewellery that inspires her. 

She works with fine metals and precious stones to craft items that are durable, wearable, and stylish. Her belief that jewellery is an extension of the self connects her to her pieces and her audience.   

14kt Gold White Diamond Elephant 'Loyalty' Pendant - Tanya Farah £1,300


The 14Kt Gold White Diamond Elephant necklace for women is a beautifully handcrafted elephant made from solid gold and studded with diamonds. 

The elephant is a friendly, playful creature that symbolises luck, wisdom, protection, and fertility. The pendant is perfect for wearing on any occasion – it stands alone or can be combined with other jewellery. 

Tanya Farah is the inspiration behind this elegant piece and it’s a wonderful example of her artistic philosophy. 

Tanya seeks to celebrate the female spirit by infusing her work with experience, passion, and cultural heritage – this signature piece encapsulates the strength of her vision.  

14kt Rose Gold Plated Celia C Drop Lariat Necklace - LuvMyJewelry £168


The 14Kt Rose Gold Plated Celia C-Drop Necklace is unique and elegant in equal measure. It's a fine C-drop pendant with adjustable 18-inch cable that sits just below the neckline and draws attention to formal outfits. 

The rose gold colour and diamonds interact in an eye-catching way that is suitable to particular tastes. 

Designed and handcrafted by LuvMyJewelry, this necklace is also a poetic story of imagination and passion. 

The brand is dedicated to ethical practices and maintains the highest standards when sourcing their natural conflict-free diamonds.   

14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Bubble Pendant Necklace - Hazel NY £2,726


The 14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Bubble Pendant Necklace is an extraordinary concept and design rich in symbolic meaning and visual appeal.

 It emulates water bubbling up from the mysterious depths of the ocean and features irregular coral-inspired medallions. 

This item is playful; it projects an inner passion and an outward creativity that can be worn by anyone who connects with its spirit.

Hazel Kuffer is an artist and designer based in New York who creates jewellery inspired by the elements. 

Her unique offerings bring together classical compositions with contemporary ideas and processes to make statement jewellery with a difference. 

If you're looking for jewellery that captures the transformative power of nature, Hazel NY is an excellent place to start.