Upon releasing their new single, Summer Girl last week, HAIM have us clasping onto the last shreds of summer with their endlessly sunny tune. Even so, everyone knows HAIM’s autumn style is their strongest seasonal look. With western-inspired patterns, eclectic textures and 70s colour finesse, a HAIM-imbued autumn wardrobe will never fail you.

Discover these top styling tips inspired by the autumn fashion of HAIM. Whether you want to channel Este’s sophistication, Danielle’s edge, or Alana’s quirkiness, everyone can channel a bit of HAIM and still emanate their own individuality.

Embrace the autumnal colours

HAIM autumn fashion

Whilst autumnal hues have been coined a cliche component of one’s autumn wardrobe, when done right, they’ll take your look to new heights. Just look at how fabulous the HAIM sisters look in their coordinating rust ensembles. Gold jewellery is the best accompaniment to autumnal colours. The warm gold tones will contrast the cold winterscapes and compliment those gorgeous fall leaves.

Take a leaf out of Alana’s style files and invest in a pair of thick gold hoops this autumn. A pair of hoops like these make a statement in a subtle and refined way… who said you had to jump through hoops for killer style?

Find an unusual design

Okay, so if you’re wearing red couture Dior gowns as beautiful as these, you’re jewellery should take a back seat. Sometimes less is more. You can still reflect your refined approach to style with unique jewellery that enhances your look. Este and Alana adorn their glamorous looks with a chic paid of Jeff Koons-esque metallic earrings.

If you’re going to a formal occasion this autumn and have a show-stopping outfit to wear, find a subtle yet striking jewellery piece to adorn your look. Whether it’s an edgy ear climber or single ring, these accents of style make all the difference. 

Throw it back to the 70s

HAIM performance style

The HAIM sisters, especially Danielle, love rocking a bit of 70s flair. From dainty floral dresses in summer to 70s cut power suits in autumn, 70s fashion will make you feel bold, edgy and confident all year round. HAIM are constantly praised for their eclectic stage fashion which underscores their carefree and fun-loving music.

Their performing wardrobe, such as the look above, mixes texture, pattern and styles to form looks that are authentically their own. Look how Danielle rocks a lilac pair of metallic leather trousers and a psychedelic silk shirt? One word. Iconic. Bring the vibrant summer vibes into autumn with colourful and eclectic jewellery that fuses texture and pattern.

Pearl up

HAIM jewellery

You certainly know how much JewelStreet loves pearls. The best thing about this globally-adored gemstone is that it transcends seasons. Yes - pearls look great glistening in the summer sun. But we think they’ll look even better this autumn, adding a feminine softness to your autumn wardrobe.

If there’s anyone to rock a patent leather jacket and a baroque pearl earring, it’s one of the HAIM sisters. In this case, it’s Alana. Creating perfect harmony between elegance and edge, Alana wears an asymmetric pair of pearl earrings for a contemporary twist on this classic gemstone.

Abstract on abstract

HAIM abstract style

Going head-to-toe abstract with your outfit may seem daunting. But look at how stunning HAIM look wearing this futuristic fashion look. From the striped fabric of their dresses to the striking architectural designs of their earrings, everything about this look emanates original style.

Sometimes, a single earring can transform your look. Autumn is often the time we dress for function and comfort rather than style. So invest in an eye-catching earring design for an autumnal look that conveys confidence and finesse.

Now you have the top tips on how to elevate your autumn wardrobe, it's time to find those key seasonal pieces. Take a look at our autumn edit below for some striking jewellery that emanates original style.