One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are incredibly popular for summer weddings. And we can understand why. The shoulder-baring silhouette is fashionably divine, classic and elegant.

You’ve got the dresses, you’ve got the ladies, and now you need the perfect pieces to complete.

One-shoulder dresses combine well with large earrings, brooches and arm cuffs on the exposed arm. We recommend leaving aside your attention-grabbing statement necklaces as these hide the flattering neckline.

Remember that subtlety achieves the most elegant look and one-shoulder bridesmaids dresses look better with just a few accessories.

Willow Chandelier Earrings With Tourmaline - £229.00

From dripping jewels to coloured stones, chandelier earrings are the best way to add subtle glamour to the one-shoulder attire.

Allow your bridesmaids to bathe in the limelight of your wedding party with these ultra-chic Willow Chandelier earrings, by India Mahon’s Boutique. Exuding a modern, lightweight, feminine style, these earrings are easy to wear and will give your bridesmaids lobes ultimate comfort.

Using ethically sourced gemstones, these earrings are made from sterling silver plated in 22kt gold, embellished with five green tourmaline briolette's.

Inspired by simplicity and subtlety, India’s design combines vibrancy with elegance, creating a unique statement without overpowering the style of the one-shoulder gown. To optimise, choose to style your bridesmaids hair in a low, messy, boho bun and watch your guests heads turn.

Your bridesmaids will radiate Greek goddess charm.

Eternal Swiss Brooch - £65.00

There’s no easier way to personalise your bridesmaids gown than with a timeless brooch. We love that brooches not only add a hint of glamour, but double up as a beautiful gift and keepsake. What could be better?

Add a touch of elegance to your bridal party with the Eternal Swirls brooch by Blingsense. Handcrafted in a fine quality sterling silver classic wire wrap, and inspired by the patterns on the Victorian iron gates, this brooch boasts a high fashionable style with an elegant looking swirl.

The design that can become the most gracious accessory for the big day.

Breathing life into raw materials, Blingsense combine unique aesthetics to form expressive notions of wearable art. Aimed at vibrant females that wear their jewellery as an extension of their personality, this brooch will be adored by every modern woman.

So finish off your bridesmaids dresses by adding a personal flair that will secretly seek attention. This brooch oozes beauty when styled at the top of the dress. It will draw the eye to the main feature of the attire: the one shoulder.

Just imagine how gorgeous your bridesmaid dresses will look with a pin of perfection?

Lotus Cuff Bracelet In Silver - £248.00


We believe that an arm cuff may just be the classiest and most gorgeous way of accessorising your bridesmaids one-shoulder dress. Adding balance, femininity and charm, who’d of thought it was that easy and simple. 

Designed by House of Alaia's Studio, this Sterling Silver cuff bracelet is an exquisite, delicate, yet bold statement piece of arm candy. Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us, House of Alaia aim to remind us of the peace available in life regardless of the challenges we face.

The floral design serves as a symbol of purity, resilience, enlightenment and has a deep association with divinity. Feel the inspiration come to life and empower your bridesmaids with a piece that is more than physically complementing.

This cuff is the perfect piece for one shoulder gowns as it adds the glimmer and shine that is needed to change the entire tone. Watch your navy blue dress choice light up, or your blush pink gowns radiate extra femininity. This is the ultimate piece that will turn those plain designs from drab to fab.