Whether you want to add a simple elegant touch, a bolder impression, or a statement look, bracelets are an easy way to inject glamour and sophistication into your style.

From sterling silver chains featuring pendants, shells and sea charm, to the beautiful Seahorse bracelet, a chic summer accessory that will add a touch of sparkle to your summer outfit, bracelets are a decadent addition to your holiday collection.


This summer, we’ve got the quintessential bracelets for whatever beach holiday you’re headed on. So pick your destination, and let us complete your summer beach look.

Regenz: Transformer Coral and Pearl Bracelet-Necklace - £238.00

Nothing quite says beach accessories like a set of colourful beads and the Transformer Coral and Pearl Bracelet-Necklace Regenz set is just that.

Crafted in 925 sterling silver with yellow gold plating, including magnetic clasps, Regenz presents a modern twist to jewellery by combining stylish shapes and objects into never-before-seen compositions.

Oozing versatility, Regenz Bracelet-Necklace designs can be worn as two single bracelets or fastened together and worn around the neck as a necklace to make a statement without requiring too much effort. The necklace can be worn white, red or white-red side centred, so you have three different necklaces in one.

Team your bracelet-necklace piece with a plain one piece and full length maxi cover up for a radiant goddess vibe.

Remember beach vacations are a revitalising break and therefore transitions should be quick and easy. From the sandy beach to the rooftop bar, what better way to take your outfit from day-to-night than with this piece?

Serena Fox: Seahorse Sterling Silver Bracelet - £504.00

Beaches and sand don’t usually scream ‘more jewellery!’ but tighten your ‘sea’ belts as this eye-catching bracelet is sure to change your mind.

Designed by Serena Fox, two curved seahorses handcrafted in sterling silver are entwined to form this elegant statement piece. Inspired by the beauty of animal and plant life on land and sea, Serena's relaxed yet elegant design aims to enhance and compliment individual styles. A completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

We are obsessed with the versatility of this piece. It not only looks dazzling with a neutral or monochrome outfit, such as an all-white lace cover up, but also with bold and colourful choices, such as bright or patterned maxi dresses.

Zefyr: Dosha Bracelet Sterling Silver With Turquoise - £44.00

No matter what beach you hit this summer, add an elegant and effortless wow factor to your outfit with the Dosha Turquoise bracelet.

Designed by Zefyr in Australia, the Dosha collection features natural crystals chosen for their healing properties and natural beauty. The collection has been inspired by Ayurvedic medicine and the three Dosha body types - Pitta, Vatta, and Kapha.

This bracelet features a natural turquoise crystal which has been set in a delicate lotus shaped setting. For us, not only does the turquoise and silver colour combination mimic the charming water and crests of waves, but the colour combination can take any outfit from drab to fab.

Adding a splash of colour to your jewellery is a noticeable way to personalise your image, so create vibes of sunshine and elegant chic with the trend setting of Turquoise.

Betty Balaba: Hailstones Catching Light Brown Diamond Bracelet - £833.00

You know what they say, diamonds (and any beach) are a girl's best friend. And nothing quite captures this like the Hailstones Catching Light Diamond Bracelet.

Inspired by the reflection designer Betty Balaba saw whilst sat on the veranda watching the hailstones catching the sun, this romantic piece is made with 18kt yellow gold and oozes sophistication.

Balaba aims to bring the traditions of East African adornment to a wider audience by infusing pieces with a classic twist. By taking elements of the land, the sea, and the air, she has been able to tell a sentimental story of the richness of Africa.

Simple and understated, this divine bracelet boasts a series of seven small beautiful brown diamonds. A single solitaire diamond sits within a circle gold frame and is held on a delicate chain.

Team this bracelet with a classic red maxi dress, for an afternoon beach walk, and watch it sparkle by the sea and come alive under the blissful sun.