The Rise Of Gender Neutral Jewellery 

Gucci Gender Neutral

Over the past few years, gender neutral trends have taken the runway by storm. In 2016, high street retailer Zara launched their first ever gender neutral clothing line, marking this trend amongst high street brands. High fashion brands have also experienced a similar shift. Not only are designer labels such as Gucci and Givency producing clothing that rejects the binary approach to gender identities. But they are also creating items that are worn by both men and women. In 2016, Alessandro Michele made fashion history by putting both male and female models in his runway show to showcase a single collection. This harboured a profound cultural statement which resonates beyond the mere fact that Gucci produces unisex clothing. For many, this move declared its support of gender equality within an industry that was founded upon the belief that men and women should stick to their separate spheres.
Now, we are seeing jewellery adapt to this cultural trend. Last week we examined how fashion brands are increasingly expanding to the jewellery market (which you can read about here). It seems jewellery’s ability to evolve in unison with the fashion industry makes it just as powerful a platform when challenging the status quo. Many of our JewelStreet designers, such as Origami Jewellery, Bergsoe and Anchor & Crew, have expressed a desire for their jewellery to be worn by both genders. Within the wider industry, designers such as Aaron Shangpo from Mexico and Luz Camino from Spain have altered their manufacturing processes to encompass a genderless approach to design. Find out what makes gender neutral jewellery so fashionable and why you should be adopting this trend.


Gender Equality
The most significant reason designers have opted to open the gender barriers is for the simple reason that it promotes equality amongst the sexes. Our cultural climate is slowly accepting progressive views towards gender identity and equality. By championing the abolition of polarizing gender categories (categories which distance some individuals from who they really are) one consequently advocates a more accepting and inclusive society. Our clothing and jewellery has always been a signifier of our identity. Whilst buying a piece of jewellery from a ‘gender neutral’ or ‘unisex’ range may not seem like a groundbreaking move. For many, that act represents a small step towards accepting people who they are, outside the rigid gender categories that have constrained individuals for centuries.


Alessandro Michele Gender Neutral
Should a man not be permitted to wear a floral brooch just because floral designs have been associated with a feminine aesthetic? Or should a women not be able to wear a signet ring as it has traditionally been seen as a male-dominated item? Jewellery is an extension of who we are and we should be able to express our identities freely. When diamonds were first marketed as luxury jewellery items back in the thirteenth century, they were worn by both men and women. Think of all the historical paintings of Kings and Queens hung in museums, of whom all are adorned in gleaming rubies and pearls. Indeed, jewellery was considered a symbol of status in previous eras. However, if jewellery is seen today as a way to express oneself, why should arbitrary gender categories limit such expression?



Dior Homme Jewellery SS18

Today, shapes, cuts and styles in fashion are changing. Traditional aesthetics are slowly being wiped away by the millennial philosophy that doesn’t conform to gender convention. Imagine how groundbreaking it must have been to see the first woman to wear a suit. In the jewellery industry, we see a similar evolution. Men’s jewellery is no longer limited to cufflinks, watches and tie pins. In fact, men’s jewellery - including rings, necklaces and bracelets - is increasingly more and more in demand. Similarly, an increasing number of female shoppers are opting for textured, rugged and typically ‘masculine’ styles of jewellery. In the search of unique jewellery pieces, consumers now look towards the unisex aesthetic. By breaking convention, you in turn rebel against the order of society - and that’s bound to attract attention.

If you’re inspired by this evolving trend, why not cross the barriers yourself. See what our men’s range has to offer, or vice versa. Featured below are three designers who see their jewellery as pieces to be enjoyed by both men and women. Why not have a look now and find your perfect piece.
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