We’re on the countdown to Valentine’s day and, as it does every year, the pressure to buy a great gift is mounting. But we’re currently knee deep in the January blues, holes have burned in our pockets, and our bank accounts are looking less than impressive. Buying a valentine’s gift for your loved one is hard enough already, but when working to a budget, it can be even tougher. 

We’ve curated a Valentine’s Day campaign that is catered towards those shopping for something that is meaningful, but not financially inaccessible. Handmade jewellery is the way forward. You’re getting super good value for something so valuable. A piece of jewellery can be treasured for a lifetime, and this wont be a one-time-wonder gift. Take a look at the most affordable Valentine's pieces here.

1. Heart Spinning Ring

Having a smaller budget doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on quality craftmanship and luxury materials. All of the jewellery that is featured on JewelStreet is exclusively handmade, and is delivered to you straight from the designer's workshop. You know where the jewellery is made, you know exactly what materials are used, and you know that your purchase will be supporting an independent jeweller to continue doing what they love. 

The Heart Spinning Ring is a textured and tasteful piece. It features a small outside ring containing a heart, that delicately spins when it is worn. This is a unique, flattering and enchanting ring that is guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face this valentines.

Silver Hammered Heart Spinning Ring

Lexi Cannon Jewellery | Silver Hammered Heart Spinning Ring | £38.00

2. Serenade Bracelet 

Deck your partner out in some of the BUFFest jewellery this Valentine's Day. You don't need to go all old-fashioned and write your partner a poem or sing a song to serenade them this year. Instead, gift them this delicate and desirable bracelet. It is a charming and dainty piece of jewellery that is ideal for a woman who likes a subtle sparkle.

You have the option to add a special touch to this charm bracelet by adding your loved one's initials. Each of the tiny hearts can be personalised with one character. Consider putting both of your initials on there, or have the date of your anniversary engraved. What could be more thoughtful?

 Yellow Gold Plated Five String Serenade Bracelet

BUFF | Yellow Gold Plated Five String Serenade Bracelet | £65.00

3. Hammered Heart Earrings

These heart earrings add character and fun to any Valentine's Day style, and so they make for the perfect valentines gift. They look luxurious, they feel luxurious, and they are only £30. 

Given that lead designer Lexi Cannon cuts, shapes, forms, files, and solders the silver by hand means that you are really getting a steal here. Handmade jewellery is unique, and it is unlikely that your partner will see anyone else wearing the same pair of earrings. This gives them an exclusive and chic feel, and you don't need to break the bank for them to feel this way!

Silver Small Hammered Heart Earrings

Lexi Cannon Jewellery | Silver Small Hammered Heart Earrings | £30.00 

4. Ruby Heart Studs

Roses are red, and January is blue, so cheer up your loved one's February with a pair of earrings (or two). Ruby red is a classic Valentine's Day colour, and these Ruby Heart Studs by Gemondo Jewellery are perfect for the occasion. These earrings celebrate love in all of its forms. These specially faceted rubies are claw set in 9kt white gold and can be worn in any lobe piercing.

Historically, the value of the ruby succeeded that of the diamond. The red ruby was often linked to nobility, and so this gem adorned royalty for millennia. Treat your partner like the Queen or King that they are, and invest in some romantic ruby earrings. 

Ruby Heart Stud Earrings

Gemondo Jewellery | Ruby Heart Stud Earrings | £71.00

5. Angel Wing Ear Climber

The Angel Wing Ear Climber from renowned handmade jewellery brand Latelita London is a gift for the bold and adventurous jewellery wearer. Does your partner love to make a fashion statement with their accessories? Would they appreciate a majestic and divine piece like this?

The feathered angel wing design adds a softness to this cuff, which makes it ideal for any glamorous evening look. It is easy to wear, and has a butterfly fastening and openable latch. This cuff can be worn as a singular piece, or two can be worn as a pair for a more dramatic and striking look. 

Yellow Gold Plated Gabriel Angel Wing Ear Climber - Right

Latelita London | Yellow Gold Plated Gabriel Angel Wing Ear Climber - Right | £75.00