Rings are a big part of the wedding ceremony. They are an important symbol and tradition in a marriage. Rings symbolise the vow and promise that two people make to one another - a romantic and dedicated gesture.

There are so many wedding ring options to choose from. Whether you want to match with your other half, keep it plain, or go OTT and colourful, JewelStreet has the perfect ring for you. Gemstones in wedding rings aren’t as common as in engagement rings, but they are a beautiful and meaningful addition to an already important ring. I love diamonds, but they are used so often in wedding and engagement rings. Be unique and stray away from classic diamonds and pick a vibrant and unique gemstone for your ring.

Need inspiration? Here are 5 alternative gems for your wedding ring.


Emerald is a striking and chic gemstone. It’s deep green tones are gorgeous in a contemporary ring or a vintage style ring. Emeralds are a rare gemstone, favoured by Kings and Queens, who often embellished their jewellery with the gem. A regal and bold stone, the stone symbolises rejuvenation and fertility. A hard and durable stone, it is an ideal gemstone for jewellery and will look flawless in a wedding ring. Choose gold or silver to highlight the gorgeous hue of the emerald - it is so versatile it works with both metals.

For him: Allurez Yellow Gold & Emerald Channel Set Wedding Band (Left)| £1,771.00
For her: Marcello Riccio | Emerald Diamond Ring - Octagonal (Right)| £1,350.00


Morganite is becoming one of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings. It’s pretty pink colour is luxuriously feminine and looks gorgeous with a princess cut. The stone symbolises compassion and promises, the core values of marriage. The colour alongside its title of ‘The Crystal of Divine Love’ certainly makes a statement. Pair the pretty pink morganite with diamonds for extra sparkle.


For him: INIZI Sterling Silver & Morganite Breezy Ring (Left)| £424.00
For her: Oh my Christine Jewelry Heart Morganite Ring (Right)| £617.00


Opals are a one-of-a-kind gem with a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from. Choose from milky whites, fiery oranges, icy blues and pale pinks - the possibilities are endless! Made from water droplets crystallising in rock cracks, opals are unique and you’ll never get the same colour or pattern twice! Opals provide good luck, so see an opal wedding ring as a blessing and good omen to your marriage.


For him: Gemondo Jewellery Fire Opal and Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring (Left)| £114.00
For her: Bergsoe | Gold Seafire Ring With Champagne Diamond & Opal (Right)| £707.00


Rubies are associated with love and passion. A protective stone, it will protect your marriage and offer great beauty with its decadent red hue. Durable and high-quality, rubies look beautiful with gold and diamonds. For a less expensive version of rubies, pick garnets. They have a similar red hue and are a cheaper alternative.


For him: Allurez White Gold & Ruby Eternity Wedding Band (Left)| £1,984.00
For her: Gemlok for Gemveto Minilok Ruby Band (Right)| £1,081.00


Sapphires are one of the most desirable gemstones. Symbolising faithfulness and trust, sapphires are the perfect gemstone for engagement and wedding rings. Sapphires are a big hit with royalty. Princess Diana’s engagement ring (now Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring) consisted of an oval 12 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds! Sapphires look beautiful with cooler tones and metals, like white gold, silver and platinum. Give a sapphire to your beloved to show them your love is everlasting.


For him: MAIKO NAGAYAMA | Solid Gold Midi Ring With Sapphire Pave (Left)| £420.00
For her: Alexander Jewell Arctic Blue Sapphire Ring (Right)| £3,292.00

If you can’t decide on a specific gemstone, why not pick them all and go for a wedding ring with rainbow colours?!


For him: Prism Design | Titanium Colouful Wave Ring (Left)| £140.00
For her: StyleRocks Rainbow Ring in 9kt Yellow Gold (Right)| £1,109.00