Party season is upon us. Your calendar will soon be full of events, dinners and nights out, and the drinks will be well and truly flowing. But have you ever stopped to tot up how much you’re spending on drinks each month and wondered what else you could be spending that on?

Well, we’ve done the maths for you. Whether you’re considering going teetotal fulltime, preparing yourself for “Dry January” or you’re just interested what a couple of cocktails a week equates to. Here’s how much you’re spending on drinks each month and some awesome things you could be spending the money on instead.

Couple of cocktails

You don't class yourself as a big drinker. But when you’re having a midweek catch up with the girls it’d be rude not to order a few cocktails. Espresso martinis are your kryptonite (aren’t they everyone’s?) But if you ditched a couple cocktails a week you could have these treats instead.

A 3-course lunch at Rick Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow - £40 

Personalised Double Hoop Necklace (Silver) from Posh Totty Designs - £52

Image of Bath Spa courtesy of Blondie and the Beard

Twilight spa session and light meal at Thermae Bath Spa - £47 

Bokeo Ring Rose Gold from Zefyr - £59 

Manicure at Hershesons - Prices from £40

Weekend tipple

It’s 5.30pm, it’s Friday, it’s time for a glass of wine. You don’t drink much throughout the week but when the weekend hits, it’s wine o’clock. And you deserve it. You work hard throughout the week, so you don’t mind treating yourself to a bottle (or two) of good quality wine over the weekend. But if you swapped your Pinot Grigio for lemonade, you could treat yourself to one of these.

Milan Pendant from ASTRA - £108

Traditional Afternoon Tea for 2 at The Ritz - £108

Small Silver Safety Pin Pendant from True Rocks - £125

Yearly subscription to Birchbox - £110

A pair of theatre tickets to see The Lion King - Prices start from £70 


 Ceres Cuff from Sweet Hyena - £76

Nonstop party

You are the life and soul of every party you attend. Whether it’s a dinner party with friends or a night out with your work besties, you’re somewhat of a social butterfly. A G&T is your go-to drink and you don’t mind spending extra on good quality, craft gin. If you had more nights in than nights out, you could treat yourself to one of these.

Claud Fürst Light Grey Clutch Bag - £280

Personalised Earcuff from Thea Jewelry - Prices from £203

Luxurious night in a tree house via AirBnB - Prices from £204

Image of Paris courtesy of The Telegraph

2 return tickets for the Eurostar London to Paris - Prices start at £200 

Silver Memory Keeper Locket from Lily Blanche - £250