Autumn styling tips

Autumn is the perfect time to seek some fresh style inspiration. The coming of autumn brings a great sense of change. The weather gets cooler, the colours get warmer, and your style embraces the spirit of autumn. Naturally, you’ll be wrapping yourself in layers of cashmere and wool. Dressing becomes more functional, which means your jewellery can take the front seat.

In preparation for autumn, discover these five autumn styling tips that will inspire you to take your style in a new direction. At JewelStreet, we believe jewellery can transform your look. It can make you feel more stylish, more elegant, and most importantly, more confident. With these five styling tips, accompanied by the hottest jewellery of the season, you’ll walk into autumn with poise and power.

Find a piece of citrine jewellery to catch the light

Citrine Ring

Vintouch Italy - £69

Citrine is the gemstone of autumn. The warm amber and champagne tones look just as beautiful as autumn leaves, perfect for your autumn winter wardrobe. A citrine ring will be your favourite piece this season. Style alongside your other gold jewellery for a contemporary look that retains luxury. This elegant pick by Vintouch Italy features a double band for a strong and bold finish.

Update your go-to studs

Diamond and gold studs

Corinne Hamak - £245

As much as we’d like to adorn ourselves in glamorous jewellery all the time, sometimes functionality has to be the priority. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of luxury to your autumn look. Stud earrings are both practical and powerful. Their versatility means you can style them in different ways to achieve a look that is authentic and original. Corinne Hamak’s gorgeous diamond stud will be your best friend this season. The warm gold is elegantly offset by the gleaming white diamond. With these earrings sparkling in the morning light, you’ll feel like the height of sophistication.

Day-to-night necklaces for the modern woman

Lariat necklace silver and rose gold

Lucy Quartermaine - £325

For a busy woman like you, you need jewellery that can carry your look into the evening hours. Perhaps at work you need jewellery that is understated and conservative. But after work you want to feel sharp and sexy. The drop necklace by esteemed jewellery designer Lucy Quartermaine is the perfect day-to-night necklace. Wear over your sleek turtleneck sweater for a conservative office look. At night however, embrace rose gold romance as the golden hues softly enhance your skin tone.

Refresh your hoops the right way

Gold twisted hoops

Deborah Blyth Jewellery - £75

Hoop earrings are a timeless classic. I always have two kinds of hoops in my jewellery box. The first, glamorous hoops to adorn my evening look with. The second, and perhaps most important, simple and stylish hoops for everyday wear. We all have those pieces that we throw on in the morning without thinking about. But every time you catch your reflection, you remember why you love that piece so much. These twisted gold hoops by Deborah Blyth Jewellery will be the most-loved hoops in your jewellery box. Contemporary and edgy, feel bang on-trend with timeless hoops that will look great with every outfit.

Invest in a unique, statement piece to spark conversation

Magma bracelet

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery - £300

JewelStreet is home to over 220 designers from around the world. Needless to say, we are not short of some incredibly unique designs, including this magma bracelet by Julie Nicaisse. Julie takes inspiration from nature, but in the darker sides of nature like the ocean floor or erupting volcanoes. This gorgeous silver bracelet looks like molten lava, forming an edgy piece you can’t help but be drawn to. Revel in the compliments you’ll receive with this stunning jewellery item handmade by Julie.